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How to select the best keywords for your PPC campaign?

Google is ever present in our lives. No wonder than that billions of searches are registered on Google every day. Plenty of reasons then for business owners to try and benefit from the immense popularity of Google. One such way is through a meticulously planned PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign. The lifeline of a good PPC campaign is the selection of keywords. Think yourself to be a gardener, if you plan the right variety of saplings at the right season then your garden would have some beautiful plants. On the contrary, if you do not plant the right variety of plants or choose a wrong season to plant them, then your garden would be filled with weeds. This is why keyword selection is the most important decision before going full throttle into a PPC campaign. If you are confused on how to select the right list of keywords then here are some simple tips for you.

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Tip #1: Perform a thorough Keyword Research

You should not take keyword research lightly, it helps you identify the most beneficial keywords for your business. While you might have a pre-set keyword list, you need to always match it with the present search trends (from your niche). Google Insights is a good tool to discover new keywords and understand their potential. There are some other factors you need to account for during the keyword research, these include:

  • Seasonal trends
  • Geographic searches
  • Competition

Tip #2: Use match types to gain Insights

Of course the exact matches for your brand related keywords are the best ways to control exactly what the customers see when your products are being searched for. In exact matches you really do not have to guess the customer experiences. Once you are done including the exact matches, move over to the other matches. These matches show you how the customers are searching on the Internet. And they end up giving you new keyword variations. You might also want to account for the negative matches. Broader keyword matches help you understand how your brand is viewed by the consumers. And based on this insight you might want to tinker a bit with the pre-selected keyword list.

Tip #3: Account for Multi Device Searches

Searches made through mobile devices and tablets account for more than 15% of the total search volume (and the numbers are rising even while we speak). Now, there is a difference between desktop searches and mobile searches, you need to consider this factor. Generally the keyword length for mobile searches is small, while it may stay long for desktop searches. Mobile search queries also contain a lot of misspellings and stay local in nature. It is important to select keywords that cater to such specific experiences!

Tip #4: Use the Google Betas

Change is the only constant is the world of searches. Keeping this in mind Google has launched some keyword targeting enhancements. These tools give SEO experts better control while targeting the consumers. Such new tools should be tested and would provide a better end impact for the PPC campaigns. One such tool is the broad match modifier which allows you to control the display of your ads in exact vs broad match searches.

Tip #5: Stay Updated and Flexible

You might be knowing: business success does not come easy. Neither does success in PPC campaigns. It’s not all about selecting a set of keywords and putting it up there. You have to track the performance of keywords and stay ready to change the ones showing poor performance. Current data from your campaign carries a lot of useful insights and you should act upon it as soon as possible.

At Keyline, we believe in utilizing the perfect keywords for PPC campaigns. Our intrinsic research helps us identify and utilize the best keywords, helping our online marketing service clients reap great benefits from their paid advertising campaigns.