How to boost sales through systematic email campaigns?

As you might have often heard, leads are the lifeline for any business. But, standing in the present times, leads do not necessarily mean sales. Your sales people might sweat it out to bring qualified leads, but then there is a glaring statistics in front of them. A recent business statistics found that more than 50% of the qualified leads are reluctant to do business with a brand or business they encounter first time! Does this mean, all the hard work done by your sales team goes waste? Not at all, the data they have brought would be useful for re-targeting the leads. And how do you attain that? Through a good email marketing campaign, of course!

Whoever says that email marketing is a waste of time and effort, has not approached this online marketing avenue in the right manner! Most of the brands expect high conversions from the first marketing email they send out. But that is not how the mind of a customer ticks. You have to persist and with time you will be able to convert leads into sales, through your email campaign. Now the question is: how to target the leads and convert them into sales? Here is a series of steps you should take.

Series #1: Educate them

Your first couple of emailers should be treated more like introductions. Think for yourself, how do you connect with a new person over the mail? Don’t you give the person all requisite information about yourself? Similar is the case with this first series of emails. You have to educate the recipient about your brand, its history, its clientele and then about your services. You may or may not throw in a special discount to keep the emailer interesting.

Series #2: Project a problem and solve it

With the formalities out of the way, now you need to get down to business. And that too should be done quite tactically. Your products or services are certainly there for a cause. They are solving some problems for the end customers. You need to have an idea about what these problems are. In this series of emails you will talk about the problems that the customers are facing (and at times they don’t even know). Then you will provide a solution, and introduce your service or product. This is a good way of converting leads into sales.

Series #3: Give them examples

The recipient is still not ready to take action. He is still a bit confused. It is time to help him overcome the confusion and take decision in your favor. And the Case Studies do this task admirably. So, pick up some client or customer experiences, talk about the problem, obstacles and then the solution. You might throw in a quote or two from the customer to strengthen your content. In this series of emails you focus on giving real life examples and accolades that your company has won.

Series #4: Throw in some deals

If the recipient has not converted yet, then chances are getting really bleak. This ploy might be the last roll of the dice! So, it is time to come up with a really great offer or discount. Maybe the recipient would somehow have the urge to spring into action and do some shopping. The offer should be for email recipients only, and not just any ongoing offer available at your website.

With this series of emails you will be able to win the hearts of your recipients and convert them into customers. Keyline’s online marketing services uses these psychological ploys to boost the sales of our clients through email marketing.

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