How to make your interior designing company logo design stand out in the crowd?

When a homeowner wants his/her property to look good, they turn to a reputed interior designing company. And in the present era, every homeowner wants a chic and trendy home décor! That opens up all new opportunities for the interior designing companies. It is no wonder than that the reputed brands in this domain are earning huge profits each year. But the word “reputed” should be taken a note of in this respect. In the intensely competitive interior designing business niche, people only trust companies they are familiar with. And this is why branding is the most important criteria to survive in the business domain. The basics of your branding campaign should be started with logo design or re-designing. So, here are some essential tips to get the best web designing output for your logo designing.

Don’t imitate the competitors

Every brand has a persona of its own. Yes, there are some characteristics which are similar in all interior designing brands, but there are also bound to be certain differences. You should ask the web designing services to create a logo that clearly depicts your uniqueness. Most brands just try (and fail) to emulate the logo of their well established counterparts. Place the facts in front of the web designer and judge the output (without thinking about the competitors).

A logo can be used in endless promotional campaigns. Most of the business owners fail to see this bigger picture. They tend to think about the website, brochure and some other promotional materials where the logo would be used in the near future. You might have to use the logo in hoardings, company letterheads, trade fair booths, etc. as the company moves forward. So, you need to think of the bigger picture and finalize a logo that looks good on smallest of materials as well as the largest ones!

Don’t go for font cluttering

Ask any web or graphic designer and the person will tell you that each font has a different meaning. Each font is meant to depict a separate mood. So, you have to select a font (based on your brand persona) and stick with it. Using too many fonts complicates the brand image and does not convey the right message across to the customers. Logos are best kept neat and tidy, and font cluttering is against this philosophy.

Focus on the message and not the color

Most interior designing brands get very rigid about their logo color. This is a wrong practice. Yes, you might have a favorite color as a business owner, but that color has many shades and may appear with many variations. It is important to tell the web or graphic designer what message you intend to portray through the logo.

Logo carries a business value through its unique design. Like IIHM Kolkata have a text logo as for the “best hotel management college in Kolkata“.

An experienced logo designer would be capable enough to work with colors (including some from your favorite color palette) and give the perfect output.

Add an element of Surprise!

Best logos are so appealing because they are creative. You cannot play safe when you are after fame! Let the designer play around with the designing repertoire. There should be at least one element of “Surprise” in your logo that grabs the attention of the onlooker. So, allow the designer to stay creative, do not cloud his mind with a long list of safe suggestions.

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