How To Use Facebook Ads to Distribute Content?

You published content and nothing happened – a known scenario for many of you. But there are multiple ways you can make content popular and get eyeballs. And Facebook ads is one of the powerful ways to do that. Promoting your content on Facebook doesn’t have to break the bank. You can start with little money per day.

Facebook Ads

Create Relevant Content

You need to create content that is valuable to the people you’re targeting. Ask yourself the question who is this content for? Why would they spend time consuming it? A person who doesn’t know our brand would share this? To achieve this you should do – 1) answer a common question your prospects ask. 2) Solve a problem of your customer.

To create an apt video content creation strategy, you should:

  • Make its run time less than 90 seconds (as short as needed to get across the main point)
  • Keep it simple
  • Include actionable advice
  • Include a call to action

You should also stay consistent with your content creation. If you can post something great at least weekly, over time you will build a picture of what content works best and what doesn’t, which leads nicely to the next point.

Analyze Results

When you create content regularly, you realize what works and what doesn’t. Whether its video, written or image, you can see what brings better reaction from the audience. Facebook offers an incredible amount of data whenever you post content – be it reach, engagement (including reactions, comments, and shares), and engagement rate – and you can break it down by type of post. Using video posts, you can even access to more data, including the important average watch time.

Check the analytics to see what posts are performing best based on your goals (e.g., reach, engagement rate, shares). What unique attributes does that top-performing post have? Is it short? Longer content? Video? Does it contain an image with a person? Is it about a particular subject?

Your next focus should be your promotion on what’s working best and double down on creating more content like that.

Promote Best-Performing Content

Use data to inform your paid Facebook content promotion. You should advertise or boost your content for new audiences who aren’t regular consumers of your Facebook Content.  

The first step is to focus on organic performance. You want to use Facebook ads to energize content that’s already working. Generally if something does well organically, it’ll likely perform well with paid too. The main focus should be on promoting evergreen content – the longer the content’s shelf life, the longer you can boost the post.

When boosting a post, don’t use the visible big blue button. It is ideal to do it through your Facebook ads manager because you can have options of:

  • Better control your promotion (and its parameters)
  • Select more specific audiences
  • Split-test criteria such as audiences more easily

Retarget Those Who Consume Your Content

 Getting people to consume your content is important band it’s the first step. If people are consuming your content but not becoming customers then there will be some problem with your content marketing strategy.

How do you take people who have consumed your content and turn them into loyal customers?

Retarget them. Retargeting is hands down my favorite part of Facebook ads.

Ever been to Amazon, looked at a pair of shoes and been followed around the web by an ad featuring that exact pair? That’s retargeting and you’re able to do the same effect with Facebook ads.

If a person reads one of your articles or watches a video on Facebook ads, you’re able to serve a follow-up ad for additional content. You can have the option to make the ad relevant because you know the viewer already consumed your content.


The above areas are the basics on how to use Facebook ads as a content distribution platform. Based on your organic results, you can target who you want your initial promoted content delivered to. Once they consume that content, you can then bring them deeper into your sales funnel with retargeting ads. You’re building your audience, helping more people, and increasing your revenue, all within the one platform.