Why should Web Design be Interactive?

Why should Web Design be Interactive?

Having an interactive website means your website is designed in a way this is attractive and exciting for your audience, with functions that can be going to increase user experience through utilizing modern hardware. Streamlined with web Design Company in Kolkata and higher consumer reviews because more time to be spent on the site, encouraging your visitors to explore your services and products and ultimately convert. 

However, how essential is an interactive design? And overall, how will this assist my web sites ranking? Below are a number of the main reasons why an interactive website is so essential.

1. Increased Conversion Rate 

For people with businesses, one of the main targets of having a website is to have your customers convert, and both purchase a product or a service you provide. Having an interactive website can help with this. For example, when you have a local enterprise that uses experiences, a video highlighting unique features and displaying previous clients could increase your dwell time and increase your social proof. Giving your prospects a miles greater insight into the experience you provide and are consequently more likely to convert and may even potentially increase any future sales via word of mouth, etc.

2. Improved User Experience 

Overall, consumer experience is significant for many reasons for each search engine in addition to your customers. Visitors that find value from their enjoy with you’re probably to return for more, allowing the additional possibility for them to discover your variety of products and services. From a search engine marketing perspective, growing your expected session duration and decreasing your bounce costs is an excellent indication to search engines that your website hosts a few high-quality contents. 

3. Increased Dwell Time on the Website 

The quantity of time spent on a website is technically called the dwell time. When you add extra functions to your site, including a video, the consumer might also watch the video, get extra familiar together, and your logo, for example, and in return, that consumer’s dwell time is increased. The effect of this is that it might indicate to Google that customers visiting your site find what they’re looking for that is a signal of high-quality content; this means that Google may rank you better for a particular keyword or likely a set of them.

4. Maximize your Google Ranking 

Google ranks websites primarily based totally on their level of authority. More authoritative sites have solid optimization (search engine marketing), rich content, and local citations. Google also favors sites that are optimized for mobile use. 

A better Google ranking means which you rise to the top in search listings. Businesses covet excessive ratings because people are more likely to click on first-page listings. When Google sees that you have a healthy network of backlinks, way to your interactive website, it will rank you better. 


An interactive website can benefit your business in endless ways. Consult web development companies in Kolkata maximize user experience; however, additionally, they drive conversion rates and traffic. They further help you increase the valuable content to your site. With the interactive design, you can get noticed in the way that you need.

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