The Million Dollar Button in Your Website

Words are powerful, but the buttons are the king. Without content, there is no website. However, if your content is not helping your ‘call to action’ button, then it is better to discard them. The whole world is going behind the theme, ‘we have […]

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How Colors Impact Conversions (an INFOGRAPHIC)

Our mind reacts uniquely to every unique things that it sees. Human minds have different types of receptors in brain that responds in different way to different colours. Even during designing a website or sharing posts in social media colours play huge role and […]

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Top 25 WordPress Plugins in 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

With the year 2014 so near to end I was just wondering if some of the best websites, templates, codes, plugins I could list in my blog. I am somewhat more fascinated with what has ruled the age that is going to end soon […]

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7 Questions You Must ask Before Hiring a Web Development Company

In present time online business has become the direct second and indirect first option to prosper. People in many areas are already shunning the practice of visiting a brick and mortar shop. They perform most of the shopping for daily use or luxurious stuffs […]

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8 Smart Tricks for Successful Facebook Marketing

Though, the present generation is after Facebook and the Facebook freaks spend hours and hours of time on this wonderful social platform, only few of them know about the amazing targeting capabilities of Facebook that can facilitate them tailor their own message and target […]

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Xtricks for Web Designers to Develop Front-End Web Page

Do you believe the web front page is the reflection of the entire website? I do and I think majority of the contemporary web designers will agree to this concept. Now, the big question is, if front-end webpage s the vital tool to share […]

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5 Smoking Trends In Contemporary Web Design

When it comes to web designing you have to agree, it is all about smoking trends and smart approaches. In the fast paced world of web designing you can’t stick to old backdated trends for too long. If you want to carry on with the […]

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4 Ways Social Networking Sites Influence Your Web Ranking

Do you share your blogs and websites on any social media platform?

If you do then it’s a great thing, but if you don’t then you must start with it instantly.

Why? Let me Give You a Real Idea!

Sharing your blogs and contents in all the […]

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