Why Manufacturing Organizations should use ERP System?

Survey statistics suggest that more and more companies dealing with manufacturing of goods are using the ERP software to streamline their business process. In fact statistics suggest an overwhelming increase in adoption rates from 18% to 32% in the last few years. Organizing things in a manufacturing company can be a nightmare. The multi-location and multi-department structure of such organizations makes them very hard to manage. Thank god, there was the ERP software! The software includes Logistics management, inventory management, production planning, production monitoring among other features. But there are many more reasons why a growing number of organizations from the manufacturing niche are choosing to run their business, the ERP way!


Platform for Inter-departmental information sharing

Manufacturing firms have multiple departments such as Finance & accounting, planning & control, manufacturing operations, human resource allocation, marketing and sales, purchase & vendor management, quality control, distribution, plant maintenance, etc. For the organization to run smoothly, it is imperative that all the departments are integrated into a whole. ERP software does this job remarkably well. It helps in getting real time data from all the departments at a single place. It helps the organizations overcome the horrors of having specific systems for each of the departments. The software allows all the departments to work in tandem with each other.


Enhancing and Streamlining Processes

Like all organizations, the manufacturing businesses are setup with a goal for business growth. But shifting from one software to the other, when there are new additions and alterations in the company structure is not ideal. ERP software has ended this discomfort for the business owners. The software is easily scalable and causes minimum operational disruptions while being scaled up. Though there are some basic controls in the inherent software, new modules can always be added to the system depending on the needs.


Easy decision making with real time data

The “one organization, one software” policy which ERP brings to the table comes especially to the fore when there is an important business decision about to be taken. As all the details, reports, and other relevant data coming from different departments and locations are accumulated in a single database, it can be easily analyzed and many projections can be drawn out of it. With all the key statistics stacked at a single place, business administrators can get loads of valuable insights helping them take better business decisions.


Better Customer Management

As the software is used by multiple departments, so all the customer feedback, complains and suggestions can also be seen and analyzed using this software. Availability of key customer data helps businesses address the customer issues better and quicker. This would improve the organization’s image significantly in front of their end customers.


ERP software brings in a world of benefits for the business owners. If you want a robust management solution for your manufacturing business then try Keyline’s ERP & CRM service.

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