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5 Major Mobile App Development Trends for 2018

Standing in the last days of 2017, we can safely say that mobile app eco-system is the biggest marketplace. According to a data by Statista, more than 197 billion apps were downloaded in 2017. The mobile App store is presently populated with 6.6 million apps. Businesses, of whatever stature they may be, have realized that developing a mobile app for their brand is no longer an investment rather it is essential for their survival in the changing market. Brands, large and small, are utilizing their mobile apps for direct marketing, brand awareness and increasing sales.

With the app development scopes emerging from every corner, the onus is on the mobile developers to come up with deliveries that make their clients happy. Adoption of the below given anticipated trends would be a good way to earn accolades from your clients.

Trend #1: Growth of IoT and Wearable apps

IoT and wearables ushered in a new era of convenience for the users and 2018 will see a further growth in their popularity. More players are emerging into the IoT and wearable development arena with a focus on developing scalable and mature deliverables. It is estimated that the investment in IoT would increase to around 120 billion by 2020! 2018 will see the extensive adoption of wearable technologies in mobile app development. The healthcare and manufacturing sectors would be the front-runners in the adoption of wearable technologies.

Trend #2: Increased adoption of Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP)

AMP is a great new way to improve the page load time on mobile apps. This Google technology helps businesses boost their conversion, improve the bounce rates and CTR. It is also highly important for retaining visitors and catering good user experience to them. Furthermore, AMP helps an app gain more visibility on mobile search engine searches. Adopting this technology in the mobile development cycle would be crucial for application developers in 2018.

Trend #3: Planning for Android Instant App

This is a whole new way in the app discovery process. With the Android Instant app, the Android users can now view the content and features of any app without actually installing it on their devices. The Android Instant app is available for Android versions 5.0 to 8.0. There are tools in the Android Studio that allows the developers to create a partial version of their app that can be accessed by the users with a click on deep link. It should be stated in this respect that Vimeo has enhanced their session durations by 130% in 2017 with the aid of this new feature.

Trend #4: Stress on Mobile app security

As smartphones are being used widely for transactions online, the need for stringent security measures is more than it was ever before. The developers should focus more on building a secure environment for their end users. Security measures should be tightened right at the development stage with secure back-end, code encryption and API. The integration of a reputed payment gateway goes a long way in making an app secure for transactions. Mobile developers have to spend more time in testing the security of their app from every possible scenario.

Trend #5: Growth of on-demand mobile app development

2017 saw a widespread popularity for on-demand mobile app development. Such apps made the lives of the users much simpler. They could use this app to meet their requirements from anywhere and anytime. Most of the popular on-demand apps in 2017 belonged to the car cleaning, food ordering, laundry, taxi service and renting sectors. The year 2018 would see the adoption of on-demand apps into other realms as well.

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