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Reputation Management- A tool required to keep your reputation intact

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation Management is a procedure of managing an organisation’s or a business’s reputation in the market. This type of management process requires both online and offline routes. Online through SEO and social media and offline through public relations and market study.

In today’s digital world, each and every human being as well as company is dependent on the internet in almost every aspect. A company’s website is the first search option for the public to research and gain knowledge about the different products or services that a company is offering. From there, the public can view the products, their contents, their reviews, and can also give their opinion on the brands and merchandises.

Is Reputation Management necessary?

Obviously, it is very important for an organisation to have its own reputation management system. The people always search for a company’s brands if their products have more positive reviews than negative reviews. Reviews are the main criteria for a company to be known as a reputed one. Every company nowadays competes with each other to gain reputation by offering quality products/services.

If public give negative reviews/opinions about a company, it is considered as a drawback for the organisation which in the long run would defame its good reputation. So, by managing properly its stature, a company can retain its old customers and also attract new customers towards it.

Online Reputation Management:

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the process of using the internet to craft strategies that can have an influence on the people’s perspective for an organisation. It provides the company with the netizen’s valuable opinion about it and its services and products.

Reputation Management involves the monitoring of the reputation of a company’s brand or a business on the internet especially social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This is used to address the content of a brand that can cause potential damage to its stature and using customer feedback to try to solve problems before they harm the reputation of the company. The main part of this type of management involves suppressing negative reviews and highlighting the positive ones. Also read it in latest bengali news site.

Role of Public relations in Reputation Management:

The Public Relations (PR) market in the world has a great opportunity to get involved and become the controllers of the reputation management. PR is a marketing strategy that is now used by all organisations to attract investors and talents and to help maintain its good reputation in the eye of customers.

Reputation management in

  • New organisation– A newly formed company should be aware of the pros and cons ( if any) of reputation management and make sure that its reputation continues to grow in the market.
  • Old organisation- In case of an old company, it should know how to maintain its reputation in the market and also make sure that the reputation gained from the 1st day of the company is not wasted. This can be done by following the right procedure of reputation management.



4 Reasons Why You Must Choose a Web Hosting Company in Kolkata

With the advent f latest technology, cloud and hosted server businesses are realizing the necessity of these services with every passing day. That is why it is becoming a popular trend for all the business houses, big or small, to go for the different options for hosting of their websites and mail server. If you are thinking in the same track, then you are definitely in the right direction. However, you must decide what kind of hosting service you should opt for. Since there are various options, many businesses opt for shared hosting services where one hosting resource is shared amongst many websites and mail network. However, if you are thinking of securing your data while availing hosting services, then this option is definitely not good for you. You need a dedicated hosting company for the service.

So, if you are in the city and looking for services of website hosting in Kolkata, you must consider the companies who offer you the dedicated individual web hosting service or server so that you can ensure more security and flexibility. Are you wondering how investing in a contract with a dedicated web hosting provider is going to benefit you? Take a look at the following points to know more.

Server Resources Not Shared

A shared server resource will constantly keep on the toes as another website will clog up space in the CPU and RAM of the shared server. However, if you are opting for a dedicated server, it will be never an issue for you. While you are opening the website, a bad script or an unresponsive page will never affect the speed of your website.

Enhanced Performance and Security

Choosing a shared hosting is okay for a website that will experience low to medium traffic. However, if you are going to experience more traffic, then a dedicated server is what you need. This will enhance the performance as a dedicated server means that your website will have more uptime than that of a shared server.

It is necessary for you to secure the data or the transaction if any, through your website. However, when you are using the shared server, there is always the fear of malicious websites as well as the potential spammer who can affect the privacy and security of your website. That is why you need a dedicated server, especially if you are handling sensitive transaction over SSL or FTP.


When it comes to a shared server, it has many limitations. One of them is surely the limited space in CPU, RAM and disk space while it also limits you in using the software. Either it offers you the software you don’t need or lack things in offering you the flexibility. However, if you are choosing a dedicated server, you don’t have to worry about this issue at all. You can easily go for any software and operating environment you need as there won’t be any limited space problem.

