Why your SEO Plan should have Quora Postings?

Internet became a prominent part of everyday life due to its rich information quotient. With only a search you could get so much information and at times this helped you take informed decisions. But, somehow with every passing year the Internet surfers are getting more impatient. Today, they do not have time to go through lengthy articles or blogs just to find an answer. They are after quicker solutions. This psychological shift is noticeable from the search trends on Google. Question based searches are today trending on Google. And the biggest gainer of this trend is Quora. Quora which started out as an experimental Question and Answer forum has today become one of the leading websites in the world. And no matter which question you put up in the Google search box, their website is bound to appear within the first page!

Standing today, Quora receives more than 484 million views per month, which is a jaw dropping number for sure. And when there is a buzz, crowds are bound to gather. Similar has been the instance with Quora. Posting questions and answers on Quora has become an important part of SEO tactics. More than 22,000 brands are today leveraging the benefits of their Quora presence. There are many SEO benefits of staying active on Quora, and some of them have been mentioned below.

Backlinks are priceless entities for the SEO professionals. They are votes of trust that the other high ranked and reputed websites provide. But it has become very difficult to earn such backlinks in the present times. Quora postings allow you to place backlinks that help the readers seek solutions for their problems right away. With a high Page rank and Domain authority, a backlink in Quora would do wonders to your website’s ranking. The ease of placing backlinks at Quora makes this website such a great place to post!

A good Quora answer along with a backlink has a really great scope of diverting millions of Internet surfers towards your website. As manifested through its high bounce rate, Quora is not a website where the surfers linger around. They scan through the answers and then seek the solution by clicking on the links. So, unlike other content posting channels, where your links just lie dormant, Quora offers more scopes for your links to bring traffic. The purpose of posting a link is completely met with the Quora postings!

Building Reputation

When your name starts appearing against many Quora answers (which you can do by posting from different accounts) there is a favorable consensus built in the market. Customers start believing in your services or products and the overall acceptance levels increase manifold times. Your brand starts appearing more knowledgeable and caring then it ever was. You are solving some of the pain points of the customers.

Free of Cost Promotion

While reputed blog sites are today charging high amounts for backlink posting, Quora does not charge anything. So, it is a win-win situation for you. Your brand can be seen by millions of surfers and yet you do not have to shell out a single pie! With a good Question and its Answer your name can repeatedly come up in relevant searches.

So, now you have a secret recipe to success for all your SEO campaigns. Have fun using Quora postings in your online marketing plan.

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