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5 Tips to Secure Personal Blogging Data

5 Tips to Secure Personal Blogging Data

Blogging might be a passion for you, but hacking might be a passion for someone else! This is the era when Internet savvy people have taken to blogging, a big time. But often while creating and running their successful blogging adventure, they do not mind for security. For them, their blogging domain does not have the potential to inspire the hackers. You are wrong, hacking into your blogging site can give the hacker access to loads of personal information, which can be used in many ways. So, if you want to save yourself from the shock of having your access blocked one find day, then adhere to some of the below given tips.

Shun Low Costing or Free Web Hosting

Most bloggers, even today, make the cardinal sin of looking around for the free or least costly web hosting. When a web host is ready to offer you unbelievably low rates, there should be some other motives involved. There are many web hosts for whom cheap web hosting is all but a means to gather a lot of personal data, which may be sold to a third party when the time comes. Such web hosting services, have to cut corners to provide low rate for their services. This is why they sacrifice with the security of their users. Always choose a reputed web hosting, that may be a touch costly, for your blogging site.

Opt for Domain Privacy

Again in their bid to save costs, most bloggers around the country are today ready to opt out of the Domain Privacy feature from the web hosting package. This is an important feature to keep all your personal information safe. By paying a small annual fee, you make sure that your address and contact information is not available to anyone else.

Secured Backup for your Blogs

Staying prepared is very important for the bloggers. You have to stay prepared for crisis management. The best way to stay clear of the malicious intentions of hackers is to take regular backup of your website’s data. When a copy of all your website data is available on the server, it can foil the attempts of the hackers a big time. The hosting package you choose should come with regular data backups. This will help you restore the blog site in no time at all, in the event of an attack.

Unique Passwords for Each Blog Site

There are many of you who operate on more than one blog domain. And most of the time, you set the same password for each and every domain (just for the ease of your remembering). But this is a dangerous practice. What this means is: if one of your websites is hacked, the hacker will have no trouble at all in accessing rest of the others. This is why, we request you to think of unique passwords for each and every website.

Be Careful about Details in your Writing

There are many bloggers, who try to keep their content real. And in the process, they end up providing examples from their real life. While you want to enrich your content, there should also be a restrain at places. Sharing too many personal details in your blogs, might make the site easy to hack. Always change names, dates, places, addresses, etc. while you are writing.

Hope the above given tips would help in protecting your close to the heart blog domain from the hackers. If you want the most secured blog web hosting services, then turn to us at OptraHost