4 Good Reasons to reconsider the design of Inner Pages


Don’t judge a book by its cover they say, same applies for the websites!

Inner pages of a website always come second in the picking order! While the web masters spend more than 70% of their time, efforts and energy in planning for their Home page, they put little thought into the inner pages. The common notion among the web masters is that: with the Home page done, all the other pages will automatically fall in place. But sadly, that is not always the instance. The inner pages of any successful website are as much beautiful, functional and visitor oriented as their Home page. In this era of intense business competition, the cardinal sin of overlooking the inner pages could prove costly for the aspirations of web masters. So, we bring some points which will allow you understand the importance of good inner pages.

  1. They are the landing pages: In the present era, where SEO experts are prodigiously trying to promote your products and services through their link back postings, your inner pages often become the landing pages. So, they should be seen as entry pages to your website, when a new visitor clicks on a link mentioned in an article or blog on another website. New visitors will only stick around and do business with you, if they see something impressive. Thus, the design and development of inner pages becomes so important.
  2. They keep the visitors glued: While your Home page gives the visitors a general understanding of what to expect from the website, it is your inner pages that carries the real business proposition. It keeps the visitors glued to the website through its content, design and offers. This means, every web master should rethink on the design and content for the inner pages.
  3. Their purposes are different: While some pages cater information about the company, others tell the visitors about services and products, there are others still which talk about the price plans. As the purpose of each inner page is so different from the other, so their layouts should reflect that as well. Under the urge of keeping all pages uniform, in look and feel, many web masters tend to deviate away from the purpose.
  4. They are best guides for first time visitors: Okay, so a first time visitor has stumbled upon the web designing page of your website, but what he would also like to use content writing services. Now, if your inner page does not lead him (through hyperlinks) to the content writing page, that too quickly, the prospect is lost! So, one of the important elements of inner pages are links to pertinent services and products. If you do not help your visitors reach their likeable products or services, they will not do business with you!

Just for an example, IIHM Kolkata is the “best hotel management college in Kolkata” – they also have website with different attractive inner pages.

You are of course well within your rights to treat the Home page as a piece of art, but let that art also be reflected in the inner pages. A careful planning and execution to the web development, design and content for inner pages will give you good ROI at the end of the day!

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