Essential Quick Checks before the Website Go Live

A website launch is always very exciting. You have worked for all those days to create dazzling design, organize and upload the content and choose a good CMS for your website. And now you are ready to share your hard work with the world! You are impatient and eager to get the website live, but this eagerness can be detrimental to your end cause. Most of the time in their eagerness, to launch the website, the web development companies forget some of the last minute checks that are essential for the health of your website in the online world. A checklist of these common facets would come in handy while you are giving the finishing touches to a website before the go-live! And here we would dwell on some of them.

Is the Favicon set?

A Favicon is a means to brand the tab where your website is open in the user's browser. It can also be saved with the bookmark and helps the users easily identify your web pages from the others. Most of the browsers pick up the Favicon from the root directory, but you need to test it out. If the Favicon has not been auto-picked you would have to code it.

Is it showing perfectly on all browsers?

Today there are so many browsers to surf the Internet and your website must appear pixel perfect in all of these. Overlooking any of the major browsers would mean that there is a chance of your website having a broken and pixelated appearance for some visitors. Yes, there might be very small variations in the designs and features, but most of the appearance and user experience should remain the same. Make sure to test it out on Chrome, Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8, Opera and iPhone.

Is you website working with JavaScript turned off?

There are many users who would visit your website with their JavaScript turned off due to security concerns. Your website should be ready for this degradation. Today, the browsers offer an easy option to switch off JavaScript and your website should modify accordingly. So, if you are implementing any cool AJAX stuff or forms make sure they are tested sufficiently with the JavaScript turned off.

Have you checked the Contact Forms?

Contact Forms are important lead earning mechanisms in a website. While you were busy building all the other complex functionality, did you test out the functionality of the contact forms? Whether you have or not, it is essential to test them out before the launch. Try to use the contact form yourself and see how the information is being sent to the intended email address. Also ask your family members or friends to fill the Contact forms. It would help you find the glitches, and rectify them before the launch.

Are your links working as they should?

Most of the time we just assume that the links would work just fine, and later suffer for this conception. It is easy to forget adding “http://” to external website links. Also check whether a click on the logo is routing traffic to the home page. Also make sure that the links stand out from the common text. A good practice in this regard is to underline nothing but the links within a web page.

Do you have the Analytics in place?

Installing an analytics tool helps the business measure statistics regarding the website's performance. You can track the daily traffic, page views, conversion rates, etc. This is why you should always install analytics tool for the website. Google Analytics is the all-time favourite in this regards, but you may also consider others such as StatCounter, Kissmetrics, Clicky and Mint.

At Keyline, we make sure that all these essential checks are carried out before a website launch. If you need a web design and development service that would help you launch a perfect website, then check out our services. A Quick Check of your Website before your Website Go Live is very much essential.

Which Security Features you should consider before choosing a web host?

Whether you want web hosting for a personal blog site or a business website, you should have half an eye on the security features your web host offers. The online world is not as safe as it once was. Today, your online presence could be jeopardized. When you open a physical store in a crime prone area, you always make sure that there are adequate security measures in place. Similar is the instance with modern day online presence. There are thieves and robbers everywhere, and your web hosting security keeps you safe from their dubious plans.

Why web hosting security is absolutely essential?

Today the Internet is accessible to most people. Its wide reach presents some money minting scopes for the unscrupulous minds. This is why hacking and data thefts are ever on the rise. With the help of some codes, the hackers can stop you from accessing your own website within no time at all. You could lose your years of hard work within no time at all. Now, that is not something you can take into the stride. This is why you should always check for the security features of your web hosting service provider. You should be very much careful before choosing a web host.

Security features to check out for

Keeping in mind the volatile online environment, most of the reputed web hosts are offering robust security features. They have implemented new measures to keep the miscreants at bay. But, if you are not too sure, here are some security features to check out for before finalizing a web hosting service.

  • SFTP: FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is used to upload files from the computer to hosting account. The FTP client allows you to upload the files and use them in specific areas of the website. SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) does the same tasks while offering an extra layer of protection during such file transfers. Though FTP is fairly secure, yet there is a small vulnerability. Files can be intercepted and they can be modified without your prior knowledge. SFTP eradicates this vulnerability.
  • SSL: SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) creates a safe and encrypted path between the browser and the web server. When you purchase SSL certificate, your website will open with a small locked padlock symbol displayed on the address bar. It will also have https:// rather than the traditional http://. SSL certificate is a must for e-commerce stores, where there is a high probability of customer's information theft. The SSL makes sure that visitor’s personal information (such as banking details, numbers, name, address, etc.) would remain safe.
  • Backup Mechanism: Though web hosts would take periodical backup of your website's content, but there should be an option at the back-end which allows you to perform the task yourself. For a busy website, data backup should be taken at the end of each day. But having said that, the web host should also take frequent backups of your website. Updated website backup can save you a lot of money and time in the event of a disaster.
  • Server Maintenance Regime: Only opt for a web host who cares to maintain the servers adequately. Web hosts with a close eye on server maintenance can limit the attacks and keep your website safe. Always check whether the web host has any published security protocol, which is a good indication that the servers remain updated.