Unique IP Address

Sharing a server can be a problem because you will be sharing an IP address with other websites. If any of those websites is a spam, then it will anyway affect your website ranking too. So when you are hiring a digital marketing agency in Kolkata to pull you up on the SERP, sharing a server should never be your option. Choose a dedicated server with a unique IP address. It is essential if you are hosting an e-commerce website which requires SSL for credit card transaction.

So, now as you know about the benefits, don’t hesitate to hire a dedicated server provider. If you are looking for the No. 1 web hosting company in Kolkata, come to us at Keyline Creative Services. Dial +91 9330109091 for more details.

How to get over negative personal name collisions with reputation management?

As the population of the world multiplies itself (many a times) each year, there is a new problem arising. Today, the percentage of name uniqueness is going down. If you look at it, there are more than 47,000 John Smiths and more than a thousand James Bonds in the US! With name multiplicity, many business owners are coming across a new reputation management dilemma. When you do a name search on Google, it pulls up most relevant stories. Now, this algorithm can be a great thing if you share your name with a celebrity, but can spell a doom for your business career if you share your name with a fraudster or criminal! While the negative news about your twin-named-evil comes up in the searches, many people might mistake the news to be about you. This has become a big concern for many business owners across the globe.

Just imagine a scenario: you are applying for a bank loan or a fresh round of business funding. The personnel at the funding organization, while going through your documents, perform a quick search on Google. And what they come across? They find a whole lot of negative news about a fraudster sharing your name! What do you think would be the fate of your application? It would be rejected, right? This is just one of the many scenarios where a negative name collision can hamper your business. And the simplest way to get over this is by using a reputed reputation management service.

How does reputation management help in purging the negative results?

As a first step the reputation management agency, you contact, will review all the negative search results appearing against your name. They will create a strategy to suppress these search results. But, leading reputation management agencies will have methodical flow to their tasks and some of them are mentioned below.

Firstly, they will contact the news organization or the website owners where the negative news is appearing. If it is a profane or vulgar content, then a strong worded mail often does the trick to get the news down. If it is a serious news, then the professionals might request the organization to get it down and many a times they adhere because the news has run its prime by then.

Often getting the prior news down can be a time consuming process. But in the meantime, the reputation management team starts their part of the work. They confront the negative news with positive postings around your name (as well as mention your company). They identify the top searched websites in your domains and keep posting positive content there.

Suppose IIHM Kolkata is offering “hotel management course in Kolkata” – it is also a kind of reputation management in educational institution. 

Depending on the immediacy of the situation, the reputation management agency might also approach other thought leaders and authority websites from your business domain to publish positive news and reviews about you and your business. These are quick fixes to all the negative news.

Almost side-by-side, the agency would optimize your social media presence across all popular platforms. Your profile would showcase a lot of positive information. These are good enough to stop your same-named-twin from coming up in search results.

At Keyline we have tackled such situations in the past and have the in-depth know-how in this regard. If you are suffering from negative reputation on the web, let us address the situation. Take a look at our online marketing package.

How to select the best keywords for your PPC campaign?

Google is ever present in our lives. No wonder than that billions of searches are registered on Google every day. Plenty of reasons then for business owners to try and benefit from the immense popularity of Google. One such way is through a meticulously planned PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign. The lifeline of a good PPC campaign is the selection of keywords. Think yourself to be a gardener, if you plan the right variety of saplings at the right season then your garden would have some beautiful plants. On the contrary, if you do not plant the right variety of plants or choose a wrong season to plant them, then your garden would be filled with weeds. This is why keyword selection is the most important decision before going full throttle into a PPC campaign. If you are confused on how to select the right list of keywords then here are some simple tips for you.

As we know IIHM Kolkata is famous for their “hotel management college in Kolkata“, so they will look for few hotel management related keywords.

