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What is the sufficient bandwidth for a new website?

One of the difficult questions that rears up its head while you are in the process of selecting a reliable web hosting company is regarding the bandwidth. Being a newbie into the online business world you are never quite sure about the bandwidth required for your business. More bandwidth will always cost you extra. This is why deciding on your sufficient bandwidth becomes pretty essential while comparing the various web hosting plans available for you. In a new business venture, the smart idea is always to minimize the wastage and maximize on your investment. So, paying extra for server bandwidth, that will not be used, is just a wastage of finances. This is why we thought of sharing some essential facts in this regard.

Numbers Crunching

To answer the question with which we started our conversation, it is essential to look through the figures. And the statistics clearly state that 99% of websites find a 5 GB server bandwidth (per month) sufficient! Your business is only taking baby steps into the online arena. It might earn high traffic in the near future, but for now there is only a limited traffic is expected. The 5 GB bandwidth per month would be more than sufficient to allow a smooth browsing experience to your visitors. So, unless you have a video streaming or image based website, always opt for a maximum of 5 GB bandwidth per month.

The Myth of Unlimited Hosting

No service can offer you something unlimited. You have to understand that the web host has to pay for your data usage too. This is why, unlimited web hosting is all but a myth. By “unlimited” hosting your web host only means that the bandwidth would be more than sufficient for your website.

Disk Space that you need

Now, the next significant question on your mind should definitely be regarding the disk space needed for your new website. Let us put that question to rest as well. Again, statistics suggest that new websites need no more than 150 MB. Each of your web pages take up between 1-2 MB. If you find a web page that is larger in size than 2 MB then you need to trim it down. With longer loading times, the web pages above 2 MB in size leak the traffic away from your website and that cannot auger well for your business.

What about the exceptions?

Yes, as we had hinted above, there are certain types of websites that might fall out of the norm. Websites that work with huge image galleries, video streaming sites, websites that are database driven are examples of such exceptions. If you happen to own such a website than you might need a bandwidth in the range of 10 GB to accommodate all the rich content.

Hope we have been able to answer some of the questions which bugged you about server bandwidth and disk space. At Keyline we can offer you a range of web hosting plans to choose from. It helps you save on money and stay high on performance.