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Why Your Business Needs a Professional Website Design Agency

Website design and development are crucial elements in modern marketing campaigns, as they play a pivotal role in creating a solid online presence for businesses and organizations. A website design agency can quickly deliver an engaging user experience and well-designed websites that attract visitors, promote products and services, and ultimately contribute to the success of a marketing strategy. Website design and development enable businesses and organizations to establish a solid online presence, build brand recognition and loyalty, and deliver engaging user experiences that drive customer engagement and sales.

How can a website design agency help you?

Custom website design: A website design agency can create a custom design tailored to your business needs and goals. They can work with you to determine your website’s purpose, target audience, and branding and design a website that effectively communicates your message and engages your visitors.

Responsive website design: A web design company in Kolkata can ensure your website is optimized for different screen sizes and devices. They can design a responsive website that adjusts its layout and content to fit the screen of the user’s device, ensuring that your website looks and functions correctly on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

User experience design: A website design agency can focus on creating a positive user experience for your website visitors. They can design a website that is easy to navigate, loads quickly, and provides visitors with the information and tools they need to achieve their goals on your website.

How can a website development agency help you?

E-Commerce Solutions: If you are looking to sell products or services online, a web development agency can help you build a robust e-commerce platform that is secure, scalable, and easy to use. This includes developing features such as shopping carts, payment gateways, and inventory management systems.

Web Application Development: A website development agency can help you develop custom web applications that streamline your business operations, increase efficiency, and improve customer experience. This includes developing applications for customer relationship management (CRM), inventory management, and data analytics.

Ongoing website maintenance and support: A web designing agency can provide ongoing maintenance and support for your website, ensuring that it stays up-to-date, secure, and functional. They can provide regular updates and backups, monitor for security threats, and provide technical support and troubleshooting.

Mobile-Friendly Design: A web development agency can ensure that your website is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring that your customers can access your website from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Keyline DigiTech is one of the Best Web Development Company in Kolkata known for its exceptional design skills, technical expertise, and innovative solutions. They work closely with clients to understand their unique needs and develop custom websites and web applications optimized for performance, security, and user experience. Their team of designers, developers, and project managers brings experience and knowledge to every project, ensuring that each website is tailored to the client’s specific requirements.

How Can A Website Development Company In Kolkata Help You?

With the growth of websites, it is easier than ever to set up your own website – but there are a few things you need to keep in mind like theme, design, and programming. A website development company in Kolkata can ensure that your brand gets exposure when it’s needed.

What are the Reasons for Choosing a Website Development Company?

A website is the most fundamental marketing and communication tool for any business. If your business doesn’t have a website, you are at a severe disadvantage over your competitors who do. A well-designed, functional website can help you attract new customers, grow your sales, and improve your reputation. However, creating and maintaining a website yourself can be extremely time-consuming and expensive. That’s where a website development company in Kolkata can come in handy. They can create a custom website for you that meets your specific needs and requirements, without costing you an arm and a leg. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider hiring a Website Development Company in Kolkata:

  1. They have experience creating websites from scratch: A website development company in Kolkata will almost certainly have experience creating custom websites from scratch. This means that they will be able to understand your business and produce a site that is tailored specifically to it.
  2. They know how to market a website: A great website developer in Kolkata will know how to market a website effectively. They will know what kinds of content to produce, which keywords to target, and how to reach out to potential customers.

What does a Website Development Company in Kolkata Do?

A Website Development Company in Kolkata can help businesses of all sizes improve their website’s design, functionality, and accessibility. Website Development Companies in Kolkata typically work with businesses to create custom website that meets their specific needs. Web Designers in Kolkata often specialize in various digital media and marketing industries, so they are well-equipped to create a website that is both visually appealing and functionally effective.

Best Web Development Company in Kolkata

If you are looking for a top-quality Web Development Company in Kolkata, Keyline Digitech is the perfect choice for you. Our team of experienced and qualified professionals has years of experience in creating dynamic and engaging websites. We understand the importance of customer satisfaction, which is why we always put client needs first.

We believe that a website should be user-friendly and informative, so our team design and develop websites that are both visually appealing and easy to navigate. We take care to ensure that every detail on your website is perfect, from the font choice to the layout of the pages.
Our team is available 24/7 to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. Contact us today to learn more about how Keyline Digitech can help you create a successful website.