Tip #1: Perform a thorough Keyword Research

You should not take keyword research lightly, it helps you identify the most beneficial keywords for your business. While you might have a pre-set keyword list, you need to always match it with the present search trends (from your niche). Google Insights is a good tool to discover new keywords and understand their potential. There are some other factors you need to account for during the keyword research, these include:

  • Seasonal trends
  • Geographic searches
  • Competition

Tip #2: Use match types to gain Insights

Of course the exact matches for your brand related keywords are the best ways to control exactly what the customers see when your products are being searched for. In exact matches you really do not have to guess the customer experiences. Once you are done including the exact matches, move over to the other matches. These matches show you how the customers are searching on the Internet. And they end up giving you new keyword variations. You might also want to account for the negative matches. Broader keyword matches help you understand how your brand is viewed by the consumers. And based on this insight you might want to tinker a bit with the pre-selected keyword list.

Tip #3: Account for Multi Device Searches

Searches made through mobile devices and tablets account for more than 15% of the total search volume (and the numbers are rising even while we speak). Now, there is a difference between desktop searches and mobile searches, you need to consider this factor. Generally the keyword length for mobile searches is small, while it may stay long for desktop searches. Mobile search queries also contain a lot of misspellings and stay local in nature. It is important to select keywords that cater to such specific experiences!

Tip #4: Use the Google Betas

Change is the only constant is the world of searches. Keeping this in mind Google has launched some keyword targeting enhancements. These tools give SEO experts better control while targeting the consumers. Such new tools should be tested and would provide a better end impact for the PPC campaigns. One such tool is the broad match modifier which allows you to control the display of your ads in exact vs broad match searches.

Tip #5: Stay Updated and Flexible

You might be knowing: business success does not come easy. Neither does success in PPC campaigns. It’s not all about selecting a set of keywords and putting it up there. You have to track the performance of keywords and stay ready to change the ones showing poor performance. Current data from your campaign carries a lot of useful insights and you should act upon it as soon as possible.

At Keyline, we believe in utilizing the perfect keywords for PPC campaigns. Our intrinsic research helps us identify and utilize the best keywords, helping our online marketing service clients reap great benefits from their paid advertising campaigns.

How to set Facebook Ad Budget to fulfill your Digital Marketing goals?

Facebook Digital Marketing opens up huge business scopes, and it is no wonder that every brand today has great expectations from their Facebook paid advertising campaigns. With millions logging into this social media site, a well-planned ad could do wonders for your business prospects. But, the core business philosophy lies in getting more for less! And this is what most business owners want to achieve through their Facebook advertising campaigns. As a result they either under-budget or over-budget for their Facebook campaigns. We want to help the business owners overcome this dilemma. Our suggestions would help you set the perfect budget and help you achieve the business goals. So, let us continue…

What are your goals with Digital Marketing?

There are various business goals that the brands want to attain through their paid Facebook advertising campaigns. Some of them can be categorized (on a broader level) as:

  • Getting new Facebook Fans
  • Thousands of new Email Subscribers
  • Millions of Website Referrals
  • Getting trackable Product Sales
  • Increasing the app installs

Now that we have shortlisted the prominent business goals, it is time to help you set Facebook advertising budgets against each of these.

Goal #1: Earning Facebook Fans

You might have long dreamed of having thousands of loyal fans for your FB business page! Your dream could come true with a well thought out Facebook advertising campaign. Generally speaking, you need to spend $.50-$1 per Facebook fan. But you end budget should also account for business niche, brand reputation, presence in social circles and country (where the fans are sought). Based on these you might spend a bit less or more. There would always be some agencies offering unbelievable rates for getting you Facebook Fans, but cheap rates do not guarantee a good quality Fan club! You can start with a budget of $50,000 and take it from there.

Goal #2: Seeking Email Subscriptions

Facebook gives you a great scope to create a list of potential customers. The pricing for such a Facebook campaign varies on many factors. If your ad has an attractive giveaway, then the prices could be significantly lower. The landing page, in such instances, should also have convertible content. Your budget would fluctuate based on whether you are after simple subscribers or leads. Generally speaking, you could expect a spending of $.50-$1 for such a campaign. So, if you are after 10,000 email addresses stay ready to shell out $10,000.

