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30 Online Marketing Trends Set to Rule in 2015

With the year 2014 near to its end I was chalking out some possibilities of how would be our new age. How creative and value added will it be and what transformations will take place. I read several digital marketing predictions for 2015 and have filtered all of them based on my personal experience. I have listed down below the most possible transformations and changes we may have to be prepared to see in the coming Digital age of 2015. Check out below over 30 digital marketing trends that will rule 2015:

  1. Conscious and contagious meme designs will kill community engagement
  2. Social Media Marketing will get more emphasis because of its ROI
  3. Growth hacking get an edge over niche based marketing
  4. Value design will be given more importance than friendraising
  5. The being social will get more value than being niche oriented
  6. 2015 will be all about passion projects
  7. Big Data will gain with Mobiles
  8. Most reserved content marketers will understand the power of Big data
  9. Importance of the creation of Tribes will be increase
  10. Growth hacking will get more investment in 2015
  11. Marketing Chiefs will prioritize personal branding than crowdfunding
  12. The importance of Crowdsourcing and Simplexity will be recognized
  13. User engagement will be give more emphasis
  14. With user engagement given more emphasis, we will get back to the old form
  15. 2015 will be the year of Wearables
  16. 2015 is the year of in-depth analytical experiments
  17. With Memeification getting popular Fax Machine Marketing will see rise 9in 2015
  18. 2015 will see Companies investing in Selfies and Velfies
  19. Mutiscreen will become Monoscreen in 2015
  20. Niche oriented content will see massive rise
  21. Tinder Marketing will rule Social Sphere
  22. Hyper Nicheification is the Future
  23. 2015 will be the era of transparency
  24. 2015 will see the importance of branded content for market growth
  25. 2015 will the era of online tribes
  26. In 2015 Growth Hacking may get higher preference than Big Data
  27. Marketing Strategists will prefer Simpleixity over Selfies
  28. Cronut Marketing will see more investment because of its Returns
  29. Companies lacking personal branding will be left behind
  30. Internet of things will be all about engaging your Audience
  31. In 2015 Emojis will tell the Story of a Brand
  32. Digital storytelling with transparency will be given emphasis



Though above written online marketing predictions are on the basis of the present trend and the ways market is responding to the newest technologies, performance behavior etc what I have found is that 2015 will be a complete digital age where branded content, social sphere and niche marketing will rule with more user engagement oriented and personalized marketing.

I would appreciate to have more suggestions and possibilities mentioned below in comments below.