Which is the best hosting type for e-Commerce stores?

It is easy to say that e-commerce store is a money minting machinery, in today’s business world. But than that would be undermining various factors that go into making any e-commerce store successful. Marketing activities, content, user experience and many more such factors turn an e-Commerce store into a successful venture! Digging deep into the dynamics of such websites, it can be quickly understood that web hosting decisions can make or break the dreams of a business owner in this domain. The impatient web surfers of the present era hate to wait. They want lightening fast loading times. So, before you choose a web hosting type for your business, we thought of presenting the merits and demerits of each web hosting type.

Shared Hosting

It is like staying in a shared room, where all the amenities are equal for everyone.

Though, shared hosting plans are the cheapest of the lot but they do not work for e-commerce stores. They offer slowest page loading times and that does not auger well for your business prospects. Website speed is very important for high turnovers. With slow loading time you not only lose out on many sales opportunities but offer poor user experience, opening gates for poor reviews. Speaking from the statistics: 79% of users who faced an issue never return back to the website. 44% of these people take their grievances one step forward and share their poor experience story with friends and family. Shared hosting also comes with security issues, where a breach in one website exposes the others as well. So, look beyond shared hosting.

VPS Hosting

Now, you have a room for yourself, you have special amenities for yourself too!

This is the most fitting hosting type for your business. With Virtual Private Servers in your control, there will be no performance issues for your website. Every activity at your website can be tracked and there would be a larger number of resources allocated to you solely, unlike shared hosting. Such hosting plans come with higher clocked CPUs, more RAM and larger disk spaces, which will aid you in putting up a robust e-commerce website on the web. Add to that some of the optional managed services, and you will have all you need to run a successful website.

Dedicated Hosting

It is like buying a villa with all the luxuries of life!

Of course there is no denying the fact that dedicated hosting is the highest performing hosting option, but they may not fit into your present scheme of things. First of all they have a much higher pricing than all the other hosting options, so it would definitely drill a hole into your profits. Secondly, dedicated plans are feasible options once you are hitting “tens of thousands of sales with high six figure visitor counts”. So, based on your current business scale you might not need this costly hosting plan.

Based on the analysis, VPS hosting is the best choice for your e-commerce website. It helps you cater good user experience and attract high sales. It is friendly on the pockets too. If you are looking for cost effective web hosting packages, do take a look at Optra Host’s offerings.

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