4 Reasons Why You Must Choose a Web Hosting Company in Kolkata

With the advent f latest technology, cloud and hosted server businesses are realizing the necessity of these services with every passing day. That is why it is becoming a popular trend for all the business houses, big or small, to go for the different options for hosting of their websites and mail server. If you are thinking in the same track, then you are definitely in the right direction. However, you must decide what kind of hosting service you should opt for. Since there are various options, many businesses opt for shared hosting services where one hosting resource is shared amongst many websites and mail network. However, if you are thinking of securing your data while availing hosting services, then this option is definitely not good for you. You need a dedicated hosting company for the service.

So, if you are in the city and looking for services of website hosting in Kolkata, you must consider the companies who offer you the dedicated individual web hosting service or server so that you can ensure more security and flexibility. Are you wondering how investing in a contract with a dedicated web hosting provider is going to benefit you? Take a look at the following points to know more.

Server Resources Not Shared

A shared server resource will constantly keep on the toes as another website will clog up space in the CPU and RAM of the shared server. However, if you are opting for a dedicated server, it will be never an issue for you. While you are opening the website, a bad script or an unresponsive page will never affect the speed of your website.

Enhanced Performance and Security

Choosing a shared hosting is okay for a website that will experience low to medium traffic. However, if you are going to experience more traffic, then a dedicated server is what you need. This will enhance the performance as a dedicated server means that your website will have more uptime than that of a shared server.

It is necessary for you to secure the data or the transaction if any, through your website. However, when you are using the shared server, there is always the fear of malicious websites as well as the potential spammer who can affect the privacy and security of your website. That is why you need a dedicated server, especially if you are handling sensitive transaction over SSL or FTP.


When it comes to a shared server, it has many limitations. One of them is surely the limited space in CPU, RAM and disk space while it also limits you in using the software. Either it offers you the software you don’t need or lack things in offering you the flexibility. However, if you are choosing a dedicated server, you don’t have to worry about this issue at all. You can easily go for any software and operating environment you need as there won’t be any limited space problem.

Unique IP Address

Sharing a server can be a problem because you will be sharing an IP address with other websites. If any of those websites is a spam, then it will anyway affect your website ranking too. So when you are hiring a digital marketing agency in Kolkata to pull you up on the SERP, sharing a server should never be your option. Choose a dedicated server with a unique IP address. It is essential if you are hosting an e-commerce website which requires SSL for credit card transaction.

So, now as you know about the benefits, don’t hesitate to hire a dedicated server provider. If you are looking for the No. 1 web hosting company in Kolkata, come to us at Keyline Creative Services. Dial +91 9330109091 for more details.

Hiring a Professional Web Design Company – 3 Benefits You Can't Ignore

Are you a Kolkata based business owner and wondering whether you should invest in designing your website professionally or not? If yes, then we will say definitely, you must. A website is the face of a business online and it has to be made professionally so that you can use all the aspects of it to attract more and more traffic every day that will eventually turn into your potential consumers. So, if you are thinking of hiring a professional service for designing your website, then it is definitely a good decision for you.

Are you thinking that this will burn a huge hole in your pocket? If yes, then don’t worry. Come to us at Keyline Creative Services. We are an affordable web design company in Kolkata, providing the clients with the best service at a reasonable rate. Take a look at the following points to know why you should hire us.

Custom Design at Affordable Price

Our affordable web design service in Kolkata is known for the most professional custom design websites. Every business has their different set of requirements and needs that are specific to their niche. Their target demographic and their way of pitching can be different from each other. So, while designing a website, all businesses need the option of custom designing so that when the relevant customers land on their website, they never feel directionless. And it is also necessary for them to find an affordable package so that the website design doesn’t drain their pocket totally. Keeping these factors in mind, we offer you the best custom web design packages in Kolkata. We listen to your needs and requirements, analyze all pros and cons and finally execute the plan that helps us deliver the best website design suitable for your brands and demand.

Latest Technology

The world of digital marketing is changing with every passing day. The newest technologies and the latest perks of them are contributing to the growth of traffic on various websites. When you are designing your website, you have different goals in your mind. You might want to attract traffic to your website. You might want to encourage engagement. Or maybe you are looking for sales. In any case, the latest technology and its right use are important. Keeping this in mind, we provide our clients with the best kind of service involving the latest updates so that they can get the benefits of it. This eventually increases traffic as well as the potential leads on the website that can turn into a conversion. Our team of experts, designers and developers are adept with the newest technology, ensuring more client satisfaction for each project.

