Planning Essentials for e-Commerce Website

A survey by ASSOCHAM-Resurgent India predicts that the count of online purchasers will cross 100 million threshold by the end of this year. And if we talk about the next year, the study further predicts that there will be 65% increase in online transactions […]

Why Manufacturing Organizations should use ERP System?

Survey statistics suggest that more and more companies dealing with manufacturing of goods are using the ERP software to streamline their business process. In fact statistics suggest an overwhelming increase in adoption rates from 18% to 32% in the last few years. Organizing things […]

Recruiting is fun with modern day CV Management Software!

It is said the real asset for a company is the skill levels and dedication of their employees. It is after all the hard work of employees that propels a business forward. In the light of such comments, it is easy to understand the […]

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MS Paint is No More!

All of us grew up in an era where Paint was always supposed to be a part of the Windows package. But all that is about to change very soon. In an official announcement, Microsoft has stated that they have decided to put to […]

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How to Create a Website of your own in 3 Simple Steps?

No matter how prominent a location you have chosen for your business, it would not deliver the high turnover you have estimated until you go online. Today, the purchase of products and services has largely shifted to the online model, in such a time […]

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How do Digital Signatures keep you protected?

Even some years back most of the business owners across India constantly kept two pens in their lavish chambers. One was a black ink pen (meant for proof reading and other writing tasks) and another blue pen. The blue pen came into use as […]

Why Dedicated Hiring is perfect fit for Startup businesses?

So, you have just taken the first step towards a glorious business future, by launching a company of your own. Congratulations on that! One of the heartening things about having a business of your own is that you decide on the way you and […]

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How to design the perfect mobile app UI?

Mobiles have become the new age web access points and the apps have become the new scopes of earning sales. Given this, the goal of every business is to have an app of their own. But, the old adage of “put it up there […]

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5 WordPress Plugins to Improve multi-author websites

Today, business operations are getting more complex and proliferated than they ever were. Businesses are no longer restricted to a single venue and people playing a single role. To accommodate this culture, businesses need a robust back-end to power their websites. WordPress is the […]

Web Design Hacks: Tips to Boost your Website’s UX

No matter which business niche you belong to, the competition for business is bound to be intense in the online world. There are many things that sway purchase decisions towards your company. But to achieve that you have understood the psychology of the users […]