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Keyline Digitech is an AI development company in Kolkata, where we ensure that Artificial Intelligence is easy to use and beneficial for your business. Our smart AI solutions work for you by automating your day-to-day tasks and enhancing your business intelligence to make your data meaningful. This implies improved flow of activities and efficiency in decision-making.

We create systems that can work smartly for you, develop voices that speak to your customers and design friendly interfaces for AI solutions.  Moreover, through the help of AIaaS, one can acquire the benefits of AI without much cost implication.

Discover how our advanced services based on artificial intelligence technologies can foster your visions and ideas. Revolutionize your business, and partner with the most trusted company for AI services in Kolkata, Keyline Digitech.

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Our AI Services


We design and implement smart systems that automate repetitive tasks for you. Technologies such as robotic process automation help companies operate at a faster level and with high accuracy. In this way, we automate various processes to make your operations faster and easier.


We create smart chatbots enhancing your Internet presence through websites, applications, and others. These chatbots can help customers with questions, advice, and support 24/7, thus enriching customers’ experiences and ensuring your company’s availability.

AI Design

Our AI design services include tools like Canva, Prisma, and Adobe Sensei. We create user-friendly, ethical AI solutions that address real-world challenges. Whether it’s graphic design or other creative tasks, our AI experts deliver innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

AI as a Service (AIaaS)

Our AIaaS offerings allow you to integrate advanced AI solutions into your business without needing to invest in expensive hardware or hire specialized staff. Enjoy the benefits of AI technology while saving on costs and simplifying implementation.

Why Choose Us?

Expert Team: Our team has experience in AI technologies and applying the ideas that would create perfect solutions. And guarantee that you receive only the best AI has to offer.

Customized Solutions: We understand that every business is different. That’s why we create AI solutions that fit your specific goals and challenges. We work closely with you to understand your needs and deliver effective results.

Complete Support: From the first consultation to final deployment and ongoing support, we provide comprehensive AI development services. Our commitment to quality means you get reliable, secure, and efficient AI solutions that last.