All Services Under One Roof

After designing the website, your job is not done. You have to think of keeping up with the regular promotional work to make it big in the world of digital marketing. That is why you might need other services like SEO and SMM to attract more potential consumers. We are not only a web design company but we also provide affordable SEO service in Kolkata. So, if you are looking for a company that will not only take care of the look and feel of the website but will also work for increasing the Google ranking and traffic too, then we are the people you are looking for.

Also we offer SEO for any particular keyword. You may wish to rank for "hotel management course in Kolkata", we can rank your website with this keyword.

In a nutshell, it is clear to you now that a professional company can provide you more ROI than that of an individual and amateurish designer. So, now as you know about these benefits of hiring us, what are you waiting for? Call us today at +91 9330109091 to get more information.

Mobile app development ideas to turn your boring mobile app into an interesting one!

There was a time when mobile app development was good enough to guarantee you high installs. But standing in the present times, no matter which user group you are serving, just having an app up there does not always guarantee success. While the end users are expecting entertaining apps, the mobile app developers on their part are struggling to give an interesting turn to the otherwise boring apps. The psyche of the modern day users is to get more out of their time investment, every time. And as an app developer you have to cater to user's interests; if you want to win the hearts of your clients. This is why we thought of bringing some mobile app development ideas that turn a boring app into a fun-filled affair.

  • Design a Mascot: Your transition from boredom to fun starts by designing a good (happy going) mascot for your app. Remember, this mascot appears in most screens and accompanies your content through the app. So, the mascot has to be designed after much thought. It should not only symbolize your brand values but also carry a certain emotional context. Moreover, it should imbibe a sense of fun!
  • Crack some Jokes: You might be dealing with a very dry subject, but it does not hold you from cracking a joke or two while showing the users their exact results. There are two ways about cracking jokes. Firstly, some of the apps are adding one-liners with their search results itself. A weather app in the US, shows you weather readings with an additional funny comment, and no wonder the app is seeing the highest installs. The second way is a bit safer. While you load pages or show results, there is always a couple of seconds where you can play with the users. A friendly banter or some jokes, even while the users wait for the actual results to show up, keeps the users engaged and they love it!
  • Sprinkle some animations: If a static image is worth a hundred words, then an animation is worth hundred static images! At least that is the norm as far as mobile app development goes. So, you have to find a way to utilize this in your UX. Some of the apps do it smartly. They use attractive animations in their results screen. While the users get their usual results, they get add-ons in the form of hilarious animations. (NOTE: You might also use your mascot in this screen to create brand bonding.)
  • Add some artwork: Including some artwork in your relevant pages is also a good way of giving an interesting turn to your app. If you have the Google Calendar app, then you would well understand what is being referred to here. Google Calendar not only allows you to set the day's schedule it also gives you the opportunity to name tasks. And when you name the task, they would intelligently allot an artwork resembling your task. Artworks often take us back to those childhood days, and they become a reason for using one app over the other. Smart use of artwork, can be a game-changer for your app.

As the competition for installs intensifies in the mobile app world, it is important to cater more to the users every time. To attain success with your mobile app development you need to choose a capable service provider. At Keyline we have been fulfilling dreams of our clients with mobile app development projects. Do care to take a look at our offerings.

How to get over negative personal name collisions with reputation management?

As the population of the world multiplies itself (many a times) each year, there is a new problem arising. Today, the percentage of name uniqueness is going down. If you look at it, there are more than 47,000 John Smiths and more than a thousand James Bonds in the US! With name multiplicity, many business owners are coming across a new reputation management dilemma. When you do a name search on Google, it pulls up most relevant stories. Now, this algorithm can be a great thing if you share your name with a celebrity, but can spell a doom for your business career if you share your name with a fraudster or criminal! While the negative news about your twin-named-evil comes up in the searches, many people might mistake the news to be about you. This has become a big concern for many business owners across the globe.

Just imagine a scenario: you are applying for a bank loan or a fresh round of business funding. The personnel at the funding organization, while going through your documents, perform a quick search on Google. And what they come across? They find a whole lot of negative news about a fraudster sharing your name! What do you think would be the fate of your application? It would be rejected, right? This is just one of the many scenarios where a negative name collision can hamper your business. And the simplest way to get over this is by using a reputed reputation management service.

How does reputation management help in purging the negative results?