A website development company in Kolkata can provide you with the technical resources and support you need to create a successful website. They will work with you to develop a site that meets your specific needs, takes into account your target audience, and is easy to use. If you are looking for help creating a website that will improve your business or brand, consider contacting a company like ours.

The first step to a successful business is on the web

The modern art of business depends on the online presence of the brand. The more they are visible to their target audience, the more brand awareness is created. The brands’ names hit their heart and mind, and some point converts them into a customer. All these are possible only if you make the right choices in your brand presence. The first step of creating an online brand presence is the brand website. You need the best web development company in Kolkata to have the best website for your company. 

Importance of an official brand website

The first element of online presence is the website when you want to display your brand as a well-reputed brand. A website will help you grab more attention and provide enough information about your brand for your target audience. There is a lot you can do with a website.

Nowadays, brands are also present on social media sites which is a good option to create more awareness, but customers take a brand seriously when you have a website. Otherwise, they consider it an Instagram store. 

How to have the best website for your brand?

You know about your target audience, and you must have some strategies to push your products or business to your target audience. Now you have to tell it all to your web developer, and that is it. Hiring a website developer will help you find your business’s best website.

Why should you hire a website developer?

There are certain terms called a keyword, catchy title, and search engine optimization; all these things are taken care of by a website developer. You need to find the best website development company in Kolkata to have the ideal website for your brand. 

They will take care of technical and content development and optimize your brand for that particular search engine. Optimizing your website for search engines will attract more customers to your website. The more visitors you get, the more potential customers will be there. 

Having a brand is always great but promoting the brand in a certain way that benefits you is the art. To kickstart your business, have the best web development company in Kolkata. Let your business reach new destinations and better positions. Hiring a website developer will be the first step to making your business’s online presence. The power of online presence is tremendous and will bring you, customers, out of nowhere, from places you might not have imagined yet. Execute your business in a way that every target audience visits your website. That is why having a nicely developed website will always create a better audience pool. 

How to find the best website development company in Kolkata?

It is easy; first, you need to be sure of your requirements, then find a website development company in Kolkata that offer the same services, then check their customer feedback, also communicate with them to understand their pace and if they understand your work, then talk about the commercials. If everything fits in your budget, start with a trial and then know what works for you. Click here to learn more about the best web development company in Kolkata. 

5 Innovative UI Designs to Explore in 2022

With the ongoing technology and changing world scenarios, every business is going towards digitalization. Your online presence gives you a gateway to extend your reach globally, and the same can be achieved with an informative yet beautifully-carved website. Many times, you come across websites or applications that do not look attractive to the eyes and may sometimes make you frustrated due to their loading time and clustered look. As a business, you need to build a platform with an appealing UI to entice users to stay on your website for a longer time.

User Interface or UI is the medium of interaction between humans and machines. User interface designers aim at creating an interface in such a way that users can interact with websites, web apps or mobile apps easily and use all their features and functionalities efficiently. To be on top of the competition this year vouch for these latest innovative elements while designing an interface for your business or your client. Get More Information About web design company in Kolkata


Metaverse is a combination of two segments of technology, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality mated with videos where users are rolled into a digital universe to navigate in the form of avatars through VR headsets. This path-breaking technology enables users to create a virtual space where their digital versions can interact and perform actions. According to its users, Meta has a vast potential, they even call it the next-gen internet. This craze for Meta has paved the way for innovations in UI designing.

The Metaverse exploded at a time when Facebook remodelled itself as a Metaverse. Today, brands are highly attracted to this virtual space and use it in inventive ways to benefit their business. This technology can be used to launch virtual events where the customers can participate and experience the products as if real. Companies are emphasizing developing new experiences like virtual marketplaces and virtualized interior designs and architectures to offer real-life experiences to the customers. This has in turn opened new doors for the UX/UI designers to think out of the box rather than sticking to the grid.

Designing for Foldable Devices

Everyone saw a major boom in foldable devices in the past year. Samsung was on the top of the list for its foldable phones, also other brands were not too far. The Z Fold and Z Flip 3 were the major selling devices that were growing multiple times more than their predecessors. So, with the emergent technology mobile applications also have to adapt accordingly to match this new trend in smart devices. Being premium devices, this segment has a lot of potentials that can be cashed out by mobile UI designers.

During its development summit, Android had recommended certain specifications for app designers to make their applications responsive to foldable screens for a seamless user experience. So, mobile app designers should incorporate smart UI designs like automatic screen transitions while folding or unfolding a foldable device or enhanced multiple-display to give users a smooth experience.

