How do Digital Signatures keep you protected?

Even some years back most of the business owners across India constantly kept two pens in their lavish chambers. One was a black ink pen (meant for proof reading and other writing tasks) and another blue pen. The blue pen came into use as soon as a document was brought for authorization and signature. The business owner would firstly judge the sensitivity of the document, then use the blue pen to sign on it. The concept being, blue ink would make the signature Xerox proof. Then came the era of scanners, and blue signatures could be replicated as easily as Xerox copies! Now, the business owners got really worried. Their signatures could be replicated anytime and anywhere. So, they adopted the new technology of e-Signatures, often not knowing the details. Today, we are here to discuss some of the hidden facets of e-Signatures and digital signatures.

Difference between e-Signatures and Digital Signatures

Most of you would believe that both these terms can be interchangeably used to denote the same thing. But they are not so, e-Signatures are quite rudimentary in their functions, while the digital signatures have multiple layers of protection. This means, one can easily dupe you even when e-signatures are being used, but the digital signatures protect you from fraudsters.   E-Signatures are images created out of your original signatures, on a paper, which is kept stored at a remote server. But, they can be verified (when a question is raised) only by the service provider. There is no authentication certificate available with the signatory. While the digital signature come with a certificate ascertaining the validity of the signature in question. This leads to quick resolutions in times of conflict.   Another helpful feature of the digital signature is the emails and notifications users are sent when their signature is used. This again keeps you protected.

Shun two, use one

Till date, there are many business owners who have yet not come out of the black and blue pen concept. Most of them are still using two e-Signature services to keep themselves protected. One would be for everyday requirements (equivalent to the black pen philosophy) and the other would be to sign on legal and other sensitive documents. While, this may work, it may also cost you a lot more. This is why you should try and choose a single authentic digital signature service provider. With the right services, you do not have to worry about the security and there is also no need to pay extra.   As a busy going business owner, your signature is precious. It allows the smooth flow of work and makes sure that processes do not halt at your company. This is what the right choice of digital signature service provider can bring into your everyday work.

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