As a first step the reputation management agency, you contact, will review all the negative search results appearing against your name. They will create a strategy to suppress these search results. But, leading reputation management agencies will have methodical flow to their tasks and some of them are mentioned below.

Firstly, they will contact the news organization or the website owners where the negative news is appearing. If it is a profane or vulgar content, then a strong worded mail often does the trick to get the news down. If it is a serious news, then the professionals might request the organization to get it down and many a times they adhere because the news has run its prime by then.

Often getting the prior news down can be a time consuming process. But in the meantime, the reputation management team starts their part of the work. They confront the negative news with positive postings around your name (as well as mention your company). They identify the top searched websites in your domains and keep posting positive content there.

Suppose IIHM Kolkata is offering "hotel management course in Kolkata" - it is also a kind of reputation management in educational institution. 

Depending on the immediacy of the situation, the reputation management agency might also approach other thought leaders and authority websites from your business domain to publish positive news and reviews about you and your business. These are quick fixes to all the negative news.

Almost side-by-side, the agency would optimize your social media presence across all popular platforms. Your profile would showcase a lot of positive information. These are good enough to stop your same-named-twin from coming up in search results.

At Keyline we have tackled such situations in the past and have the in-depth know-how in this regard. If you are suffering from negative reputation on the web, let us address the situation. Take a look at our online marketing package.

How to integrate Slideshare Presentations in Digital Marketing strategies?

Slideshare is the largest Powerpoint sharing community on the web and due to its unique content, Slideshare keeps appearing in related keyword searches. Though Slideshare holds abundant promotional capacity, yet most digital marketing agencies do not tap into its potential for their brand and service promotions. In this era, where lengthy content is on the wane and is being replaced by short and visually aided content, Slideshare is one of the best avenues to draw attention towards your brand. The beauty of Slideshare promotions is that it can be added as a part of your social media marketing strategy or Internet marketing strategy, anyway you look at it. And when you promote a business, the right way, in Slideshare you will get more dividends than spending time in other time consuming SEO actions. Having convinced you about the benefits of using Slideshare promotions now it is time to give you tips about integrating this attractive marketing tactics in your digital marketing strategy. So, let's start.

  • Understand the Psyche: Just like you cannot have the same content tone for Facebook and LinkedIn, similarly you cannot have the same promotional tone Slideshare. Slideshare is a platform that was primarily meant for the academics. And information is the king here. So, you have to stay subtle about promoting your brand and its offerings. You cannot go overboard at any time. While your overall presentation deals with a problem statement, you can intelligently include your offerings wherever feasible.
  • Select Interesting Topics: The Google Adwords tool would be your best friend when selecting the topics for engaging presentations. Start by searching for relevant questions (with high search volume) from your niche business area. Once you have shortlisted 4-5 such questions it is then time to prepare information-rich and attractively designed presentations that answer these questions. This is definitely one of the best ways to stay on top of the Slideshare game!
  • Stay Regular: Staying regular about your Slideshare postings is imperative if you want to attain success. With a careful selection of topics and a good presentation, you have been able to arouse interest, now it is time to create a fan base. When you have a fan base you can even post those service or product oriented presentations, and they will be viewed by many followers.
  • Integrate Presentations in Blog Posts: It would be a good idea to support your Slideshare activities by integrating the presentations on your company blog. Company blogs give you a chance to elaborate the solutions, which you have touched upon in the Slideshare presentation. If your blog has a good traffic, then some of its routing towards Slideshare would boost your presence.
  • Sprinkle some Keywords: As Slideshare promotion is a part of your digital marketing strategy, so it is important to use pertinent keywords in your presentations. You can sprinkle them in your content (though it should be used very logically) and then use them as tags while posting the presentation. This will help your business name come up in related keyword searches.
  • Cross Link Presentations: One slide in every presentation should be kept for cross promotion. You should allow the viewers to quickly reach your other posts. Use links to past presentations in all your postings.

At Keyline, we use all the effective promotional avenues as a part of our digital marketing services. Slideshare promotion is an essential part of our keyword ranking and business promotion strategy. Do care to check out our Digital or Internet marketing service packages.

Why is selecting a free web hosting service a bad business decision?

