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Some Limitations of Unlimited Web Hosting

The word “unlimited” brings special joy on the face of any web master. Unlimited web hosting plans generally provide unlimited disk storage, data transfer capacity, as well as add-on domain names. They provide the web masters with an opportunity to host multiple websites at very affordable costs. This is the time, when most of you would go “wow”. But wait on before you shun the thoughts of opting for a dedicated web hosting plan, because there is much more yet to come.

Unlimited? Not Quite!

“Unlimited” as per the English language is something that has no end or limitations. But in the web hosting vocabulary, it does not quite have the same meaning. In reality there are always limitations to the unlimited! Look around, you will find that there are limitations to everything in this world. You can not expect unlimited bandwidth when there is a limited number of cables to transmit data, you cannot expect unlimited data storage in your computer as the RAM and CPU have their own capacity. So, unlimited hosting is only an industrial terms widely used in the web hosting industry.

Web Hosts are here to make money too!

Whichever web host it may be, each one is here to make some money. After all it is their business! To provide you good web hosting they need to purchase bandwidth pipes, computer servers, employ manpower, among other requisites. Thus, they cannot allow you to have everything at trivial costs. You can use unlimited hosting resources and host unlimited websites, as long as you are not overusing the plan!

Unlimited web hosting can then be likened to all-you-can-eat buffet. You can eat unlimited till you overeat! Each web host has a set of house rules and server limitations to control overuse by users. Such limitations could be in regards to RAM, inodes, CPU queries, number of MySQL databases, etc. Once the users get into the red zone, the web hosts would pull the plug or charge extra. This is how the web hosting services work.

Why opt for unlimited plans, then?

Well, first and foremost the unlimited plans are often much cost effective than other web hosting plans. Apart from their over-usage rules, they offer sufficient options for the web masters to be happy about. You can host many websites, store data, start new domains without spending anything, as long as you stay within the limits. Apart from this, the web masters have grown so habituated to the basic hosting features that they are now looking beyond. They are ready to spend some extra bucks, as long as the web hosts are reliable. So, the real worth of unlimited web hosting can only be enjoyed when you partner with a reliable host, such as Optra Host.

Two easy steps to choose the best unlimited web host

Now, the next question on your mind is about choosing the best unlimited plan from the best web host around. To attain this goal you have to follow these two simple steps:

  • Sign up for a trial hosting plan and check out the quality from the inside. If you do not like what is being offered, simply cancel the plan before the trial period ends.
  • Visit some forums for reviews or look through the client testimonials to understand the reputation of the web host. Such a practice allows you to test out your decision!

Optra Host can be your capable web hosting partner. We have a range of web hosting plans and services. Check it out yourself.

Planning Essentials for e-Commerce Website

A survey by ASSOCHAM-Resurgent India predicts that the count of online purchasers will cross 100 million threshold by the end of this year. And if we talk about the next year, the study further predicts that there will be 65% increase in online transactions in 2018. Are these not enough indicators to make you think about having an efficient e-commerce store for yourself? So, you have the products, the business plan but have you thought about the e-commerce website development plan? In most instances, business owners become over reliant on the developers and designers to come up with a great plan and later the concept. So, here are some essentials that help you create an efficient website for your business.


Set Website Goals

Planning for the e-commerce website needs some research and decision making on your part. You have to go through your product offerings and understand your ideal customer base. You have to also understand the specific requirements (which your website will fulfill) for the identified customer base. Next, you should identify your business scope – do you want to provide information or serve as a seller? Once all these important aspects are clear, you can march ahead with the development and design process.


Content Structure

Content always remains as a backbone of the e-commerce stores. You have to evoke interest among the target customers with plenty of interesting information and leave some incentives for them to return back. Customers should be able to contact your business without too many clicks. Once the site is operational always aim at keeping the content fresh and updated. This will make people choose your website over others.


Website Framework

As a business owner you are in the best position to decide on the number of pages your website will have. You should also plan for the tabs, menus, sub-menus and inner pages. These will help you shorten the planning process involved before web development begins and quicken the execution work. In business every minute counts, and by planning it out you save a lot of time before the go-live.


