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Why Is Everyone Talking About ETA And RSA?

Why Is Everyone Talking About ETA And RSA?

Google Ad campaigns help you attract new customers interested in your services or products offered. An advertiser can run several ad campaigns on the vast area of Google and other platforms. There are two different networks convenient for ad campaigns. One is the Search network and another one is the display network.

  1. Search Network includes search result pages of Google and other Google sites like Google Maps and other partnering search sites where your ad can appear.
  2. Display Network includes Youtube, websites, articles consumers regularly browse for entertainment or other valuable purposes. You can outreach your target audience here.

But being an advertiser, one should know that not all campaigns run on every platform. You cannot run dynamic search ad campaigns, product ad campaigns, call-only ad campaigns on display network platforms. On the other hand, responsive display ad campaigns are only made for display networks. To get out from this hotchpotch, people started to prefer such ad campaign that runs smoothly on both of search network and display network.

ETA or Extensive Text Ad appears on search and display network at the same time. It is also mobile optimized. if you see all the parameters, ETA keeps on ticking all the requirements for being a user-friendly Adwords API (Application Programming Interface).

But Google has announced that ETAs cannot be created or edited after June 2022. Google will shift to RSA (Responsive Search Ad) from ETA. The advertisers can still be able to see the ad strength of previously created ETAs. The major differentiation between ETA and RSA is

RSA is displayed with 3 headlines and 2 descriptions about the products or services at the serve time and ETA is displayed with 2 headlines and only 1 description at serve time. In both cases, the headlines will be separated with vertical pipeline bars.

The reason behind the shift is to target the right audience and ensure a positive response for specific search queries. But the problem with RSA is that it is automatically congested because it is pulling from various headlines and descriptions. It will be tough for advertisers to understand the nature of RSAs and it is working towards the marketing goal or not. Google has advised using at least one RSA from now on in every search ad campaign. In the meantime, create such well-built ETAs that will keep giving constructive outcomes in the upcoming days.

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10 Alternatives to Google Ads

10 Alternatives to Google Ads

For the last 15 years, Google Ads is known as the leader of the PPC network. The main reason behind this is – the large number of searches, sites on the Google Display Network, and their continued leadership in the digital space. Though Google Ads is the leader in PPC plan, but there are scenarios when you should look to alternatives for results. And the main reasons behind that are:


  • You aren’t getting enough traffic from Google Ads. The reason may be your brand is new and requires more awareness or may be it has a small niche with a tight set of keywords.


  • The rise in Bids and competitive costs makes it too expensive. Google Ads isn’t always a viable option due to the industry and the value returned. This will create other avenues that will help to create more values outside of the most competitive platform.


  • Too much traffic makes it harmful. Too much traffic can cause low CTRs, higher bids, low conversion volume, and in turn, low quality scores.
  1. Bing Ads

Compare to two other major search engines, Bing Ads is an under-utilized network. Compared to Google Yahoo!, AOL, and Bing are used far less. But still valuable users can be found on these engines and their syndicated search partners. Compared to Google Ads, Bing Ads typically has lower CPCs. However, it has very lower traffic volume compared to Google.

  1. Yahoo Gemini

Yahoo Gemini is a lesser used advertising option. It uses a wide range of ad types to target users through cross-device and cross-platform, using intent-driven targeting. It can be used for generating revenue, enhancing brand awareness, and app promotion.

  1. AdRoll

AdRoll is known as a retargeting platform. It is one of the top third-party tools officially approved by Facebook also provides access to FBX. It also supports Google’s Display Network with its own ad network. At AdRoll, prices and conversion rates are relatively high. Best part of AdRoll is that it offers platforms for other products outside of just retargeting which includes prospecting (programmatic display), email retargeting, and “AdRoll Onsite”.

  1. Amazon

If you are an ecommerce business owner, Amazon gives you the opportunity to grow your products through sponsored products. If you want to sell your products on Amazon, you can pay for sponsored shopping ads that will direct users to those products on Amazon. It also offers other premium services to drive traffic. The best place to drive traffic is Amazon Seller platform. It is also important to create keyword campaigns that drive users to your products within the site.

  1. Quantcast

Quantcast has always known as data set and audience insights to mold a new, untapped display audience for marketers. Quantcast has a free data and audience insights tool- Quantcast Measure. Quantcast Measure help advertisers to build strategy, inform about audience behaviors and personas, and competitor audiences. Quantcast offers services like paid advertising, programmatic, real-time, display advertising, focusing on new acquisition and audience views.

  1. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is one of the largest networks where you can upload your banner ads around the web. BuySellAds is a convenient marketplace with transparent processes that provides a good choice of high-quality sites, especially in internet and tech niches.

  1. Infolinks

Infolinks is a marketplace that is predominantly based on user intent and real-time engagement to show ads to users. Over the time it has been successful in building their product and ad units focusing on real-time engagement for relevant ads based on what and where the user is searching.

  1. Facebook

Facebook gives a great opportunity to build engagement and sales. Using 3 main campaign types, you can interact with the desired audience to build awareness, conversions, or funnel-driven results through remarketing. Adding of new ad types and integration is a feature of Facebook.


  1. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is an underutilized platform for B2B. LinkedIn offers targeting specific job titles to doing ABM (Account Based Marketing) which is focused on specific businesses and job types. Ads can remain in the feed and be content focused or use more text-based ads that show up on the right-hand side.


  1. Pinterest


It is hard to think that a platform only for pictures can drive revenue. According to Pinterest, 87% bought something after seeing an ad on Pinterest. Pinterest should be really considered as “shopping platform”.

So there are many alternatives to Google Ads that can diversify your marketing mix. By integrating more channels into to your advertising strategy, you will be able to reach a larger audience, build a funnel, gain more sales over time, and have touch points across all network types on the web that includes search engines, app stores, marketplaces, display, and social media, others.