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Years of

Our Adventure to become your 360° Digital Solution 🚀

In 2002, a digital journey began. From the vibrant heart of Kolkata, a city that knows joy like no other, we set sail into the digital sea. This is the story of Keyline Digitech Pvt. Ltd., your 360 Digital Solution, where we didn’t just start a company; we ignited a legacy.

Meet the Visionary

Meet Mr. Subrata Kundu, the visionary behind this grand voyage. With roots in the prestigious Government Art College of Kolkata, he brought a vision that transcended borders. His mission create a hub in Kolkata for tailor-made IT solutions for the world. And thus, Keyline Creative Services was born.

From One to Many: A Story of Resilience

Back in June 2002, Keyline set sail with just one individual – Mr. Subrata Kundu. But this tale doesn’t stop there. With unwavering determination, Mr. Subrata Kundu and his team of digital pioneers worked tirelessly. As the saying goes, “All our dreams come true if we dare to pursue them.” In 2022, Keyline Creative transformed into Keyline Digitech Pvt. Ltd., now a mighty crew of 36 visionaries.

We Weave Digital Dreams into Reality

At Keyline, we’re not just service providers; we’re dream weavers of the digital realm. Our canvas is vast, our tools diverse, and our imagination boundless. We specialize in four key areas:

Web Magic & Creative Wizardry: Our web development, application creation, and hosting services are like magic. We sculpt digital landscapes that captivate using CSS3, HTML5, WordPress, and Ajax. Our goal? Make the impossible possible.

The Art of Creativity: Our creative wizards craft designs that dance on screens. Whether it’s ads, illustrations, logos, or brand building, our artists breathe life into your vision, making it stand out in the digital crowd.

Digital Alchemy in the world of digital marketing: We’re the alchemists. We conjure strategies that harness the web’s power, ensuring your online presence shines.

Pursuit of Excellence quality and speed are our guiding stars. From our people to our products and services, excellence is our foundation.

Our Unique Approach to Digital Excellence

How do we turn your digital

dreams into reality?

Web design &

Crafting Exceptional Websites. Creating stunning websites that captivate and engage, making your online presence shine.

Mobile application

Building Innovative Mobile Apps. Crafting cutting-edge mobile apps that bring your ideas to life, ensuring seamless experiences.


Driving Online Success. Strategizing and executing digital marketing campaigns that boost your online impact and drive results.

Welcome to Agency

How do we turn your digital dreams into reality?

Digital Strategy:
We keep up with the latest tech trends. When you reach out, our experienced team dives deep into your needs to create the perfect digital solution
Custom Designs:
Our creative minds brainstorm, tailoring content and tech options to create a unique, visually stunning online presence.
Advanced Tech:
We use cutting-edge web development tools, making fast application processes an art form with tech smart and up to date professionals for your service.
Rigorous Testing:
We test rigorously, working closely, through thorough testing and a close partnership, we navigate each step with your satisfaction as our North Star.
Ongoing Support:
Our commitment goes beyond project completion. We're your digital partners for life, addressing issues and providing unwavering support and that makes us special.