Goal #3: Boost Website Referrals

To be frank, website referrals in Facebook cannot be bought. If a post has engaging headline, enticing content and some great images – it has a great chance of going viral. On the other hand a boring informational article really struggles to get clicks to your website. Coming to the costs, you might have to spend $.50-$.10 per link click to attain success. So, if you are after 100,000 website referrals it might cost you $35,000 (on average).

Goal #4: Higher Product Sales

The biggest headache on the minds of business owners is how to increase their product sales. And Facebook being ever crowded by prospective customers, opens up many gates for product sales. But there are various factors which impact the budgeting for such a campaign. You have to match the cost of the product. Suppose a product is priced at $100 (and is highly relevant for your selected user group), then you might have to pay $30 per conversion. So, approximately speaking, you can set a budget of $150,000 to get 5,000 sales opportunities.

Goal #5: Improving App Installs

So, your desktop or mobile app has been taking off at a pace that is much slower than anticipated. A well budgeted Facebook advertising campaign can change all that. Given that your app is solving a big problem statement for the potential users, you can set a budget of $1-$2 per app install. So, your end budget should be set at $10,000 for 5,000 app installs (taking $2 per install as the benchmark).

Now, let us give you some words of advice. No matter what your online marketing agency tells us, do not start off with a huge Facebook advertising budget. You need to always start with a small sum and then increase it with time. There are some great Facebook ad measurement tools available which you can use to track the success of your campaign and change it around from time to time. Use Keyline’s Digital Marketing Service and we would help you set the perfect budget for your Facebook advertising campaign.

How to boost sales through systematic email campaigns?

As you might have often heard, leads are the lifeline for any business. But, standing in the present times, leads do not necessarily mean sales. Your sales people might sweat it out to bring qualified leads, but then there is a glaring statistics in front of them. A recent business statistics found that more than 50% of the qualified leads are reluctant to do business with a brand or business they encounter first time! Does this mean, all the hard work done by your sales team goes waste? Not at all, the data they have brought would be useful for re-targeting the leads. And how do you attain that? Through a good email marketing campaign, of course!

Whoever says that email marketing is a waste of time and effort, has not approached this online marketing avenue in the right manner! Most of the brands expect high conversions from the first marketing email they send out. But that is not how the mind of a customer ticks. You have to persist and with time you will be able to convert leads into sales, through your email campaign. Now the question is: how to target the leads and convert them into sales? Here is a series of steps you should take.

Series #1: Educate them

Your first couple of emailers should be treated more like introductions. Think for yourself, how do you connect with a new person over the mail? Don’t you give the person all requisite information about yourself? Similar is the case with this first series of emails. You have to educate the recipient about your brand, its history, its clientele and then about your services. You may or may not throw in a special discount to keep the emailer interesting.

Series #2: Project a problem and solve it

With the formalities out of the way, now you need to get down to business. And that too should be done quite tactically. Your products or services are certainly there for a cause. They are solving some problems for the end customers. You need to have an idea about what these problems are. In this series of emails you will talk about the problems that the customers are facing (and at times they don’t even know). Then you will provide a solution, and introduce your service or product. This is a good way of converting leads into sales.

Series #3: Give them examples

The recipient is still not ready to take action. He is still a bit confused. It is time to help him overcome the confusion and take decision in your favor. And the Case Studies do this task admirably. So, pick up some client or customer experiences, talk about the problem, obstacles and then the solution. You might throw in a quote or two from the customer to strengthen your content. In this series of emails you focus on giving real life examples and accolades that your company has won.

Series #4: Throw in some deals

If the recipient has not converted yet, then chances are getting really bleak. This ploy might be the last roll of the dice! So, it is time to come up with a really great offer or discount. Maybe the recipient would somehow have the urge to spring into action and do some shopping. The offer should be for email recipients only, and not just any ongoing offer available at your website.

With this series of emails you will be able to win the hearts of your recipients and convert them into customers. Keyline’s online marketing services uses these psychological ploys to boost the sales of our clients through email marketing.

How do Digital Signatures keep you protected?

