Security Features you should check before choosing a web host

In today’s world every business needs to go online to boost their sales. And the basis to have a good sales generating website is to opt for secure web hosting. There are thousands of web hosts waiting for an opportunity to serve you, but you should choose one who can offer a safe and secure web hosting environment. Why?

  • 32% of all live websites were hacked in 2016!
  • 454 websites suffered from data breaches
  • Nearly 12.7 million private business records exposed!

You can well understand the vulnerable times that persist in the online realm.

Hacking or data breaches are more than a loss of face, for businesses. They amount to huge financial losses and drifting of customers. How can you stay protected from such unscrupulous acts? Simple first step would be to choose a web host with an eye on safe and secured hosting. This is why you should check for the below given features before choosing a web hosting service provider.

  • Secure Data Center: As mother nature gets more violent with every passing day; cyclones, earthquakes and other natural disasters should be anticipated by your web host. A secure data center should be situated in a safe part of the earth. Not only this it should have various emergency provisions such as diesel power generators and other protective measures. Such arrangements would ensure that your business sustains minimum losses, if any due to untoward events.
  • Minimum Downtime: Though all the web hosts promise a 100% uptime, there are instances when they cannot keep this promise. While 100% uptime is a myth, you should choose a host who offers minimum shortages so that your web traffic is not impacted too drastically. It is also a wise idea to opt for web hosts who offer reimbursements for downtime. Reimbursements not only signal confidence on the part of the hosts, but also ensure that downtimes are indeed quite less.
  • Data Backup: Many web hosts offer the option of data backup in emergency scenarios. Data backup plans come with monthly, weekly or daily basis. Daily basis backups are the best of the lot, as it allows you to get back the updated version of the website in case of any emergency. Then there is also the option for manual backup, whereby you can take a backup each time you have updated something at the website.
  • Manual Reboots: This feature is often provided with the VPS as well as dedicated packages. With manual reboot you can use a control panel to restart the dedicated or virtual server. You can reboot the server when there is any problem or while making any important updates.
  • Less Clients, better the security: While most web hosts would claim to have hundreds of hosting clients, it is good if you can find one who serves only a limited number. Less clients, on the part of the web host, makes your website more secured at the end.

Finally, before choosing a web host do care to visit some of the relevant forums to read reviews. Reviews are gold mines of information regarding the services of web hosts. Visit OptraHost to find web hosting packages that come with all requisite security features.

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