As a business owner you might be in search of ways to cut down on your expenses, but there are certain key business areas where taking the immediate shortcut leads to huge future losses. And the selection of a free web hosting service is just one such decision. When the "free web hosting" services first hit the Internet world, they became an instant rage. Most businesses found it a very lucrative deal. And each year they were surely able to save some money from their business operations. But as the years passed, the business owners quickly realized the flaws of choosing a free web hosting package. If you look at the web hosting world today, not many businesses are relying on the free web hosting services. They are ready to pay for web hosting in expectations of superior services. But having said that, we have still not answered the question as to: why free web hosting is not a good business decision. So, let us go through some reasons for such an assumption.

  • Least Security Options: As history proves it, free web hosted sites are most vulnerable to the hacker’s raids. The web hosts who are providing free services, do not earn sufficient revenues from their services. And this they are incapable of spending resources and technology to beef up their security. In 2009, a free web hosting service provider named 2ip became the heartthrob of the web hosting world. They offered free web hosting to thousands of business owners. But within some months, they succumbed to an attack by hackers. As a result, the data of their users was lost and went out there in public. You do not want such a predicament to befall you, right?
  • Lackluster Services: In the initial days you might be impressed by the services of your free web hosting service provider. But those days of happiness quickly vanish. As the hosting service gains popularity, you will soon find your website loading times going in the wrong direction. More and more visitors leave your pages in the wake of slow loading time. You will find many pertinent options missing from the dashboard, making a large work of simple tasks. Most of the time, such free services do not even have a quick problem resolution mechanism. By opting for a free web hosting service, you are allowing your competitors to race ahead!
  • Free can become paid: Again, many web hosts are today launching their free services as a promotional ploy. Once they get enough publicity, they will eventually go for the Paid model. As a result, you might have to shift all the content to a new server within a short time, and that can lead to a huge business disruption. There even instances where the free web hosting service providers decided to close their business, leaving their users high and dry! You do not want to be stranded like this, right?
  • Free is never Free: You would have heard: there is nothing free in this world! And free web hosting makes you experience the same. As a first, you cannot monetize with a free web hosting site, here all the cards lie in the hands of the web hosting service provider. You are just populating their websites with your unique content and designs. You will also not have an original domain extension, which makes you look novice to the visitors out there. So, free can cost your business dearly.

If you are looking for an affordable web hosting service then take a look at our offerings. Keyline has been hosting websites of some of the leading brands, for many years now.

Why travel websites need to upgrade from shared web hosting service, right now?

As Indians are travelling more than they ever did historically, travel portals are becoming their go-to destinations for essential travel related services. While leisure travels in India do not follow any particular season, there are definitely the high and low seasons. Once, the summer vacation rush is over most travel portals would see a sharp decline in their business. So, this is the ideal month to start a revamp of your website and the first thing that you need to change around is the web hosting plan. But, the question that would be lingering on in your mind is: why do I need to change my existing shared web hosting plan? Well, we would give some logical reasons for this.

#1: Festival Season is Coming, are you ready?

After the lull during the monsoons, your website would again start receiving a high traffic. These visitors would come with an intent to perform some business with you. During the festival season, travel portals receive an unimaginable surge in traffic and most websites struggle to handle this surge. Your shared web hosting plan will not be able to support the volume of traffic during the upcoming months. So, you should start looking for dedicated web hosting plans right away.

#2: Downtime means Doom

Indian travelers are today wasted for options. If they find your website slow loading or even come across a “Time Out” message they will quickly move away and not return back anytime soon. Your loss would be the gain for your competitors! Quite a distressing scenario, right? You can avoid the downtime and manage the website speed with a reputed dedicated web hosting service. Make sure you do not disappoint another web visitor, ever. And for that you need to switch to a dedicated web hosting plan.

#3: Slow in Loading, sluggish in revenues

If the online statistics are to be believed: then modern day Indian web surfers are wary of those slow loading payment gateways. Even if you have the best services and most affordable rates, they will not be willing to do business with you. Fast loading and smooth payment gateways can be dished out only if you have a high speed web hosting running in the background.

#4: For that Wow Factor

Travelling is often realizing a dream! And it is the content coupled with high resolution images, videos and sliders that instigate people to dream about a travel destination. To get the desired impact, you need to run all or some of these media at the same time, to create the desired impact in the minds of the visitors. This can be achieved only with the help of a dedicated web hosting plan that offers a seamless experience to your web visitors.

#5: To Scale up

As a business organization your goal is to offer an array of travel services which the travelers find to their liking. And this means, you might have to add some new services and packages from time to time. A good reason than to choose a web hosting plan that will not only work for your present needs, but have enough scopes for your future proliferation as well.

