Why Dedicated Hiring is perfect fit for Startup businesses?

So, you have just taken the first step towards a glorious business future, by launching a company of your own. Congratulations on that! One of the heartening things about having a business of your own is that you decide on the way you and everyone else works. Now that we have reflected on the glories of business startups let us also not forget the challenging road ahead. Your first task is to thwart some of the well established names in your niche and put a claim on their market share. For this to happen, you need to go online first. You might have already thought about it, you might have also listed it down. You need to procure a domain (with suitable business name), fast speed (and reliable) hosting, and then start working on the website. First comes the design, then development, followed by content and finally SEO. With your stipulated recruitment budget, finding an experienced (often a team of) professional for the specialized tasks is not the best way to go about it. This is where the dedicated hiring model can be of immense help. Let us see how you can reap benefits from this model.


  • Cost Factor: Compared to the other modes, dedicated hiring costs half or even less of the total costs you would have to pay to a full time or part time employee. Even individual service costs of web development, design, SEO or content development are much higher than dedicated hiring rates. Money-wise it is the perfect fit for startup businesses.


  • Accountability Issue: In the dedicated hiring model, one of the senior professionals works for you on a regular basis. You have the authority to assign work, supervise and ask for updates. It is just like having an employee, who is sitting at an offshore location and not under your direct payroll. You can even set goals for the professional, after mutual consent, and speed up the process.


  • Set-up requirements: With the dedicated hiring model you bypass many of the hassles in the design, development and marketing process. You end up saving all the money that would have been needed to purchase computers, software licenses and other working essentials. Everything is taken care of by the dedicated hiring service provider. With only one monthly payment, you stay away from many tensions.


  • Training needs: If you still want to recruit a team of in-house professionals, then let us point out another area of concern. With a stipulated recruitment budget, you will not be able to employ the best and experienced professionals around. So, you have to train them or pay handsome fees to a Consultant for guiding them. All these costs can be saved with the help of dedicated hiring model.


The dedicated hiring model opens up a world of opportunities for the startup business owner, so are you ready to embrace it now?



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