Even some years back most of the business owners across India constantly kept two pens in their lavish chambers. One was a black ink pen (meant for proof reading and other writing tasks) and another blue pen. The blue pen came into use as soon as a document was brought for authorization and signature. The business owner would firstly judge the sensitivity of the document, then use the blue pen to sign on it. The concept being, blue ink would make the signature Xerox proof. Then came the era of scanners, and blue signatures could be replicated as easily as Xerox copies! Now, the business owners got really worried. Their signatures could be replicated anytime and anywhere. So, they adopted the new technology of e-Signatures, often not knowing the details. Today, we are here to discuss some of the hidden facets of e-Signatures and digital signatures.

Difference between e-Signatures and Digital Signatures

Most of you would believe that both these terms can be interchangeably used to denote the same thing. But they are not so, e-Signatures are quite rudimentary in their functions, while the digital signatures have multiple layers of protection. This means, one can easily dupe you even when e-signatures are being used, but the digital signatures protect you from fraudsters.   E-Signatures are images created out of your original signatures, on a paper, which is kept stored at a remote server. But, they can be verified (when a question is raised) only by the service provider. There is no authentication certificate available with the signatory. While the digital signature come with a certificate ascertaining the validity of the signature in question. This leads to quick resolutions in times of conflict.   Another helpful feature of the digital signature is the emails and notifications users are sent when their signature is used. This again keeps you protected.

Shun two, use one

Till date, there are many business owners who have yet not come out of the black and blue pen concept. Most of them are still using two e-Signature services to keep themselves protected. One would be for everyday requirements (equivalent to the black pen philosophy) and the other would be to sign on legal and other sensitive documents. While, this may work, it may also cost you a lot more. This is why you should try and choose a single authentic digital signature service provider. With the right services, you do not have to worry about the security and there is also no need to pay extra.   As a busy going business owner, your signature is precious. It allows the smooth flow of work and makes sure that processes do not halt at your company. This is what the right choice of digital signature service provider can bring into your everyday work.

Thinking about Digital Marketing from Business Objectives

The digital marketing bandwagon comes with endless opportunities for businesses. But the sad part is that more than 80% of the campaigns fail miserably straining relations between the service providers and the clients. While digital marketing campaigns can give a significant impetus to your business, it can be successful only when there is a thoughtful approach put into it. Now, there are two parties associated with a digital marketing campaign – the service providers (who put in their expertise) and the clients (who possess business domain knowledge). When the skills of both these parties meet, the result would be a result oriented digital marketing campaign.

For an example, IIHM Kolkata is known for “hotel management college in Kolkata“, they do PPC and facebook campaign also.

Measuring the Business goals is the most important

The smooth flow and functionality of a digital marketing campaign depend a lot on the in-house talents possessed by the service provider, but the client plays an important before the inception of the campaign. As a business owner, you have to get the business goals you want to attain with the campaign all straight before it gets going. Most of the time the immediate answer would be high conversion rates and great ROI! But that is an overhead view of the business goals. You have to think deeper than that. You have to assess the potential of services and products and UVP (Unique Value Proposition) of your business. Once you do that with minuteness new scopes would open up. Best digital marketing campaigns do not use an overall approach, they target with pinpoint accuracy. And that is what you have to aim for, with the help of service providers. Pull up some statistical data about the growth rate of your sector, emerging trends in the industry and your specific positioning in the sector.

How to mold the campaign with findings?

Once you have done the due research, you would be in a better position to define the business goals and what you want to attain with the digital marketing campaign. Below are some tips you can implement in your digital marketing campaigns:

