5 Best Fonts for Christmas Themed Designs

With Christmas less than a month away, every website owner is already busy in infusing the holiday theme into their website. It starts with the website banners, product categories, special holiday season mailers, and much more. The fact is: Christmas is the merriest time of the year and customers landing at your website want to see something that will relate to the fun of the season. This is why more than 90% of the websites today, have made it a tradition to give a festive makeover to their website during the last month of the year. But the dilemma for web designers is what new to think. Every year, web designers have to come up with thousands of festive season design ideas. They cannot deviate from the color range, which remains fixed at red, white, green, golden and silver. They cannot go much beyond the conventional elements such as Santa Clause, bells and balls, X’mas tree, snow or reindeer with a sleigh. So, what new can you think this year? Well, there is one area which has not been explored much – the Font. Let us tell you about some really cool typefaces that can add the X-Factor to your designs. And here they come:

  1. One Starry Night: Having its roots in the handlettering style, this is a fun font to use in your designs. The swirls and loops in the letters infuses a lot of energy into your text. The letters have a thin typeface that makes sure your content does not look too overwhelming and mingles well with the overall context.
  2. Sentinel: This font comes straight from those old holiday storybooks that the visitors have grown up reading and brings back those fond memories. In terms of its style; the twirling and bold letters look great on any design. The typeface has a certain classic drop case style attached to it, allowing your text to stand out from the crowd.
  3. Mountains of Christmas: A perfect match for all those holiday themed illustrations, this font is an unique blend of the playful and the carefree. Using the subtle Serif style as well as certain staggered-ness in its elements the Mountains of Christmas has soft curving nature with unique character.
  4. Harrington: If you are looking for a perfect headline font to compliment your holiday season designs then Harrington is the perfect font to opt for. Being a classic font, it remains very clean and yet carries a certain degree of fun about it. The decorative letters with slight slants and curves give your headlines unique character.
  5. Nickelodeon: This font aptly brings back the childishness involved in all the fun! This is a thin, nice and simple font that compliments well with many other fonts. The simple Serif style and the quick curves give personality to the content. Use it in the headline or the body text, whether you want to mingle it other fonts or use it solo – this is a very versatile font.

So, the secret recipe to your holiday season web and print design uniqueness is ready. Have fun playing with these fonts!

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