Design Essentials

There are some basics which should be followed during the designing phase. First of all the website design should be simple, consistent and readable. Light backgrounds with easy fonts are a good way to achieve this. Too many colors and elements are not needed while designing e-commerce website. Even if the website is meant for teens, it should not get too funky!


Easy Navigation

Navigation should be a breeze for the visitors. They should not have to click two or three links to reach an important area of the website. There should be no dead ends while navigating through the website. The tabs and menus should be organized keeping in mind the browsing psychology of the end users.


Another important aspect of e-commerce website development is to partner with only an experienced third party service provider. Keyline has years of experience in developing and designing e-commerce websites.



Why Manufacturing Organizations should use ERP System?

Survey statistics suggest that more and more companies dealing with manufacturing of goods are using the ERP software to streamline their business process. In fact statistics suggest an overwhelming increase in adoption rates from 18% to 32% in the last few years. Organizing things in a manufacturing company can be a nightmare. The multi-location and multi-department structure of such organizations makes them very hard to manage. Thank god, there was the ERP software! The software includes Logistics management, inventory management, production planning, production monitoring among other features. But there are many more reasons why a growing number of organizations from the manufacturing niche are choosing to run their business, the ERP way!


Platform for Inter-departmental information sharing

Manufacturing firms have multiple departments such as Finance & accounting, planning & control, manufacturing operations, human resource allocation, marketing and sales, purchase & vendor management, quality control, distribution, plant maintenance, etc. For the organization to run smoothly, it is imperative that all the departments are integrated into a whole. ERP software does this job remarkably well. It helps in getting real time data from all the departments at a single place. It helps the organizations overcome the horrors of having specific systems for each of the departments. The software allows all the departments to work in tandem with each other.


Enhancing and Streamlining Processes

Like all organizations, the manufacturing businesses are setup with a goal for business growth. But shifting from one software to the other, when there are new additions and alterations in the company structure is not ideal. ERP software has ended this discomfort for the business owners. The software is easily scalable and causes minimum operational disruptions while being scaled up. Though there are some basic controls in the inherent software, new modules can always be added to the system depending on the needs.


Easy decision making with real time data

The “one organization, one software” policy which ERP brings to the table comes especially to the fore when there is an important business decision about to be taken. As all the details, reports, and other relevant data coming from different departments and locations are accumulated in a single database, it can be easily analyzed and many projections can be drawn out of it. With all the key statistics stacked at a single place, business administrators can get loads of valuable insights helping them take better business decisions.


Better Customer Management

As the software is used by multiple departments, so all the customer feedback, complains and suggestions can also be seen and analyzed using this software. Availability of key customer data helps businesses address the customer issues better and quicker. This would improve the organization’s image significantly in front of their end customers.


ERP software brings in a world of benefits for the business owners. If you want a robust management solution for your manufacturing business then try Keyline’s ERP & CRM service.

How do Digital Signatures keep you protected?

Even some years back most of the business owners across India constantly kept two pens in their lavish chambers. One was a black ink pen (meant for proof reading and other writing tasks) and another blue pen. The blue pen came into use as soon as a document was brought for authorization and signature. The business owner would firstly judge the sensitivity of the document, then use the blue pen to sign on it. The concept being, blue ink would make the signature Xerox proof. Then came the era of scanners, and blue signatures could be replicated as easily as Xerox copies! Now, the business owners got really worried. Their signatures could be replicated anytime and anywhere. So, they adopted the new technology of e-Signatures, often not knowing the details. Today, we are here to discuss some of the hidden facets of e-Signatures and digital signatures.

Difference between e-Signatures and Digital Signatures

Most of you would believe that both these terms can be interchangeably used to denote the same thing. But they are not so, e-Signatures are quite rudimentary in their functions, while the digital signatures have multiple layers of protection. This means, one can easily dupe you even when e-signatures are being used, but the digital signatures protect you from fraudsters.   E-Signatures are images created out of your original signatures, on a paper, which is kept stored at a remote server. But, they can be verified (when a question is raised) only by the service provider. There is no authentication certificate available with the signatory. While the digital signature come with a certificate ascertaining the validity of the signature in question. This leads to quick resolutions in times of conflict.   Another helpful feature of the digital signature is the emails and notifications users are sent when their signature is used. This again keeps you protected.