  • Make it Seasonal: If your core offering is selling air conditioning units or repairing them, then there is no point of starting a campaign in the middle of the winter season. If you make such a fallacy, all the efforts will go down the drain. No one really looks for servicing or purchase choices for air conditioning units when it is chilly outside. So, all your ads and content marketing will go unnoticed, and by the time summer season arrives you would already have left hope of getting high ROI from the campaign. If your research data shows that your particular type of product or service gets high sales during a particular time of the year, use that data and kick start your campaign during the high potential season.
  • Make it Regional: If your services are available in a particular geographical area, why are you spending extra on setting a nationwide campaign? Suppose, you offer cab services within a certain state, there is no point in targeting the entire nation and trying to reach out to each and every person typing for cab services. You should stay restricted within the key cities within the state. While many business owners feel that digital marketing campaigns should reach their business out to every Internet surfer, you are deviating from the main goal which is to get conversions. Conversions would only come when you are able to reach out to people who need your type of services. So, think again before you start the campaign.
  • Give it an Occasional touch: So, you want to run a digital marketing campaign for your restaurant chain. Christmas and New Year would be the ripe time for your business. But there are other competitors who are attracting crowds while your restaurant is not getting enough sales. Well, the digital marketing campaign can help you set the record straight. Throw in some exciting offers, great deals, and discounts. Let the experienced digital marketing professionals reach such offers to the prospective customer base. When a person planning to visit any restaurant on such occasions gets added incentives (in the form of discounts) they will choose you over the counterparts. That is a great way to leverage sales.

So, now you know how you can utilize the digital marketing campaigns to drive high sales. Use it and reap the benefits.

30 Days Social Marketing Goal in 2015 for Startups

Just few more hours and the world will welcome the new year which will be a new beginning, a new start, a new thinking, a new design, a new strategy, a new social engagement, a new way to interact, giving a new user experience.

In 2014 I landed on to many blogs and case studies related to social media marketing through which I have listed out daily activities that you can follow to achieve better result with your social media campaigns. The activities are simple to understand and perform and it’s unique each day which will not help you maintaining a comparative approach but even you can explore possibilities of doing multiple tricks to engage your target market, fans and followers. I just thought if I can help out startups with this to achieve their results. You can consider these activity as a part of your 30 day social marketing activities and so calling it a challenge would be better to make it sound goal oriented.

Please note: There is no mandatory that you have to follow certain activity on a day. With the list you can just make your own list and perform. Though this post is mean for startups but companies and marketers who have failed with their social marketing can also follow it.

Check out below 1422 social  marketing goal to be achieved in a 30 day challenge:

  1. Post images of your office and employees: Posting images and pictures of your office space, department, rooms, cabins creates an impact on your physical reality and how good you are with infrastructure management. It gives them an idea about your organization’s presence. Sharing such pictures in your verified Google my business page even helps you with improving a perfect google+ page setup.
  2. Run a free Q&A on “Ask me Anything” format: Run a question & answers day where you can ask your fans, customers to ask any question within your expertise area and help them with relevant answers and relevant resources too. Best is that if you have a blog post written on something than can help them with the answer then share it too in the end as an elaborative answer.
  3. Share popular stories related to your industry: Sharing topics related to you industry that is popular tends to get attention on the perception that it has already been liked by many. Share your own thoughts on it and encourage your fans to check it by mentioning important points it has.
  4. Introduce your employees with their LinkedIn profile address: Each month perform an introduction process of one of your employees where you share the details about them along with their linkedin profile address (Make sure they have a professional linkedin profile with details filled up and your company name mentioned as the latest employer). Share their qualifications, expertise areas and some recent works with their fine inputs in it.
  5. Share a video interview of an expert in your industry: On the web there are several known experts in different industry who humbly give interviews, tips, speeches about their industry latest stats, upcoming trends and have very refine analytical knowledge of the field. Boost your career in this digital era FlixDigit. Talking with popular experts on the same will get easy attention. In the share do write about anything specific about the expert that you gotta reveal or know which you thing is still is unshared with the industry.
  6. Share the creative idea that led you to the foundation: Sharing the idea or thought that led you to the foundation of your company/startup is something very personal but works directly with a hit on heart way. Sharing your idea helps your fans know about your thought process and how you plan. Do mention in it what you added in your foundation that makes it unique and best will be if you can make it so convincing     that it is the need of hour.
  7. Share your company/startups story (It can be anything specific): Share about your company’s/startup story that is interesting. It should be on a specific happening that is fun, or inspiring or creative.
  8. Share something funny: This is something that always gets attention and with most businesses. It again creates a different impact on your fans and customers that you being sound with humor are great people to interact with.
  9. Share content that you found interesting and mention its interesting part: Share content from any other weblog that you found to be interesting, useful. Make sure you add what inspired you or is the interesting part.
  10. Share something that has inspired you: Almost everyone likes thoughts that inspire and has a meaning. Here you can share great quotes and inspiring notes. Awesome will be if you can create few of your own.
  11. Encourage your fans to join other social platforms to explore more possibilities
  12. Share your multiple social profile links
  13. Share about an upcoming event you are planning
  14. Relate a movie scene with your next planned reactivity or marketing and share it
  15. Share your recent activities in offline market and put in your thoughts
  16. Share about your top customers
  17. Ask your audience about feedback on mention specialities and social marketing and engagement can be one of those.
  18. Perform a #shoutout and ask a customer to participate by sharing your page in their community
  19. Share an offer where your customer can be a reseller or affiliate
  20. Share something that could encourage customers talk about their personal day to day life
  21. Ask your fans to give you new ideas and ways you can improve
  22. Share with your customers some free eBook they can download to judge companies before hiring
  23. Ask fans to share their business and profile with you and offer a free promotion on your social channels
  24. Provide a customer/fan wise ideas and tips to improve their business ROI
  25. Must talk about myths in your industry
  26. Encourage your customers for video testimonials in exchange of one from you
  27. Analyze all the above process and redo what worked well
  28. Share any result with a project that your company has achieved
  29. Share a free business analysis and consultation if possible (It works awesomely)
  30. Reshare all the blog posts of the month and ask to reshare