If you are searching for a secure and reliable web hosting service than Keyline has the perfect solutions ready for you.

What is the sufficient bandwidth for a new website?

One of the difficult questions that rears up its head while you are in the process of selecting a reliable web hosting company is regarding the bandwidth. Being a newbie into the online business world you are never quite sure about the bandwidth required for your business. More bandwidth will always cost you extra. This is why deciding on your sufficient bandwidth becomes pretty essential while comparing the various web hosting plans available for you. In a new business venture, the smart idea is always to minimize the wastage and maximize on your investment. So, paying extra for server bandwidth, that will not be used, is just a wastage of finances. This is why we thought of sharing some essential facts in this regard.

Numbers Crunching

To answer the question with which we started our conversation, it is essential to look through the figures. And the statistics clearly state that 99% of websites find a 5 GB server bandwidth (per month) sufficient! Your business is only taking baby steps into the online arena. It might earn high traffic in the near future, but for now there is only a limited traffic is expected. The 5 GB bandwidth per month would be more than sufficient to allow a smooth browsing experience to your visitors. So, unless you have a video streaming or image based website, always opt for a maximum of 5 GB bandwidth per month.

The Myth of Unlimited Hosting

No service can offer you something unlimited. You have to understand that the web host has to pay for your data usage too. This is why, unlimited web hosting is all but a myth. By “unlimited” hosting your web host only means that the bandwidth would be more than sufficient for your website.

Disk Space that you need

Now, the next significant question on your mind should definitely be regarding the disk space needed for your new website. Let us put that question to rest as well. Again, statistics suggest that new websites need no more than 150 MB. Each of your web pages take up between 1-2 MB. If you find a web page that is larger in size than 2 MB then you need to trim it down. With longer loading times, the web pages above 2 MB in size leak the traffic away from your website and that cannot auger well for your business.

What about the exceptions?

Yes, as we had hinted above, there are certain types of websites that might fall out of the norm. Websites that work with huge image galleries, video streaming sites, websites that are database driven are examples of such exceptions. If you happen to own such a website than you might need a bandwidth in the range of 10 GB to accommodate all the rich content.

Hope we have been able to answer some of the questions which bugged you about server bandwidth and disk space. At Keyline we can offer you a range of web hosting plans to choose from. It helps you save on money and stay high on performance.

Why Kid's Products websites need a cute Mascot?

Every business owner strives to attain that elusive goal - a high recall value. If you can not quite fathom what "recall value" means, let us explain. Recall value is the familiarity a brand creates in the minds of their customers (also end users, in this instance). A brand that has quick recall value does not have to spend exorbitantly in their marketing practices. Their brand has already built a tiny space within the minds of their target customers. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of burgers - MacDonald's, right? That is due to the high recall value this brand has been able to build over the years. This is what a cute Mascot can bring to your business!

Bygone are the days when there were only a few websites dealing with the kid's products and information. Today, the web world is flooded with such websites. And this is where a cute little mascot can be so effective to attain your marketing goals. A mascot can quickly help you stay ahead of the race and be seen in the crowd. When a mascot is well thought out and designed creatively, it can be the marketing push your business so dearly needed. Ever since their inception, in the early nineteenth century, mascots have always brought a high recall value (whether it is a sports team, a television character or a brand entity). And even today, their appeal has not gone down one little bit!

Why your kid's related website needs a Mascot?

You are primarily catering to the kids and their parents. And both of them are either happily or reluctantly (often the case with parents!) exposed to a lot of cartoons filled with those lovable characters. Kids just cannot have enough of those cute little characters. And when a packaging comes with a new character (in the form of your well thought out Mascot) they are easily attached to it. As for the parents, they are exposed to so many lovable characters, that your cute little Mascot sticks on in a remote corner of their busy brain easily. So, whenever they need to order for kid's products, they can quickly recall your brand. And if you can provide them the range of products they expect and at a price which fits their pocket then you earn revenues! In this regard, it has to be said that the animal characters work best as Mascots for kid's websites.

Brand Values and the Mascot

Before you get into the mascot designing project, think about your brand. What does your brand symbolize? What are its characteristics? Which animal would you associate your brand with? If your answers take you away from the popular kid's website characters (such as dogs, cats, frogs, teddy bears, etc.) so be it. Your foremost goal should be to have a mascot designed that defines your brand, its goals and philosophies.

As you can see, with a well designed Mascot your business can go places. This is why you need to choose a designing service that is both creative and skilled. At Keyline we have the apt Web Designing service to help you have the perfect mascot for your business.