Shun two, use one

Till date, there are many business owners who have yet not come out of the black and blue pen concept. Most of them are still using two e-Signature services to keep themselves protected. One would be for everyday requirements (equivalent to the black pen philosophy) and the other would be to sign on legal and other sensitive documents. While, this may work, it may also cost you a lot more. This is why you should try and choose a single authentic digital signature service provider. With the right services, you do not have to worry about the security and there is also no need to pay extra.   As a busy going business owner, your signature is precious. It allows the smooth flow of work and makes sure that processes do not halt at your company. This is what the right choice of digital signature service provider can bring into your everyday work.

5 WordPress Plugins to Improve multi-author websites

Today, business operations are getting more complex and proliferated than they ever were. Businesses are no longer restricted to a single venue and people playing a single role. To accommodate this culture, businesses need a robust back-end to power their websites. WordPress is the apt solution for multi-authored websites. It gives you the capability to assign roles as well as capabilities to different user profiles. The users can enjoy all the features no matter where they are located. Depending on the specific needs of the organizations, WordPress helps in managing the editorial flow, adding author profiles and improving the content organization. And to make a short work of all these tasks, there are some great WordPress plugins.


  • User Submitted Posts: If you want anyone coming to the website to be able to post content, then this is the plugin to opt for. User Submitted Posts allows the visitors to post any content with the help of a form displayed at the front end. You have to add a Shortcode to any page, post or widget and the form will appear appropriately. You can set controls whereby the content can be automatically posted or it can be saved in the draft for you to look through and edit.


  • Edit Author Slug: The plugin removes some of the annoying aspects with multi-author websites. WordPress by default will create a Permalink for any author (such as, but with the help of Edit Author Slug you can customize this Permalink (such as You can even change the Permalinks based on the user’s role.


  • Editorial Calendar: This is one of the most popular plugins and there are good reasons for that too. It can help the editorial team in scheduling the upcoming posts by displaying them in the form of a handy calendar. The calendar comes with drag-and-drop feature, where you can switch posts, edit them and do other tasks from a single screen.


  • Post Status Notifications: One of the leading issues with multi-author sites is that the main administrators have to log in to the Dashboard to see if any other author has added a new draft. The Post Status Notifications addresses this situation. It sends out email notifications to the administrators whenever there is a new draft added. Authors, on the other hand, can also be informed when their post is published.


  • Content Progress: The plugin provides an easy way to track the progress of a post. Any content goes through many stages – from writing, editing to publication. The Content Progress plugin allows flagging posts as per their progress level such as “Needs Scheduling” or “Add Media”. It can also detect empty posts. There is even a provision to post comments and feedback to a certain post.

So, have fun using these plugins to make an easy work of managing multi-authored websites.

Web Design Hacks: Tips to Boost your Website’s UX

No matter which business niche you belong to, the competition for business is bound to be intense in the online world. There are many things that sway purchase decisions towards your company. But to achieve that you have understood the psychology of the users and the elements in your website that instigate them to do business with you. If your website’s elements appease the psychology of the users, it will have a positive impact on the conversion rates. So, here are some tips that help you design and develop a website as per the needs of the users.


  • Add Special Elements in Key Areas: You have to decide, which are areas of the website you want to draw the visitors attention towards at first glance. Such areas should be highlighted with separate design elements or characters. You do not want the visitor’s attention to wander here and there, often overlooking the essential highlights of the website.


  • Use the Color Contrast: Believe it or not, wise exploitation of the color palette helps you retain the attention of the visitors. With contrasting colors and certain jump off elements, the call to action and unique value proposition content can be highlighted significantly.


