Poor Bounce Rate? Your Website Must be Missing These Elements

The whole world is shouting the same mantra as, “We have a website that our user will like, stay  etc”.  Unfortunately people do not understand that poor bounce rate is just because there are a few things missing in their websites. Any web designer or designing company would give you a design as per your request it. However, you need to choose what type of elements should be in your webpage. This article would help you to see what your page is missing which may actually help to build trust within the customers, so that you would have a high traffic and sales number.

It is not impossible to achieve the trust of your visitors. All you need is a few elements that would help to increase the sales in your website, beyond web design.

No red badges

Do you have a money back policy? Can the users return the product within a few days? Do you provide warranty? Yes, most of you do. What you do not do is to show the customers that you provide those. The best way is to add a golden or silver colored badge stating the information on your sales page and home page.

According to statistics, the golden colored badges are very attractive to the customers as they think that the color of the badge is a value indicator. You can use orange or white badges too, but avoid red badges.

We all know the importance of logo as branding. Add them at the end of the page, so that when they understand your business, you can show that you are not a gimmick. It is a way to show your experience and also to indicate that a lot of big players believe in you. The easiest way to build trust is to show your work history with your logos in it. Things must look very professional.

Let’s get back to the scope of this article. This topic is about the things you are missing that would help to build trust in your customers which would increase your traffic and sales. Well, trust is directly proportional to the sales revenue. Why do customers hesitate to trust you? It is because of the card fraud, identity fraud and other payment related issues. Add payment logos that would ease the concerns of customers. If you are accepting payments through PayPal, add the logo. If your site or payment method is approved by any organization, do not hesitate to add their logo as well.

Face Value

Face value is something that has proven to improve bounce rate and even sales. It is always better to show your real face on your site. Adding pictures of your team and you would add trust and also help to build a personalized recognition. People want to do business with you, and seeing whom they have hired adds in the value and increase chances of getting hired.

Adding testimonials, show how many people are following your page or you, show the number of likes you have in FaceBook and add every element that would show that a lot of people trust you. This would add a considerable effect to the traffic and the sales revenue.

I have just thought to give out 3 tips which must be common with all websites but unfortunately is not in practice. there are several more ways a site can build trust, generate interest and can improve the bounce rate of the site. However, regular analysis of links, visitors, user behaviours are something that should be again very common process to understand more about your web users and add elements accordingly.

I would appreciate if I could know about more ways that can help ensuring long time visitors stay on our website.

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