If you are looking for the perfect web hosting services that would support the needs of your travel website, then Keyline’s services would delight you. We have various web hosting plans to choose from. Please take a look at our plans before moving on.

How to make your interior designing company logo design stand out in the crowd?

When a homeowner wants his/her property to look good, they turn to a reputed interior designing company. And in the present era, every homeowner wants a chic and trendy home décor! That opens up all new opportunities for the interior designing companies. It is no wonder than that the reputed brands in this domain are earning huge profits each year. But the word "reputed" should be taken a note of in this respect. In the intensely competitive interior designing business niche, people only trust companies they are familiar with. And this is why branding is the most important criteria to survive in the business domain. The basics of your branding campaign should be started with logo design or re-designing. So, here are some essential tips to get the best web designing output for your logo designing.

Don’t imitate the competitors

Every brand has a persona of its own. Yes, there are some characteristics which are similar in all interior designing brands, but there are also bound to be certain differences. You should ask the web designing services to create a logo that clearly depicts your uniqueness. Most brands just try (and fail) to emulate the logo of their well established counterparts. Place the facts in front of the web designer and judge the output (without thinking about the competitors).

Create a scalable logo

A logo can be used in endless promotional campaigns. Most of the business owners fail to see this bigger picture. They tend to think about the website, brochure and some other promotional materials where the logo would be used in the near future. You might have to use the logo in hoardings, company letterheads, trade fair booths, etc. as the company moves forward. So, you need to think of the bigger picture and finalize a logo that looks good on smallest of materials as well as the largest ones!

Don’t go for font cluttering

Ask any web or graphic designer and the person will tell you that each font has a different meaning. Each font is meant to depict a separate mood. So, you have to select a font (based on your brand persona) and stick with it. Using too many fonts complicates the brand image and does not convey the right message across to the customers. Logos are best kept neat and tidy, and font cluttering is against this philosophy.

Focus on the message and not the color

Most interior designing brands get very rigid about their logo color. This is a wrong practice. Yes, you might have a favorite color as a business owner, but that color has many shades and may appear with many variations. It is important to tell the web or graphic designer what message you intend to portray through the logo.

Logo carries a business value through its unique design. Like IIHM Kolkata have a text logo as for the "best hotel management college in Kolkata".

An experienced logo designer would be capable enough to work with colors (including some from your favorite color palette) and give the perfect output.

Add an element of Surprise!

Best logos are so appealing because they are creative. You cannot play safe when you are after fame! Let the designer play around with the designing repertoire. There should be at least one element of “Surprise” in your logo that grabs the attention of the onlooker. So, allow the designer to stay creative, do not cloud his mind with a long list of safe suggestions.

If you are looking for the best web design and development services that suit your interior designing company, then Keyline is the place where your search ends. We have create envious logos for reputed interior designing businesses. Check out our web design and development services.

How to set Facebook Ad Budget to fulfill your Digital Marketing goals?

Facebook Digital Marketing opens up huge business scopes, and it is no wonder that every brand today has great expectations from their Facebook paid advertising campaigns. With millions logging into this social media site, a well-planned ad could do wonders for your business prospects. But, the core business philosophy lies in getting more for less! And this is what most business owners want to achieve through their Facebook advertising campaigns. As a result they either under-budget or over-budget for their Facebook campaigns. We want to help the business owners overcome this dilemma. Our suggestions would help you set the perfect budget and help you achieve the business goals. So, let us continue...

What are your goals with Digital Marketing?

There are various business goals that the brands want to attain through their paid Facebook advertising campaigns. Some of them can be categorized (on a broader level) as:

  • Getting new Facebook Fans
  • Thousands of new Email Subscribers
  • Millions of Website Referrals
  • Getting trackable Product Sales
  • Increasing the app installs

Now that we have shortlisted the prominent business goals, it is time to help you set Facebook advertising budgets against each of these.

Goal #1: Earning Facebook Fans

You might have long dreamed of having thousands of loyal fans for your FB business page! Your dream could come true with a well thought out Facebook advertising campaign. Generally speaking, you need to spend $.50-$1 per Facebook fan. But you end budget should also account for business niche, brand reputation, presence in social circles and country (where the fans are sought). Based on these you might spend a bit less or more. There would always be some agencies offering unbelievable rates for getting you Facebook Fans, but cheap rates do not guarantee a good quality Fan club! You can start with a budget of $50,000 and take it from there.

