Dedicated Hiring

Dedicated hiring allows you to hire offshore talent that matches your requirements. We offer seamless services that integrate your in-house staff. You are able to communicate and interact in real time to make sure they deliver exactly what you require.

At Keyline DigiTech, we have specialization in dedicated hiring services. We connect you with the right professionals and teams. You have the options to choose from hourly and fixed price models.  We are incredibly flexible and can work with your exact specification.

Dedicated Hiring Services

Our Offerings

  • World-Class Professionals

Our designers and developers are experts in their respective areas. Each has years of experience and strong portfolio under his name. Our professionals are known for maintaining quality and expertise in using cutting-edge tools.

  • Hourly or Fixed Price Models

Are you looking for a small development jobs? Then you should try our fixed price models. It’s really affordable and gives you return on money. If you are in search of long-term hiring, the hourly model will best suit you. We work with both the models and help you to choose the model that suits you best.

  • Transparency

Transparency plays an important role in our dealings. You can monitor the progress of our team in real-time. Through daily timesheets and milestones, you are able to ensure timely delivery. You get what you pay for.

  • Comprehensive Project Management

You have the option to choose the project management. We will integrate our professionals and teams with it. Our staffs work as an extension of your original staff.

Reasons to Choose Us

  • Zero Set-Up Costs

The main reason of taking dedicated resource hiring to cut down your costs. There are no set-up costs. You pay only for the work done. Also you get to access our IT infrastructure.

  • Tailored Talent

We have a team that includes web application developers, front-end experts, mobile app developers and other professionals. You tell us your requirements; we help you to meet your need. No compromise, no mismatch.

  • Affordable

We are much more affordable than your local professionals. We absolutely guarantee you the affordability of our services.

  • Privacy Guarantee

All the team members sign NDAs to legally respect this privacy.

  • Seamless Integration

We make sure seamless integration with your projects. These teams essentially become an extension of your in-house staff. Our team becomes an extension of your team.