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5 Essential WordPress Plug-ins for Freelance Content Writers

5 Essential WordPress Plug-ins for Freelance Content Writers

Working as a freelance content writer can be a lucrative profession, when you plan out your moves the right way. When asked: most freelance content writers would opine that it is their writing that sees them land new projects. While this is partially correct, but a client sees many other things than just writing before entrusting you with writing responsibilities. A successful freelance content writer needs much more than grammar, diction and spelling accuracy to appease a client. You need to establish yourself as a brand, pursue new leads and meet the client deadlines. Caring for all these diverse facets can be a challenge for a budding freelance content writer. So, there are many great WordPress plug-ins that would help you shed some of the workload, and you can solely concentrate on the thing you do best – write!

Editorial Calendar

While handling multiple clients, often the freelance writers feel the pressure of deadlines. One of the keys to freelance writing success is to organize your priorities. This helps you create a smooth delivery mechanism. One of the best tools in this regard is the Editorial Calendar. You can put in the client work along with their deadlines into this plug-in and you will get an elaborate calendar in front of you. You can also tinker with the schedule as and when needed. Having this calendar in front of you, helps in planning the work and delivering content on a timely basis.

WP Links Page

No client would assign you a project before judging the proof of your competence. This is where the online portfolio pages with live links work wonders. Rather than going by the popular practice of having website with a bunch of live links, you can use the simpler way of WP Links Page. With the help of this WP plug-in you can create an online gallery with screenshots and live links. You can provide as much details about the samples, using the plug-in. There is also option to switch between grid and list views.

Testimonials Widget

Often you would come across meticulous clients who are not quite satisfied solely seeing your portfolio. What they are looking for is recommendations and positive feedback regarding your work. You could of course go about the traditional way of weaving Testimonials into every page. But the Testimonials Widget of WordPress offers a convenient and time saving way of displaying the feelings of your happy clients. With its minimalistic design, the Widget is simple to use. However, if you want video testimonials or testimonials with animation, then opt for the paid version of this plug-in.

Contact Form 7

Apart from showcasing your credibility, you have to also open channels for the clients to contact you easily. Contact Form 7 allows you to attain just this. The form allows you to include custom fields and show the form wherever you deem essential. Contact Form 7 comes with many handy features such as captcha, file uploads and custom notification messages.

Social Media Feather

Today, the social media is not limited to offering fun. It is a great medium to discuss and finalize projects. With the Social Media Feather plug-in, the freelance writers can allow their potential clients to get in touch with them through many social media channels. If a client wants to discuss the project requirements over LinkedIn (for example) and not fill up any form, then the Social Media Feather allows him to contact you on the channel of his choice.

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