Advanced Animations

User interfaces these days come not only with magnificent custom animations but also feature advanced animations. To make users experience a different level of immersion, designers employ advanced operative animations in UI designs on a large scale. With advanced animation, you can add more motion to user interactions such as state changes and confirming actions. Adding motion to simple animations or illustrations not only helps to bring them into life but also takes them to another level. With advanced animation techniques such as Smart Animate, you can animate sliders, switches, toggles and touch gestures like drag, press, or swipes to something really interesting and interactive.

Advanced animations, these days, have become very popular among e-commerce websites. 3D advanced animations created from video clips are a new feather in its cap and there may come a time soon when you can find these animations on almost every website.

Dynamic Colour Palettes

When Android launched its new Material Design, its most important feature was the Dynamic material colour palettes. This design is created by Google to enable web and app developers to build customized interfaces using light and shadows to create depth effects to change the way your phone looks. Dynamic colours from ‘Material You’ll make the colour mapping to various UI components and designing a darker and lighter theme version easier.

You can set up designer colour palettes depending on your wallpaper. Once you pick a colour you will get various suggestions on the palette to match with the colour, hue, or tone of the wallpaper and a beautiful UI theme will be created around that colour.

Dynamic colours can be used to separate the top bars from the content area, highlight top bars and bottom bars, grid layouts, and for adding clarity to overlapped sections. These customized colours will not only help to create a good looking and fabulous design for your application but will also help to express a brand’s identity.

Unique Illustrations

If you want your platform to be informal and inviting for the user, you can use tasteful illustrations. Illustrations can take various forms like digital illustrations including graphics, hand-drawn sketches, drawings, or printed artworks. Designers can also use 2D or 3D illustrations to visually represent a concept for an enhanced user experience. Animated and static illustrations will help to convey your concept faster than plain text and inform users what they need to do on your website. To stand out from the crowd, these illustrations provide complex motion designs, which thereby make it easier to capture the users’ attention and entice them to browse through your website or application. A catchy illustration has the power to give your platform a unique personality, thus creating a long-term memory for the users.

Just by using illustration in the right way you can give your website a more graphical look and catch the attention of customers who rely on the aesthetic value of a website. With its increasing popularity and usability, there are chances that it would soon become a staple for designs as more brands would be pitching in for this trend.

These innovative UI designs are sure to provide an upper edge to your website or application and attract customers to your business. To be at par with the current market trends, many UI designers focus on implementing these latest designs while creating a website, web app, or mobile app. Now that you know the best designs to vouch for don’t wait anymore to try them out! You can get in touch with our UI/UX designers anytime if you need expert help for website or application designing.

Essential Quick Checks before the Website Go Live

A website launch is always very exciting. You have worked for all those days to create dazzling design, organize and upload the content and choose a good CMS for your website. And now you are ready to share your hard work with the world! You are impatient and eager to get the website live, but this eagerness can be detrimental to your end cause. Most of the time in their eagerness, to launch the website, the web development companies forget some of the last minute checks that are essential for the health of your website in the online world. A checklist of these common facets would come in handy while you are giving the finishing touches to a website before the go-live! And here we would dwell on some of them.

Is the Favicon set?

A Favicon is a means to brand the tab where your website is open in the user’s browser. It can also be saved with the bookmark and helps the users easily identify your web pages from the others. Most of the browsers pick up the Favicon from the root directory, but you need to test it out. If the Favicon has not been auto-picked you would have to code it.

Is it showing perfectly on all browsers?

Today there are so many browsers to surf the Internet and your website must appear pixel perfect in all of these. Overlooking any of the major browsers would mean that there is a chance of your website having a broken and pixelated appearance for some visitors. Yes, there might be very small variations in the designs and features, but most of the appearance and user experience should remain the same. Make sure to test it out on Chrome, Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8, Opera and iPhone.

Is you website working with JavaScript turned off?

There are many users who would visit your website with their JavaScript turned off due to security concerns. Your website should be ready for this degradation. Today, the browsers offer an easy option to switch off JavaScript and your website should modify accordingly. So, if you are implementing any cool AJAX stuff or forms make sure they are tested sufficiently with the JavaScript turned off.

Have you checked the Contact Forms?

