MS Paint is No More!

All of us grew up in an era where Paint was always supposed to be a part of the Windows package. But all that is about to change very soon. In an official announcement, Microsoft has stated that they have decided to put to rest the ancient MS Paint. The new packages of Windows versions will not have MS Paint as a default. This ancient and much used feature will now be removed to the Windows Store. The reason sighted behind such a decision was the loss of interest in the feature. MS Paint has become an ancient pillar, standing in the middle of a much renovated list of default software in the Windows package.


But for most designers around the world, this announcement made them mourn the loss. Computer users were first introduced to Paint way back in 1985. It was a part of the first Windows version. MS Paint was in existence even four years before Photoshop. So, there was a time when Paint was the most advanced photo editor available. But with the coming of Adobe’s Photoshop followed by other advanced photo editing software, the glory days of MS Paint faded away very quickly.


Though, MS Paint was losing favor among the professional designers it remained an important part of the Windows versions. Many saw this feature as the easiest way to edit and crop images for their everyday requirements, when refinement was not needed. In fact, resizing and cropping of images could be done with much more ease in Paint than the other high ended photo editing software out there. Whether you needed a presentation or had some simple image refurbishing requirements, Paint was the go to choice for quick turnaround.


The removal of MS Paint also signaled the end of an era. Every designer or photo editor of this generation is sure to have started their journey by drawing some random images using the Fill Tool or other drawing features of Paint. Paint even offered a good early start for the kids, with its range of coloring and brush options. Ask any reputed designer of the modern times, and most of them would opine their first tryst with designing began with Paint!


So, while Microsoft would obviously replace the outdated MS Paint with their modern Paint 3D (having a whole lot of extra features), it was a hard pill to digest for millions around the world. In the following days, Memes went up on social media, they were supported by trolls and  other praises about MS Paint. These were nice gestures to bid good bye to a feature that has become an integral part of our lives.


RIP MS Paint, we will always miss you!


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