How to Optimize Content Title Tags for better performance?

Search Engine Optimization may have thousands of tricks to earn you visitors, but there can be nothing better than organic traffic. If visitors come to your content through their related searches, and find it helpful then they will keep returning back, time and again. This will keep your website fed with a steady influx of visitors. This not only helps you promote products and services better, but also leads to a steady rise in the page rankings. Though, many SEO experts are of the opinion that Title Tags have lost their former importance, but in terms of bringing traffic they are very important. So, today we tell you how to utilize the title tags to get more traffic and better rankings.

  • Use Numbers: Today’s Internet surfers want to make maximum utilization of their time. They will skip through results, unless they find something interesting. Studies suggest that numbers, when wisely used in the title, can help you get high clicks. Titles such as: 10 best reasons to visit India or How to save 35% on electrical expenses with LED installation – are some of the examples of numbers based titles.
  • Date Specific: Many surfers want information with pinpoint accuracy. To get this, they would use years, months and dates in the searches. Titles such as: Top Performers in EPL for April 2017 or Best Movie Oscar Nominees 2017 – are again some date specific title tags.
  • Length of Titles: This is a big problem area! Thousands of great content on the web can never reach their prospective audiences because the title tag is too long. The potential for the other half is wasted because they are too short. So, while you have to include the keywords and give something interesting for the surfers to find, you have to also care about the characters. Ideally, the title tags should be limited within 50-60 characters.
  • Starting with a Question: Asking a question is a great way to frame a title tag. By asking a question you are raising curiosity in the mind of the reader and more often than not, the curiosity will lead the surfer to click on the link. Asking a question gives out a clear signal that the content would be targeted towards answering a specific area rather than meandering here and there.
  • Use Synonyms and Variants: This is a very helpful practice when you are writing to promote. Trying out as many variants of a facility based word (offer) would be great to attract the crowds. Suppose your offering is cheap taxi service. Rather than just stopping at “cheap” you could include “Book affordable, low cost and cheap taxis in New York”. Now, that makes sure you do not miss out on any of the related searches.

As the psychology of the surfers has changed, from research based reading habits to utility based ones, the content posted on the web should be changed likewise. Title tags being an important crowd puller need to be given much thought so that they earn high organic traffic.

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