5 Essential WordPress Plug-ins for Freelance Content Writers

5 Essential WordPress Plug-ins for Freelance Content Writers

Working as a freelance content writer can be a lucrative profession, when you plan out your moves the right way. When asked: most freelance content writers would opine that it is their writing that sees them land new projects. While this is partially correct, but a client sees many other things than just writing before entrusting you with writing responsibilities. A successful freelance content writer needs much more than grammar, diction and spelling accuracy to appease a client. You need to establish yourself as a brand, pursue new leads and meet the client deadlines. Caring for all these diverse facets can be a challenge for a budding freelance content writer. So, there are many great WordPress plug-ins that would help you shed some of the workload, and you can solely concentrate on the thing you do best – write!

Editorial Calendar

While handling multiple clients, often the freelance writers feel the pressure of deadlines. One of the keys to freelance writing success is to organize your priorities. This helps you create a smooth delivery mechanism. One of the best tools in this regard is the Editorial Calendar. You can put in the client work along with their deadlines into this plug-in and you will get an elaborate calendar in front of you. You can also tinker with the schedule as and when needed. Having this calendar in front of you, helps in planning the work and delivering content on a timely basis.

WP Links Page

No client would assign you a project before judging the proof of your competence. This is where the online portfolio pages with live links work wonders. Rather than going by the popular practice of having website with a bunch of live links, you can use the simpler way of WP Links Page. With the help of this WP plug-in you can create an online gallery with screenshots and live links. You can provide as much details about the samples, using the plug-in. There is also option to switch between grid and list views.

Testimonials Widget

Often you would come across meticulous clients who are not quite satisfied solely seeing your portfolio. What they are looking for is recommendations and positive feedback regarding your work. You could of course go about the traditional way of weaving Testimonials into every page. But the Testimonials Widget of WordPress offers a convenient and time saving way of displaying the feelings of your happy clients. With its minimalistic design, the Widget is simple to use. However, if you want video testimonials or testimonials with animation, then opt for the paid version of this plug-in.

Contact Form 7

Apart from showcasing your credibility, you have to also open channels for the clients to contact you easily. Contact Form 7 allows you to attain just this. The form allows you to include custom fields and show the form wherever you deem essential. Contact Form 7 comes with many handy features such as captcha, file uploads and custom notification messages.

Social Media Feather

Today, the social media is not limited to offering fun. It is a great medium to discuss and finalize projects. With the Social Media Feather plug-in, the freelance writers can allow their potential clients to get in touch with them through many social media channels. If a client wants to discuss the project requirements over LinkedIn (for example) and not fill up any form, then the Social Media Feather allows him to contact you on the channel of his choice.

At Keyline we have helped many freelance writers build a website that boosts their career. We can also offer effective Content Writing services to meet your brand's requirements.

5 Tips to Secure Personal Blogging Data

5 Tips to Secure Personal Blogging Data

Blogging might be a passion for you, but hacking might be a passion for someone else! This is the era when Internet savvy people have taken to blogging, a big time. But often while creating and running their successful blogging adventure, they do not mind for security. For them, their blogging domain does not have the potential to inspire the hackers. You are wrong, hacking into your blogging site can give the hacker access to loads of personal information, which can be used in many ways. So, if you want to save yourself from the shock of having your access blocked one find day, then adhere to some of the below given tips.

Shun Low Costing or Free Web Hosting

Most bloggers, even today, make the cardinal sin of looking around for the free or least costly web hosting. When a web host is ready to offer you unbelievably low rates, there should be some other motives involved. There are many web hosts for whom cheap web hosting is all but a means to gather a lot of personal data, which may be sold to a third party when the time comes. Such web hosting services, have to cut corners to provide low rate for their services. This is why they sacrifice with the security of their users. Always choose a reputed web hosting, that may be a touch costly, for your blogging site.

Opt for Domain Privacy

Again in their bid to save costs, most bloggers around the country are today ready to opt out of the Domain Privacy feature from the web hosting package. This is an important feature to keep all your personal information safe. By paying a small annual fee, you make sure that your address and contact information is not available to anyone else.

Secured Backup for your Blogs

Staying prepared is very important for the bloggers. You have to stay prepared for crisis management. The best way to stay clear of the malicious intentions of hackers is to take regular backup of your website's data. When a copy of all your website data is available on the server, it can foil the attempts of the hackers a big time. The hosting package you choose should come with regular data backups. This will help you restore the blog site in no time at all, in the event of an attack.

Unique Passwords for Each Blog Site

There are many of you who operate on more than one blog domain. And most of the time, you set the same password for each and every domain (just for the ease of your remembering). But this is a dangerous practice. What this means is: if one of your websites is hacked, the hacker will have no trouble at all in accessing rest of the others. This is why, we request you to think of unique passwords for each and every website.

Be Careful about Details in your Writing

There are many bloggers, who try to keep their content real. And in the process, they end up providing examples from their real life. While you want to enrich your content, there should also be a restrain at places. Sharing too many personal details in your blogs, might make the site easy to hack. Always change names, dates, places, addresses, etc. while you are writing.

Hope the above given tips would help in protecting your close to the heart blog domain from the hackers. If you want the most secured blog web hosting services, then turn to us at OptraHost