Why Kid’s Products websites need a cute Mascot?

Every business owner strives to attain that elusive goal – a high recall value. If you can not quite fathom what “recall value” means, let us explain. Recall value is the familiarity a brand creates in the minds of their customers (also end users, in this instance). A brand that has quick recall value does not have to spend exorbitantly in their marketing practices. Their brand has already built a tiny space within the minds of their target customers. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of burgers – MacDonald’s, right? That is due to the high recall value this brand has been able to build over the years. This is what a cute Mascot can bring to your business!

Bygone are the days when there were only a few websites dealing with the kid’s products and information. Today, the web world is flooded with such websites. And this is where a cute little mascot can be so effective to attain your marketing goals. A mascot can quickly help you stay ahead of the race and be seen in the crowd. When a mascot is well thought out and designed creatively, it can be the marketing push your business so dearly needed. Ever since their inception, in the early nineteenth century, mascots have always brought a high recall value (whether it is a sports team, a television character or a brand entity). And even today, their appeal has not gone down one little bit!

You are primarily catering to the kids and their parents. And both of them are either happily or reluctantly (often the case with parents!) exposed to a lot of cartoons filled with those lovable characters. Kids just cannot have enough of those cute little characters. And when a packaging comes with a new character (in the form of your well thought out Mascot) they are easily attached to it. As for the parents, they are exposed to so many lovable characters, that your cute little Mascot sticks on in a remote corner of their busy brain easily. So, whenever they need to order for kid’s products, they can quickly recall your brand. And if you can provide them the range of products they expect and at a price which fits their pocket then you earn revenues! In this regard, it has to be said that the animal characters work best as Mascots for kid’s websites.

Brand Values and the Mascot

Before you get into the mascot designing project, think about your brand. What does your brand symbolize? What are its characteristics? Which animal would you associate your brand with? If your answers take you away from the popular kid’s website characters (such as dogs, cats, frogs, teddy bears, etc.) so be it. Your foremost goal should be to have a mascot designed that defines your brand, its goals and philosophies.

As you can see, with a well designed Mascot your business can go places. This is why you need to choose a designing service that is both creative and skilled. At Keyline we have the apt Web Designing service to help you have the perfect mascot for your business.

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