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Why e-Commerce stores need to scale up their hosting plans during the Holiday Season?

With the holiday season just a few weeks away, e-Commerce stores are gearing up for their mega bonanza! In the last year, the online sales has risen by 51% during the holiday season. And this can mean only one thing – you have bumper month ahead! But success won’t come your way, unless you prepare for it. There are thousands of e-Commerce stores out there, and each one would be competing for business. In these competitive times, it is your eye for pecuniary things that will separate you from the rest. A recent survey by the Big Commerce portal claims that 91% of the regular surfers, prefer to make all their holiday purchases online. This means, within the next couple of weeks (when the holiday season shopping commences) you have to get your website ready for a deluge of traffic. You have to cater good shopping experience to each and every visitor. And this means a complete rethink on the existing web hosting plans and often switching over to a new one.

Why do e-commerce stores need to scale up?

  • High Traffic Volumes: Your regular hosting plans might be doing a perfect job all through the year, but the holiday season brings with it a new set of challenges. Your website traffic stands a chance of being increased by many thousands each day. And each person wants a flawless shopping experience at your website. They want fast loading pages, quick product previews and smooth browsing experience. Your existing web hosting plans with their limited bandwidth cannot cater the experience a holiday season shopper is expecting. And this could lead to a massive loss in revenues. This is why, it is a good time to invest in new web hosting plans.
  • New Uploads: This is the time when you will upload a host lot of new items at the back-end of your website. You will have all new product categories, stock new ranges and even upload those attractive banners. What is the point of uploading all those new stuff if they cannot load at lightening fast speeds? Banners, especially, work well only when they are able to load within some milliseconds. But then banners with their huge file sizes need a high bandwidth to load really quick. Similar is the instance of any other back-end uploads you perform during this season. To assure that your new uploads are not impeding with the present content up their at the website, you should choose a new web hosting plan.
  • Security Issues: Customers will transact at your store only if you are able to provide a secure environ for them. You can secure their transactions with a SSL certificate, but you need to also choose a web host who is able to provide extra security for all the transactions done through your website. The last thing you want is a customer’s data breach, and again it is the security levels of your web host that can help you meet this need.

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