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Digital Transformation: The New Reality For Marketing

While there is a growing list of changes that have happened since 2010, here are just a few high points for you to consider when thinking about your marketing strategy going forward. Digital transformation is changing the norms of marketing. The need to rapidly alter your tactics, in order to lead in a change in the marketplace is imperative. Right now, digital technologies affect how marketers behave in their daily tasks – everything from the type of networks they use to how they are communicating to the target audience. As the leading marketing strategist, Keyline Creative Services is the most trusted digital marketing company in Kolkata that offers ROI-driven marketing solutions with an online presence. We simultaneously drive product or service value through advanced technologies that will help your business to reach the pinnacle of success in this digital age.

Taking the time to assess the state of your business to see what you need for growth is invaluable. Reviewing the market flow to get an idea of how clients are reacting to trending digital metrics, and discovering what processes can get more efficient are all important areas that should be observed.

A recent report published by McKinsey says that digital technologies have had profound impacts on the marketing industry. On average, companies that generate over 8% more revenue from their digital efforts than from their traditional strategies have an annual revenue increase of 12%. With the knowledge that digital transformation is an important part of growing successful businesses and pushing revenues up, it’s time for marketers to stay ahead. Here are some of the opportunities digital transformation has created for marketers in this fast-moving, ever-changing industry. The biggest changes in marketing from 2010-2016 are:

1. Changes in the purchasing behavior of consumers and the explosion in e-commerce industries have transformed digital marketing.

2. Marketing will no longer be about advertising or promotion. Instead, it is about customer experience and loyalty.

3. Instead of having one silo for marketing, companies should be thinking about the complete customer journey from any touchpoint they have with their customers.

4. Marketers will use new tools more widely and will engage across organizational boundaries more often than ever before.

5. Digitalization has changed consumer expectations and increased marketing channels.

While technology is evolving at an unprecedented rate, the best thing we can do is embrace it and use it to get the best outcome in an easy way. Higher consumer expectations for customer service have forced companies to find new ways of interacting with customers. Greater collaboration between organizations is creating new market spaces or markets that didn’t exist before.

Digital-first consumers are pre-emptively sharing more content than ever before on social networks. Digital transformation will start by implementing automation tools, real-time data insights, and optimizing content to create personalized experiences across channels. If you want to get ahead of the curve, it is essential that you embrace these tools so that you can win in today’s digital marketplace.

The latest innovation in digital marketing is customer-centricity. By embracing digital transformation and thinking about all touchpoints in the business as “digital channels”, the companies would be able to see where communications and experiences are happening. Many things are transforming the way of digital marketing is.

Today, technology-driven changes to digital marketing have a significant impact on our industry. Marketing campaigns live and idle across a multitude of different platforms, from social media to mobile sites or e-mail campaigns. Advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are expected to transform consumer understanding, buying patterns, and even advertising strategies. The growing digital integration has also been echoed by customers’ preferences for being through all stages of the customer lifecycle digitally. It’s important to plan to embrace these changes as they occur. As the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata, we adopt most of these changes through advanced digital technologies, data, analytics, tools to acquire a world-class strategy for high-value end-to-end business transformation. In that way, digital marketing can become more personal and powerful.