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What Should Every Digital Marketing Company Know About Google Panda Algorithm?

There was a time when Google used to rank the websites on the number of uploaded contents. Some of the websites took the advantage of the process and began to post multiple irrelevant articles and blogs without any purpose. Google noticed the misdeed and decided to take a step that will put an end to the ‘Content farm’ business model and promote high-quality content to the target audience.

Google has launched the Panda algorithm in February 2011. It helps to eliminate the webspam from the websites and assign the pages a quality classification. The Google Panda works as a ranking factor based on the human quality rating model. Panda algorithm also speeds up the ability of Google to index content rapidly. The quality of Google’s search results is not degrading anymore for this algorithm.

Google Panda came as a shock to article marketing. The websites that were habituated to upload countless content and rank on the first or second rank page of Google, were on the rough tide. Google reduced the ranking for those low-quality sites. Google provides a better ranking to the high-quality content. Google Panda started comparing various ranking signals against human quality rankings.

Suppose there are ten websites in total. They were given to a human being, how will the person judge? He obviously made a list of several questions to rank the websites. Google thought exactly that way. The websites go through several checkpoints like-

  • Is it well researched, well-informed content?
  • Can a reader trust this source?
  • Are there any repetitive phrases used?
  • Are there any spelling mistakes and structural errors?
  • Will you bookmark the website and keep reading further content?
  • Is the content well-edited?
  • Do you feel comfortable sharing your personal information (Email ID, credit or debit card details etc) with this website?
  • Is the content unique or do you see the same content somewhere else?

Google Panda always boosts the performance of the website if it finds genuine and unique content on the sites. It treats non-informational and untrustworthy content as spam. Google Panda changed its user-generated content guidelines. It focussed on the quality and user experience of the websites. It preferred more specific and unique write-ups rather than short content filled with AdSense.

But in the few recent years, Google Panda has incorporated with core Google algorithm. There won’t be anything like Panda ranking updates as such. It is embedded in the Google machine learning algorithm. We could not see Google Panda updates but Google still follows the Panda principles.

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