Contact Forms are important lead earning mechanisms in a website. While you were busy building all the other complex functionality, did you test out the functionality of the contact forms? Whether you have or not, it is essential to test them out before the launch. Try to use the contact form yourself and see how the information is being sent to the intended email address. Also ask your family members or friends to fill the Contact forms. It would help you find the glitches, and rectify them before the launch.

Are your links working as they should?

Most of the time we just assume that the links would work just fine, and later suffer for this conception. It is easy to forget adding “http://” to external website links. Also check whether a click on the logo is routing traffic to the home page. Also make sure that the links stand out from the common text. A good practice in this regard is to underline nothing but the links within a web page.

Do you have the Analytics in place?

Installing an analytics tool helps the business measure statistics regarding the website’s performance. You can track the daily traffic, page views, conversion rates, etc. This is why you should always install analytics tool for the website. Google Analytics is the all-time favourite in this regards, but you may also consider others such as StatCounter, Kissmetrics, Clicky and Mint.

At Keyline, we make sure that all these essential checks are carried out before a website launch. If you need a web design and development service that would help you launch a perfect website, then check out our services. A Quick Check of your Website before your Website Go Live is very much essential.

5 Essential WordPress Plug-ins for Freelance Content Writers

5 Essential WordPress Plug-ins for Freelance Content Writers

Working as a freelance content writer can be a lucrative profession, when you plan out your moves the right way. When asked: most freelance content writers would opine that it is their writing that sees them land new projects. While this is partially correct, but a client sees many other things than just writing before entrusting you with writing responsibilities. A successful freelance content writer needs much more than grammar, diction and spelling accuracy to appease a client. You need to establish yourself as a brand, pursue new leads and meet the client deadlines. Caring for all these diverse facets can be a challenge for a budding freelance content writer. So, there are many great WordPress plug-ins that would help you shed some of the workload, and you can solely concentrate on the thing you do best – write!

Editorial Calendar

While handling multiple clients, often the freelance writers feel the pressure of deadlines. One of the keys to freelance writing success is to organize your priorities. This helps you create a smooth delivery mechanism. One of the best tools in this regard is the Editorial Calendar. You can put in the client work along with their deadlines into this plug-in and you will get an elaborate calendar in front of you. You can also tinker with the schedule as and when needed. Having this calendar in front of you, helps in planning the work and delivering content on a timely basis.

WP Links Page

No client would assign you a project before judging the proof of your competence. This is where the online portfolio pages with live links work wonders. Rather than going by the popular practice of having website with a bunch of live links, you can use the simpler way of WP Links Page. With the help of this WP plug-in you can create an online gallery with screenshots and live links. You can provide as much details about the samples, using the plug-in. There is also option to switch between grid and list views.

Testimonials Widget

Often you would come across meticulous clients who are not quite satisfied solely seeing your portfolio. What they are looking for is recommendations and positive feedback regarding your work. You could of course go about the traditional way of weaving Testimonials into every page. But the Testimonials Widget of WordPress offers a convenient and time saving way of displaying the feelings of your happy clients. With its minimalistic design, the Widget is simple to use. However, if you want video testimonials or testimonials with animation, then opt for the paid version of this plug-in.

Contact Form 7

Apart from showcasing your credibility, you have to also open channels for the clients to contact you easily. Contact Form 7 allows you to attain just this. The form allows you to include custom fields and show the form wherever you deem essential. Contact Form 7 comes with many handy features such as captcha, file uploads and custom notification messages.

Social Media Feather

Today, the social media is not limited to offering fun. It is a great medium to discuss and finalize projects. With the Social Media Feather plug-in, the freelance writers can allow their potential clients to get in touch with them through many social media channels. If a client wants to discuss the project requirements over LinkedIn (for example) and not fill up any form, then the Social Media Feather allows him to contact you on the channel of his choice.

At Keyline we have helped many freelance writers build a website that boosts their career. We can also offer effective Content Writing services to meet your brand’s requirements.

Why Live Chat Feature is essential for your online business?

Live Chat is everywhere you look around today. While the social media sites have completely utilized its power, there are many large brands who have also integrated this technology into their websites. Live chat allows the users to interact with the customer service professionals directly, in real time. The customers out there, today, are chatting away using their smartphones and computers all the while. So, they are in the habit of getting quick replies for their queries and problems. The live chat accommodates just this. When compared with traditional online communication modes such as email, phone calls and instant messenger services, the live chat is much easy to use. This is why your website definitely needs to integrate the live chat feature. And by including this feature you will get a list of great business benefits such as:

Customer Service Expenses are reduced

Phone support services can prove very costly for businesses, given the toll charges and per hour costs for professionals. Live chat even costs less than setting up for quality email support. A Forrester research found that live chat customer service is 17-30% cheaper than phone support. This is primarily because a live chat agents can tackle multiple customers at the same time.

