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The Million Dollar Button in Your Website

Words are powerful, but the buttons are the king. Without content, there is no website. However, if your content is not helping your ‘call to action’ button, then it is better to discard them. The whole world is going behind the theme, ‘we have a something for some company and we want traffic’. But the question is, are you making all the efforts to sustain the traffic that is presently landing on your website and its pages? What if I say that your content is what is pushing your traffic away?

Call-to-action buttons

The Million Dollar Button

The ‘call to action’ button is worth a million dollar. In an online store website, whether you are adding the product to the cart or buying it, an action is required. Sometimes, your call to action can be making the people sign-up for some course or newsletter and so on.

The call to action need not be the same in all the pages of your website, but when you are getting your website design and developed it is important to mention the call to action buttons that are needed for each page and ask the web developer or the company you have hired to focus all the details towards making the button more attractive and worth its use.

Words that Makes you Swipe

Buttons do not speak for themselves. You need words to make your customers open their wallets. There is no set of magic words which can be added to the content to increase the customers’ urge to click the million dollar button.

You can use words like ‘free’, ‘discount’, ‘money back’, ‘guarantee’ and many others that would excite your users to take an action. There is no predefined formula. You need to find the words which would help the button. You can get the help of the marketing experts for this or can dig for this by performing research on the web. Recently Kevan Lee from Buffer has posted about 189 words that get your customer’s attention every time.

How to Create the Million Dollar Button?

Do you know that registering for the site puts the customers away from purchasing? It is always better to have sign up buttons and product or buy buttons in different pages. You should know that people would easily be distracted by the content. Sometimes, the best content is no content at all.

Ask our experts’ and ‘submit your question’ are the same on a help page. But, ‘ask our expert’ shows that there is actually a person behind that button who would give an exact answer to the problem, instead of submitting the questions alone. It has been found that replacing ‘sign up’ button with ‘learn more’ button has increase the conversions by 20%. ‘Buy’ and ‘Buy now’ are not the same for the customers. ‘Buy now’ shows that there is urgency in getting the service or product.

Creating your ‘call to action’ button is not just about choosing the right spot and color. The content surrounding it and the words on the button can make a huge difference. It is not a magic button or magic word that would make your ‘call to action’ button worth a million dollars. It is about how you want to express your product or service to the customer. Instead of giving half a page length of text to say that you have a resource of high level expertise that would solve your problem, just add a button like, ‘Contact a human’. These three words would make a lot of difference than clustering your page with massive texts.


I wrote the above blog just to bring in notice to those businesses online who are not making use of such small efforts that can change the way they are getting leads and developing business.

I know there are more creative ways and actionable words that can be used apart from what I have mentioned. I would be obliged if you could share those in the comments below.