Answer the question below

    Why do I need a Logo



    3. If you are not a new business, then why do you need your logo revamp? (new bees can skip this!)

    4. What do you want your logo to achieve? (To be remembered like Nike or can be ignored like Durex)

    5. Can you name your competitors? (3-4 names will be enough)

    6. How your business is different from your competitor?

    7. Do you like any of your competitor’s logo? If Yes can you name them?

    8. Who all are your target customers?

    9. Do you have any specific idea / Reference for your logo?

    Yes (Share the link) ; No

    10. Do you want your brand name to be part of your logo? Yes ; No

    11. Do you want any text to be associated with your logo (business tagline)? If so then what is it?

    12. Do you have any colour preference? If Yes then name it.

    13. What attributes of your business will reflect from your logo? (e.g. the sword in Dettol’s logo loosely reflects medical sign also)