  • Imaginative use of White Spaces: Many web designers, view web space as precious and do not want to waste any. But while you are striving to do so, you are also overburdening the visitors with information. White spaces are important elements of modern day web designing; they not only make sure that web page loads faster but also assure that the visitors have breathing spaces between all the important elements and content present at the website.


  • Plan for achieving consistency: Well, you have a lot to showcase to the visitors. You have the marketing messages, customer service, advertising and a host lot of other activities to take care. But, best websites find a way to blend all this information together. What that assures is: the customer gets consistent and hassles-free user experience.


  • Create the recall with Pictures: Modern day website landing pages are all about creating the desired impression with the use of high-quality images. Pictures often stick in the minds of the visitors, while the content might be forgotten. If you can convey certain highlights of your business with unique and attractive images, it will significantly boost your conversion rates.


  • Utilize the seeing it first Psychology: Often web surfers like to go through the top options in elaborate listing menus. This is where you need to plan. Place your most attractive services and products top of the tree, so that they become most viewed enhancing your sales scopes. Also, the content inside each of the pages should have an attractive heading which captures the attention of visitors and urges them to go through.


  • Showcase your Social side: The visitors who come to your website are social creatures; they want to read about experiences of other people before making a final decision. This is why you should showcase your testimonials and customer reviews on the landing page. Apart from that, you should also allow the visitors to view your social media profiles and learn about your customers’ engagements.


  • Highlight a Freebie: This old principle is as much attractive today as it was in the past. People like freebies, so whether it is a discount deal, limited time offer, free stuff or a sneak peek into the next product, use a prominent part of the landing page to showcase these. It will do greater good in the long term!


If you can use these psychological ploys, business will surely flow in!

How to Optimize Content Title Tags for better performance?

Search Engine Optimization may have thousands of tricks to earn you visitors, but there can be nothing better than organic traffic. If visitors come to your content through their related searches, and find it helpful then they will keep returning back, time and again. This will keep your website fed with a steady influx of visitors. This not only helps you promote products and services better, but also leads to a steady rise in the page rankings. Though, many SEO experts are of the opinion that Title Tags have lost their former importance, but in terms of bringing traffic they are very important. So, today we tell you how to utilize the title tags to get more traffic and better rankings.

  • Use Numbers: Today’s Internet surfers want to make maximum utilization of their time. They will skip through results, unless they find something interesting. Studies suggest that numbers, when wisely used in the title, can help you get high clicks. Titles such as: 10 best reasons to visit India or How to save 35% on electrical expenses with LED installation – are some of the examples of numbers based titles.
  • Date Specific: Many surfers want information with pinpoint accuracy. To get this, they would use years, months and dates in the searches. Titles such as: Top Performers in EPL for April 2017 or Best Movie Oscar Nominees 2017 – are again some date specific title tags.
  • Length of Titles: This is a big problem area! Thousands of great content on the web can never reach their prospective audiences because the title tag is too long. The potential for the other half is wasted because they are too short. So, while you have to include the keywords and give something interesting for the surfers to find, you have to also care about the characters. Ideally, the title tags should be limited within 50-60 characters.
  • Starting with a Question: Asking a question is a great way to frame a title tag. By asking a question you are raising curiosity in the mind of the reader and more often than not, the curiosity will lead the surfer to click on the link. Asking a question gives out a clear signal that the content would be targeted towards answering a specific area rather than meandering here and there.
  • Use Synonyms and Variants: This is a very helpful practice when you are writing to promote. Trying out as many variants of a facility based word (offer) would be great to attract the crowds. Suppose your offering is cheap taxi service. Rather than just stopping at “cheap” you could include “Book affordable, low cost and cheap taxis in New York”. Now, that makes sure you do not miss out on any of the related searches.

As the psychology of the surfers has changed, from research based reading habits to utility based ones, the content posted on the web should be changed likewise. Title tags being an important crowd puller need to be given much thought so that they earn high organic traffic.