30 Online Marketing Trends Set to Rule in 2015

With the year 2014 near to its end I was chalking out some possibilities of how would be our new age. How creative and value added will it be and what transformations will take place. I read several digital marketing predictions for 2015 and have filtered all of them based on my personal experience. I have listed down below the most possible transformations and changes we may have to be prepared to see in the coming Digital age of 2015. Check out below over 30 digital marketing trends that will rule 2015:

  1. Conscious and contagious meme designs will kill community engagement
  2. Social Media Marketing will get more emphasis because of its ROI
  3. Growth hacking get an edge over niche based marketing
  4. Value design will be given more importance than friendraising
  5. The being social will get more value than being niche oriented
  6. 2015 will be all about passion projects
  7. Big Data will gain with Mobiles
  8. Most reserved content marketers will understand the power of Big data
  9. Importance of the creation of Tribes will be increase
  10. Growth hacking will get more investment in 2015
  11. Marketing Chiefs will prioritize personal branding than crowdfunding
  12. The importance of Crowdsourcing and Simplexity will be recognized
  13. User engagement will be give more emphasis
  14. With user engagement given more emphasis, we will get back to the old form
  15. 2015 will be the year of Wearables
  16. 2015 is the year of in-depth analytical experiments
  17. With Memeification getting popular Fax Machine Marketing will see rise 9in 2015
  18. 2015 will see Companies investing in Selfies and Velfies
  19. Mutiscreen will become Monoscreen in 2015
  20. Niche oriented content will see massive rise
  21. Tinder Marketing will rule Social Sphere
  22. Hyper Nicheification is the Future
  23. 2015 will be the era of transparency
  24. 2015 will see the importance of branded content for market growth
  25. 2015 will the era of online tribes
  26. In 2015 Growth Hacking may get higher preference than Big Data
  27. Marketing Strategists will prefer Simpleixity over Selfies
  28. Cronut Marketing will see more investment because of its Returns
  29. Companies lacking personal branding will be left behind
  30. Internet of things will be all about engaging your Audience
  31. In 2015 Emojis will tell the Story of a Brand
  32. Digital storytelling with transparency will be given emphasis



Though above written online marketing predictions are on the basis of the present trend and the ways market is responding to the newest technologies, performance behavior etc what I have found is that 2015 will be a complete digital age where branded content, social sphere and niche marketing will rule with more user engagement oriented and personalized marketing.

I would appreciate to have more suggestions and possibilities mentioned below in comments below.