Goal #2: Seeking Email Subscriptions

Facebook gives you a great scope to create a list of potential customers. The pricing for such a Facebook campaign varies on many factors. If your ad has an attractive giveaway, then the prices could be significantly lower. The landing page, in such instances, should also have convertible content. Your budget would fluctuate based on whether you are after simple subscribers or leads. Generally speaking, you could expect a spending of $.50-$1 for such a campaign. So, if you are after 10,000 email addresses stay ready to shell out $10,000.

Goal #3: Boost Website Referrals

To be frank, website referrals in Facebook cannot be bought. If a post has engaging headline, enticing content and some great images - it has a great chance of going viral. On the other hand a boring informational article really struggles to get clicks to your website. Coming to the costs, you might have to spend $.50-$.10 per link click to attain success. So, if you are after 100,000 website referrals it might cost you $35,000 (on average).

Goal #4: Higher Product Sales

The biggest headache on the minds of business owners is how to increase their product sales. And Facebook being ever crowded by prospective customers, opens up many gates for product sales. But there are various factors which impact the budgeting for such a campaign. You have to match the cost of the product. Suppose a product is priced at $100 (and is highly relevant for your selected user group), then you might have to pay $30 per conversion. So, approximately speaking, you can set a budget of $150,000 to get 5,000 sales opportunities.

Goal #5: Improving App Installs

So, your desktop or mobile app has been taking off at a pace that is much slower than anticipated. A well budgeted Facebook advertising campaign can change all that. Given that your app is solving a big problem statement for the potential users, you can set a budget of $1-$2 per app install. So, your end budget should be set at $10,000 for 5,000 app installs (taking $2 per install as the benchmark).

Now, let us give you some words of advice. No matter what your online marketing agency tells us, do not start off with a huge Facebook advertising budget. You need to always start with a small sum and then increase it with time. There are some great Facebook ad measurement tools available which you can use to track the success of your campaign and change it around from time to time. Use Keyline’s Digital Marketing Service and we would help you set the perfect budget for your Facebook advertising campaign.

Why your SEO Plan should have Quora Postings?

Internet became a prominent part of everyday life due to its rich information quotient. With only a search you could get so much information and at times this helped you take informed decisions. But, somehow with every passing year the Internet surfers are getting more impatient. Today, they do not have time to go through lengthy articles or blogs just to find an answer. They are after quicker solutions. This psychological shift is noticeable from the search trends on Google. Question based searches are today trending on Google. And the biggest gainer of this trend is Quora. Quora which started out as an experimental Question and Answer forum has today become one of the leading websites in the world. And no matter which question you put up in the Google search box, their website is bound to appear within the first page!

Standing today, Quora receives more than 484 million views per month, which is a jaw dropping number for sure. And when there is a buzz, crowds are bound to gather. Similar has been the instance with Quora. Posting questions and answers on Quora has become an important part of SEO tactics. More than 22,000 brands are today leveraging the benefits of their Quora presence. There are many SEO benefits of staying active on Quora, and some of them have been mentioned below.

High Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are priceless entities for the SEO professionals. They are votes of trust that the other high ranked and reputed websites provide. But it has become very difficult to earn such backlinks in the present times. Quora postings allow you to place backlinks that help the readers seek solutions for their problems right away. With a high Page rank and Domain authority, a backlink in Quora would do wonders to your website's ranking. The ease of placing backlinks at Quora makes this website such a great place to post!

Backlinks that route traffic

A good Quora answer along with a backlink has a really great scope of diverting millions of Internet surfers towards your website. As manifested through its high bounce rate, Quora is not a website where the surfers linger around. They scan through the answers and then seek the solution by clicking on the links. So, unlike other content posting channels, where your links just lie dormant, Quora offers more scopes for your links to bring traffic. The purpose of posting a link is completely met with the Quora postings!

Building Reputation

When your name starts appearing against many Quora answers (which you can do by posting from different accounts) there is a favorable consensus built in the market. Customers start believing in your services or products and the overall acceptance levels increase manifold times. Your brand starts appearing more knowledgeable and caring then it ever was. You are solving some of the pain points of the customers.

Free of Cost Promotion

While reputed blog sites are today charging high amounts for backlink posting, Quora does not charge anything. So, it is a win-win situation for you. Your brand can be seen by millions of surfers and yet you do not have to shell out a single pie! With a good Question and its Answer your name can repeatedly come up in relevant searches.

So, now you have a secret recipe to success for all your SEO campaigns. Have fun using Quora postings in your online marketing plan.