Give a Boost to your Site Speed with SSD Caching

In this digital era, every business either has an online entity or is planning to have one. Whether your website is commercial or non-commercial you need a space on the web to showcase your offerings to the world. But merely having a website up there on the World Wide Web is not enough to succeed! It is just the start of your journey. The basics you need to take care of before launching a website are good content, aesthetic design, and smooth functionalities. But even these do not often please the online audiences.

Today’s surfers have a lot of choices. They are impatient and will not wait to see what you want to showcase. In such scenarios, the website loading speed is very important. If you want more conversions, preach out or just showcase certain things, your goals will be achieved only when the website loads in flash quick time. Yes, the web hosting services you choose are very important to achieve this end goal. But there is also a mechanism available now which can help you attain fast website loading speeds, and it is named SSD Caching.

What is SSD Caching?

In the old days of Internet, websites relied on Hard Disk Drives (HDD) to store and retrieve all the digital data associated with your website. Without going too deep into the nitty-gritty of the process, it can be said that the process was very long and lead to slow website loading speeds. That is very logical when a website has to fetch data from remote hard disks after each request. Then, arrived an alternate solution in the form of Solid State Drive (SSD), which had a flash memory and did not comprise of any movable parts. As a result, the data processing speeds were quick, but often storage capacity for the website would get limited. So, it did not prove a complete solution for the web masters.

As the Internet world matured, the concept of SSD Caching was introduced. This process is able to merge the best of both the processes together. While the complete data remains stored in HDD, some part of it is kept for ready use in the SSD. This cached data can open the requested information quickly, while the webmasters do not have to worry about their storage capacity running out.

How does website performance improve with SSD Caching?

Many of the high traffic and successful websites are today relying on the SSD Caching technology to offer the web surfers a great user experience. With quick loading times and limiting bandwidth usage, SSD Caching as captivated interested among all sections of the online business industry. Some of the ways in which the technology has helped webmasters are:

  • Minimizing the booting time for the operating systems.
  • Highly responsive and speedy application loading times.
  • Optimizing the computer functioning with the caching process.
  • Improving the user experience with fast loading pages and providing information instantly.
  • Improving a website ranking, as Search Engines also diagnose website loading speed before providing rankings. And fast loading websites tend to rank higher.
  • Happy user experience, higher traffics and information on time improves the conversion rates and enhances sales.

So, if you are wondering how to improve the speed of your website and limit its bandwidth usage, SSD Caching is the best solution.


Measure your Mobile App’s Success with Key KPIs

Gone are the days when mobile app development was all about having a great idea, fully functional features and stunning visuals. Today, the marketplace has shifted to the mobile apps and no matter which category you want to post your app in, there is a lot of competition waiting for you. So, even when you, as a developer and conceptualizer are completely satisfied with the outcome of the app, you are not assured to get a great response from the target users. This is why it is very important to not just release an app on the app store and forget about it. The application owners should try and understand the user interactions by analyzing the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Why is KPI analysis so important?

If you want to succeed with the plans to promote and market your mobile app, then you should keep on measuring the success of the app in terms of the KPIs. Regular monitoring of the indicators helps you understand how the app is faring in the market and provides you scopes to better certain areas. It is also a quick way to set the valuation and worth of the app, which comes to use when you have to converse with the stakeholders or funding agencies. The success and performance metrics coming out of KPI evaluation should help you in future development and marketing plans.

Essential KPIs

  • User Downloads: The number of times your app has been downloaded is the most basic KPI you should keep an eye on. If you are seeing high download count, that means users are liking the idea or service you have projected before them. Rest of the KPIs is dependent on this too.
  • No. of Installations: Most people feel that number of downloads and installations are the same, but they are not. Many times, people would just download the app and shun it after that. So, in such cases, the user has liked your idea but due to certain issues could not end up using the app. Most of the times, this is also an indicator that the file size of the app is too high.
  • No. of Uninstallations: Ok, so users downloaded the app used its features and then decided to uninstall it. There cannot be a single or handful of reasons for such uninstallations, and users will not care to leave a feedback. But you can make sense from such a data if the number of uninstalls has significantly increased after you launched a new version or started advertising through the app. When new things introduced in the app are not liked by the end users, the rate of uninstalling will automatically be high.
  • App Crashes: If a user installs your app and it crashes time and again, it will leave a bad impression in the minds of the users. As apps are built with a complex mesh of codes they have the likelihood to crash. But this tendency of the app should be monitored and rectified as soon as possible; otherwise you will lose a lot of users.
  • Tracking Upgrades: Whether you are offering free or paid updates, the success of the new version should always be tracked. New versions are always launched with an intention for the betterment of services, so it is essential to understand how that is faring among the users. If you are going for the paid update, you should measure the free v/s paid metrics. You should also see the ratings for the newer version v/s older one. If the existing users are not updating to the newer version than that would mean updates should not be launched into the market, unless they are unavoidable.

