7 Beneficial Tips To Optimize Blog Posts For SEO Like A Pro!

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We are coming to the end of 2021. As the leading SEO company in Kolkata, Keyline Creative Services has gathered 20 years of requisite experience working on SEO. Now, it is time to share some of our experiences on  SEO marketing strategies that will help you grow your business quickly. We all know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps drive traffic to the website and get better rankings on Google. Blogging is the living soul of SEO that will boost the ranking position on Google. But there are some golden rules that you have to follow when you are about to write an SEO-friendly blog for your website. Let us discuss the points one by one in detail-

1. Stick To Your Niche:

Choose a particular subject for your blog and research the sub-related topics. Mention those points as headings and sub-headings in the main body. Never beat around the bush and stick with your niche.

2. Catchy Headline:

You should write an SEO-friendly headline with a length of a maximum of 60 characters. The title tag should be eye-catching and clickable. It would reach your target audience and help increase the CTR (Click Through Rate).

3. Up-to-date & Relevant Content:

Always try to use original & current data from a valid source that is relevant to your subject. Update the previous content with new data from time to time. No one prefers to read a blog post that is dumped with old data.

4. Keyword Research:

Always go for thorough research of keywords before writing a blog. Choose the best suitable long-tailed keywords and place them inside your content body. You should make the content sound more natural and engaging to the readers.

5. Blog Post Length:

 According to the report of the Search Engine Journal, the blog post length has increased by 57% since 2014. The word limit was less than 500 words in previous years. But now, the word limit has exceeded 2000 words. So, you should maintain the length of your blog as per your choosable topic.

6. Lower Bounce Rate:

The audiences are looking for the maximum amount of information from a single source. If your content is speaking the language of your target audience, the audience will spend more time on your website and it will reduce the bounce rate. The lower the bounce rate, the higher the chance of boosting your conversion.

7. Be Active:

Publish your blog frequently and be active. According to the data from HubSpot’s research study, companies that post blogs regularly, at least 2-4 times a week, received the highest results on more traffic and conversion.

In the world of the Internet, where people prefer more on the Google search button for queries than any other option. There are lots of websites, blogs, and articles herein Google-o-pedia. Are you thinking about how this would be possible to get your blog posts on the first page between this giant pool of digital data?

Do not worry at all. Keyline Creative Services would be very happy to deliver you a prolific marketing strategy. As the best SEO company in Kolkata, we have highly qualified and experienced team members who have a progressive vision of digital marketing. We know the thousand island sauce how to rank #1 on Google. If you want your business to be at the top of the online market, to increase your brand awareness, and connect with new customers then knock on our door at any time.

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