Why Mobile Web Hosting Speed Counts?

In this era of mobile apps, no one really cares for mobile website, right? You are wrong. Statistics suggest that mobile websites are making a big entry into the market. While the mobile owners really love apps, more than 50% of them treat their devices as the primary mode to make online searches! And that is where you can really tap into new customers. But the world of mobile web is a bit different to the desktop web, we have got so accustomed to. Here you have to play by a different set of rules.

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Speed is the King

Yes, the number one criteria to win the hearts of customers through your mobile website is to offer them speed. Desktop website users can wait 5-7 seconds for a website to load before they move over. If you thought that was impatience, wait till you hear the turn-off time for mobile websites. Mobile users expect a website to open accurately in not more than 3 seconds! If the website does not show itself within these fleeting seconds, the user will try some other place. It is also very important to note that: more than 79% of mobile users do not shop at a website that has failed to load in the aforementioned time frame. This means a huge loss of revenue, right? Now, that is a huge problem, and we would like to help you overcome this obstacle through our experience.

Bells and Whistles count for little

As a web master you have every right to get really choosy about every corner of your web page. You want to impress visitors with streaming videos, animations, lots of content, many design innovations, and what not. But wait on. It is important to read the minds of mobile web visitors in this respect. No matter how innovative you get with the website, what counts for them is its loading time. What comes next might impress them, but if the web page does not load in time, they will move away! So, the number one rule to designing and developing a mobile web page is to make it lightweight and shun all the sophistication you have thought of. Give them crisp content, neat categories, nice images and most importantly information they seek from your website. You need to really think about the design from the user’s point of view.

Web Hosting is more important than ever

In this era of impatient surfers, it has become more important than ever before to choose the right web hosting services. The web host should offer quick loading times and absolutely negligible down times. Reputed web hosting companies use updated technologies to detect the mobile device and route users to the website at the speed of light. Some would even come with content adaptation, wherein the content gets auto adjusted to suit the browsing screen of the user.

If you really want to reap the benefits of all that mobile traffic coming towards your website than there is no point in experimenting with the web hosting services. At Optra Host we have hosted many successful mobile websites and understand the requisites. Come visit us to learn more.

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