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Meta Verified

Get Verified with Meta: Feel More Secured Digitally

Are you interested in getting ‘Meta Verified’? But you are not getting a clear picture of the scenario. If you want a reliable source to get information, then this blog is for you. Mark Zuckerburg announced in February that they are going to launch ‘Meta Verified’. It is a subscription plan available both on Facebook and Instagram. It will help content creators in growing their presence. Not only it will cross-check users’ accounts with government IDs but it will further protect their accounts Although it was available earlier in countries like the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, meta verified badge is now available in India.

Eligibility to make your account meta verified

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Individual profiles (As of now business profiles are not allowed)
  • Users name must align with name standards
  • Profile picture must be matched with government issued id
  • Have minimum activities in the account

Once your profile is verified you cannot change your name and date of birth. For more information, you can read the policy guidelines.

Benefits of getting meta verified

  • Blue tick beside your name
  • Protects your account
  • Increased reach
  • Access to account support for any kind of problem

What will happen if your account is already verified?

Those who already hold the blue badge on Instagram and Facebook, don’t need to worry. Meta authorities have said, verified accounts have already completed the authentication process, and there are some reasons why they get the badge. Meta will protect those accounts as they are more susceptible to impersonation. They also added these accounts do not need to pay and get a meta subscription.

Meta Verified price in India

Currently, the account support in India is available in English but it is soon going to be available in Hindi. The subscription plan for both the user’s Android and iOS is available in India for only 699 rupees monthly. But in the coming time, it will be available for only 599 for all Indian web users.

This is going to be a remarkable step taken by Meta. Although Twitter has already introduced it to us, India has only a few users on Twitter. A large portion of India uses Instagram and Facebook. By introducing ‘Meta Verified’, it will become tough for fake accounts to fool people on these trending platforms.

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