Dedicated Hiring: Leading Marketplace Trend for 2017

Dedicated Hiring: Leading Marketplace Trend for 2017

In a recent study conducted across many countries on the leading workplace trends for 2017 it was found that dedicated hiring or outsourcing would be a force to reckon with this year. With the average tenure of employees on a massive low (hitting 1.2 years), businesses in most developed nations are hit by a new problem – recruiting quality man force for the job at hand and then retaining the skilled employee for many years. Studies estimate that the businesses in the US have suffered billions of dollars worth losses due to shifting loyalties of employees. In such times, outsourcing model is the way to fall back for most businesses. And within this model, the dedicated hiring services make sure you have a virtual employee doing the entire job a full time employee sitting within your business premises would do. Now, let us find some other reasons that make dedicated hiring from an offshore IT company such an attractive proposition.

  • The Cost Factor: Recruiting an experienced employee in the US can cost many thousand dollars each month. If the same responsibilities are put on an experienced employee at an offshore location, through the dedicated hiring model, then you could save more than half of the expenses. All that money could be used to enhance business reach and launch new services. Think about it!
  • Talent Pool: Not undermining the talent in developed countries in anyway, it can be said that India and other outsource hotspots have a vast pool of talented professionals. Apart from great educational background to sound technical skills, they possess it all. If you thought latest technologies would be too hot to handle for the hired remote employees, then you are under a wrong idea. Each of the companies in India and other outsourcing destinations has a dedicated Research and Development team. The role of this team is to keep an eye on the modern technological advancements and inform or train the employees likewise.
  • Time & Delivery: You cannot let go of such an advantageous proposition just because the time zones don’t match! Even if you are worried about this time gap, let us inform you most outsourcing companies in India have their offices open 24X7 to negate this factor. You can talk, discuss and get updates for your work any time that fits your schedule. Another thing that would fit into your business plans ideally is the timeliness of deliveries. The full time employees may fail to meet the deadlines, but the dedicated hiring resources would seldom do that.
  • No Employee Turnover Losses: When you recruit an employee you not only pay the salary, but also spend significantly in training and getting the employee at par with the requirements. When the employee leaves, the process starts again and the growth curve comes to a halt. The employee turnover rates in the developing nations are much higher than those witnessed in the leading outsourcing hubs such as India. Even if your virtual employee leaves, you do not have to worry about anything. It is up to the service provider to find an ideal replacement and move the work at the same pace. This can be a great solace for every business owner.

Seeing such helpful features, it is no wonder that the dedicated hiring model was, is and will be a factor for business success.


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