Positive Impact on Sales

Many studies have proved that implementation of live chat feature inevitably leads to an increase in sales. A research by American Marketing Association proves that live chat feature at a website leads to at least 20% increase in conversion rates and an increase in ROI by 300%! The same study also proves that customers are thrice more likely to make a purchase when there is live chat facility at a website.

Increase in Customer Loyalty

Modern day customers really appreciate brands giving them access to live chat. A research by eDigital Customer Service Benchmark found that live chat catered highest customer satisfaction levels (at 73%), when compared to email support (at 61%) and phone support (at 44%). These numbers are significant enough to show why customers return back to perform business with websites having live chat. A consumer research study by Oracle, found that 90% of customers are happy to do repeat business with websites having the Live Chat feature.

Grow business by catering customer convenience

Everyone knows that the quality of products or services is the biggest benchmark for a successful business. But customer service is the second most important criteria. Live chat provides the customers instant access to the support staff and sales team. When the customers can quickly get in touch with relevant people to ask questions and seek clarifications, they stay open minded to spend more. An Econsultancy report shows that 51% of customers love the live chat as it allows them to multi-task while shopping, while another 21% like it because it allows them to shop while working. So, the live chat feature promotes customer convenience.

Gain a Competitive Business Advantage

So, what type of competitive advantage are we talking about here? A report by TELUS International found that only 9% (of 1000 websites) use real time chat services at their website. So, that means most of your competitors have still not invested in this technology. Now that gives you a great early mover advantage over competitors.

Use Keyline’s web development services to build a feature packed website for your business.

4 Good Reasons to reconsider the design of Inner Pages


Don’t judge a book by its cover they say, same applies for the websites!

Inner pages of a website always come second in the picking order! While the web masters spend more than 70% of their time, efforts and energy in planning for their Home page, they put little thought into the inner pages. The common notion among the web masters is that: with the Home page done, all the other pages will automatically fall in place. But sadly, that is not always the instance. The inner pages of any successful website are as much beautiful, functional and visitor oriented as their Home page. In this era of intense business competition, the cardinal sin of overlooking the inner pages could prove costly for the aspirations of web masters. So, we bring some points which will allow you understand the importance of good inner pages.

  1. They are the landing pages: In the present era, where SEO experts are prodigiously trying to promote your products and services through their link back postings, your inner pages often become the landing pages. So, they should be seen as entry pages to your website, when a new visitor clicks on a link mentioned in an article or blog on another website. New visitors will only stick around and do business with you, if they see something impressive. Thus, the design and development of inner pages becomes so important.
  2. They keep the visitors glued: While your Home page gives the visitors a general understanding of what to expect from the website, it is your inner pages that carries the real business proposition. It keeps the visitors glued to the website through its content, design and offers. This means, every web master should rethink on the design and content for the inner pages.
  3. Their purposes are different: While some pages cater information about the company, others tell the visitors about services and products, there are others still which talk about the price plans. As the purpose of each inner page is so different from the other, so their layouts should reflect that as well. Under the urge of keeping all pages uniform, in look and feel, many web masters tend to deviate away from the purpose.
  4. They are best guides for first time visitors: Okay, so a first time visitor has stumbled upon the web designing page of your website, but what he would also like to use content writing services. Now, if your inner page does not lead him (through hyperlinks) to the content writing page, that too quickly, the prospect is lost! So, one of the important elements of inner pages are links to pertinent services and products. If you do not help your visitors reach their likeable products or services, they will not do business with you!

Just for an example, IIHM Kolkata is the “best hotel management college in Kolkata” – they also have website with different attractive inner pages.

You are of course well within your rights to treat the Home page as a piece of art, but let that art also be reflected in the inner pages. A careful planning and execution to the web development, design and content for inner pages will give you good ROI at the end of the day!

Some Limitations of Unlimited Web Hosting

The word “unlimited” brings special joy on the face of any web master. Unlimited web hosting plans generally provide unlimited disk storage, data transfer capacity, as well as add-on domain names. They provide the web masters with an opportunity to host multiple websites at very affordable costs. This is the time, when most of you would go “wow”. But wait on before you shun the thoughts of opting for a dedicated web hosting plan, because there is much more yet to come.

