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How Colors Impact Conversions (an INFOGRAPHIC)

Our mind reacts uniquely to every unique things that it sees. Human minds have different types of receptors in brain that responds in different way to different colours. Even during designing a website or sharing posts in social media colours play huge role and an expert human psychologist who understand the affect of colours can possibly say which post will get what kind of response in respect to the content it has against the colours used in it. Using the right colors with the product at right time to your target market can increase the conversion rate.

With this in my mind I just performed a search on Google to check out some information and landed on to KISSMETRICS blog’s. They have prepared an infographic (pasted below) with awesome details listing how colors have affected conversions:

How Colors Affect Conversions
Source: How Colors Affect Conversions – Infographic


Colors rule our life. We tend to respond to some or the other color in the way our mind receives it. Using the right colors in your marketing experiments are assured to give surprising results.

Have you tried playing with colors in your marketing efforts? If yes, then how was the respond. I would love to learn more from you in comments below.