Monitoring or KPIs often give app developers and businesses the insights they much require bettering their offerings. So, measure them and move up the ladder of success!




Thinking about Digital Marketing from Business Objectives

The digital marketing bandwagon comes with endless opportunities for businesses. But the sad part is that more than 80% of the campaigns fail miserably straining relations between the service providers and the clients. While digital marketing campaigns can give a significant impetus to your business, it can be successful only when there is a thoughtful approach put into it. Now, there are two parties associated with a digital marketing campaign – the service providers (who put in their expertise) and the clients (who possess business domain knowledge). When the skills of both these parties meet, the result would be a result oriented digital marketing campaign.

For an example, IIHM Kolkata is known for “hotel management college in Kolkata“, they do PPC and facebook campaign also.

Measuring the Business goals is the most important

The smooth flow and functionality of a digital marketing campaign depend a lot on the in-house talents possessed by the service provider, but the client plays an important before the inception of the campaign. As a business owner, you have to get the business goals you want to attain with the campaign all straight before it gets going. Most of the time the immediate answer would be high conversion rates and great ROI! But that is an overhead view of the business goals. You have to think deeper than that. You have to assess the potential of services and products and UVP (Unique Value Proposition) of your business. Once you do that with minuteness new scopes would open up. Best digital marketing campaigns do not use an overall approach, they target with pinpoint accuracy. And that is what you have to aim for, with the help of service providers. Pull up some statistical data about the growth rate of your sector, emerging trends in the industry and your specific positioning in the sector.

How to mold the campaign with findings?

Once you have done the due research, you would be in a better position to define the business goals and what you want to attain with the digital marketing campaign. Below are some tips you can implement in your digital marketing campaigns:

  • Make it Seasonal: If your core offering is selling air conditioning units or repairing them, then there is no point of starting a campaign in the middle of the winter season. If you make such a fallacy, all the efforts will go down the drain. No one really looks for servicing or purchase choices for air conditioning units when it is chilly outside. So, all your ads and content marketing will go unnoticed, and by the time summer season arrives you would already have left hope of getting high ROI from the campaign. If your research data shows that your particular type of product or service gets high sales during a particular time of the year, use that data and kick start your campaign during the high potential season.
  • Make it Regional: If your services are available in a particular geographical area, why are you spending extra on setting a nationwide campaign? Suppose, you offer cab services within a certain state, there is no point in targeting the entire nation and trying to reach out to each and every person typing for cab services. You should stay restricted within the key cities within the state. While many business owners feel that digital marketing campaigns should reach their business out to every Internet surfer, you are deviating from the main goal which is to get conversions. Conversions would only come when you are able to reach out to people who need your type of services. So, think again before you start the campaign.
  • Give it an Occasional touch: So, you want to run a digital marketing campaign for your restaurant chain. Christmas and New Year would be the ripe time for your business. But there are other competitors who are attracting crowds while your restaurant is not getting enough sales. Well, the digital marketing campaign can help you set the record straight. Throw in some exciting offers, great deals, and discounts. Let the experienced digital marketing professionals reach such offers to the prospective customer base. When a person planning to visit any restaurant on such occasions gets added incentives (in the form of discounts) they will choose you over the counterparts. That is a great way to leverage sales.

So, now you know how you can utilize the digital marketing campaigns to drive high sales. Use it and reap the benefits.