Unlimited? Not Quite!

“Unlimited” as per the English language is something that has no end or limitations. But in the web hosting vocabulary, it does not quite have the same meaning. In reality there are always limitations to the unlimited! Look around, you will find that there are limitations to everything in this world. You can not expect unlimited bandwidth when there is a limited number of cables to transmit data, you cannot expect unlimited data storage in your computer as the RAM and CPU have their own capacity. So, unlimited hosting is only an industrial terms widely used in the web hosting industry.

Web Hosts are here to make money too!

Whichever web host it may be, each one is here to make some money. After all it is their business! To provide you good web hosting they need to purchase bandwidth pipes, computer servers, employ manpower, among other requisites. Thus, they cannot allow you to have everything at trivial costs. You can use unlimited hosting resources and host unlimited websites, as long as you are not overusing the plan!

Unlimited web hosting can then be likened to all-you-can-eat buffet. You can eat unlimited till you overeat! Each web host has a set of house rules and server limitations to control overuse by users. Such limitations could be in regards to RAM, inodes, CPU queries, number of MySQL databases, etc. Once the users get into the red zone, the web hosts would pull the plug or charge extra. This is how the web hosting services work.

Why opt for unlimited plans, then?

Well, first and foremost the unlimited plans are often much cost effective than other web hosting plans. Apart from their over-usage rules, they offer sufficient options for the web masters to be happy about. You can host many websites, store data, start new domains without spending anything, as long as you stay within the limits. Apart from this, the web masters have grown so habituated to the basic hosting features that they are now looking beyond. They are ready to spend some extra bucks, as long as the web hosts are reliable. So, the real worth of unlimited web hosting can only be enjoyed when you partner with a reliable host, such as Optra Host.

Two easy steps to choose the best unlimited web host

Now, the next question on your mind is about choosing the best unlimited plan from the best web host around. To attain this goal you have to follow these two simple steps:

  • Sign up for a trial hosting plan and check out the quality from the inside. If you do not like what is being offered, simply cancel the plan before the trial period ends.
  • Visit some forums for reviews or look through the client testimonials to understand the reputation of the web host. Such a practice allows you to test out your decision!

Optra Host can be your capable web hosting partner. We have a range of web hosting plans and services. Check it out yourself.

Planning Essentials for e-Commerce Website

A survey by ASSOCHAM-Resurgent India predicts that the count of online purchasers will cross 100 million threshold by the end of this year. And if we talk about the next year, the study further predicts that there will be 65% increase in online transactions in 2018. Are these not enough indicators to make you think about having an efficient e-commerce store for yourself? So, you have the products, the business plan but have you thought about the e-commerce website development plan? In most instances, business owners become over reliant on the developers and designers to come up with a great plan and later the concept. So, here are some essentials that help you create an efficient website for your business.


Set Website Goals

Planning for the e-commerce website needs some research and decision making on your part. You have to go through your product offerings and understand your ideal customer base. You have to also understand the specific requirements (which your website will fulfill) for the identified customer base. Next, you should identify your business scope – do you want to provide information or serve as a seller? Once all these important aspects are clear, you can march ahead with the development and design process.


Content Structure

Content always remains as a backbone of the e-commerce stores. You have to evoke interest among the target customers with plenty of interesting information and leave some incentives for them to return back. Customers should be able to contact your business without too many clicks. Once the site is operational always aim at keeping the content fresh and updated. This will make people choose your website over others.


Website Framework

As a business owner you are in the best position to decide on the number of pages your website will have. You should also plan for the tabs, menus, sub-menus and inner pages. These will help you shorten the planning process involved before web development begins and quicken the execution work. In business every minute counts, and by planning it out you save a lot of time before the go-live.


Design Essentials

There are some basics which should be followed during the designing phase. First of all the website design should be simple, consistent and readable. Light backgrounds with easy fonts are a good way to achieve this. Too many colors and elements are not needed while designing e-commerce website. Even if the website is meant for teens, it should not get too funky!


Easy Navigation

Navigation should be a breeze for the visitors. They should not have to click two or three links to reach an important area of the website. There should be no dead ends while navigating through the website. The tabs and menus should be organized keeping in mind the browsing psychology of the end users.


Another important aspect of e-commerce website development is to partner with only an experienced third party service provider. Keyline has years of experience in developing and designing e-commerce websites.