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4 Features that can make your Real Estate app an instant hit!

Every business is utilising the power of Internet to proliferate their business and reach new markets. In such a scenario, all the leading real estate brands have come up with their own websites to sell properties and services. But, where the real estate sector in India is lagging behind is the adoption of mobile apps! Just like websites, mobile apps have also become pre-requisite for business success. While some of the real estate giants have identified this potential, the large majority of others are still relying on their websites to bring them fresh business prospects. Within the next couple of years, service searches on the mobile devices will outnumber the conventional computers or laptops. So, it is not a matter of whether, rather when! Now, what if we tell you, we would like to share some great real estate mobile app development concepts to get you started. Here they come…

Property Information

By having the property information feature in the app, you make sure that the real estate searchers can look for properties anytime and anywhere. You can list any number of properties, but always include filters in the app for an easy browsing experience. You should allow the viewers to filter by Price, Area, Property Type, Floor Plans, Dimensions, etc. You can also send out Notifications to the users whenever there is a new property available (as per their criteria). This will no doubt improve your business prospects significantly. You may even include the Virtual Tours feature, whereby the users can see a property without having to travel!

Property Investment Information

Property investment is a great way to build on your savings. As there is a lot of money involved in real estate investments, so the investors try to tread as cautiously as possible. This is where your app can help them by providing serious evaluations on a number of factors regarding the property they are browsing. If the users are able to see the property history, market value, pricing trends of the area, etc. within one or two clicks they will surely love your app. Add other factors such as real estate market trends, mortgage value etc. and you have provided the investor decisive information!

Repair Estimator

Not all properties are passed on in their prime conditions, and home buyers are often lured into buying used properties due to their lower rates. But once the new homeowners moves into the property, the hassles of multiple costly repairs follow. This unpleasant experience can be removed with the help of a feature providing repair estimates for used properties. The estimates are drawn after considering various key areas of the house and their respective repair rates prevailing in the locality. You may even go one step ahead and enable the users to book for such repair services using your app.

Locality Reviews

For the home buyers a great looking property is not the sole consideration. They want to own a property in a locality where the crime rates are low, amenities such as educational institutions, markets, etc. are close by and transportation facilities are readily available. They would also like to know about other hidden facets of the property. You could help them by adding a feature where the present and ex-residents of the area can post their comments. This would enable the home buyers to purchase a property in the best possible locality.

Real estate mobile app market remains largely untapped and there lies your scope to really make it big. If you are already thinking about developing a mobile app, let Keyline gift you the best end product.