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9 Transformative Trends in 2024 for Social Media Marketing 

Welcome to the ever-changing world of social media. 2024 is here, and we are in for another exciting ride in the digital landscape. From Elon Musk taking charge of Twitter (presently known as X) to Instagram doubling the reels and new platforms like Threads and Mastodon, last year was quite a rollercoaster for serious social media marketers. But what is in store for 2024? Let’s explore the major trends likely to shape the social media scene this year, and we will break them down in simple terms for social media marketing. 

Social Media Marketing Trends of 2024

We’ll explore the nine biggest social media marketing trends poised to shape the digital landscape this year.

  1. Social Media Marketing with AI Magic in Content Creation

In 2024, get ready for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to do some severe magic in creating content. AI tools are becoming super bright, helping brands make excellent posts, pictures, and videos. This means brands can be more creative while AI does the hard work. It’s like having a helpful robot assistant that can analyze trends and make content strategies smarter.

2 . Get Professionalism With The Help of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is famous for its professional network. It is like a go-to place for work-related stuff. So, if you want to grow your professional network or show off your professionalism on social media, head to LinkedIn. 

3. Facebook’s Comeback with Real Conversations

Facebook might make a comeback in 2024, but not just with ads. “Organic” posts, like regular chit-chats and posts without paid promotions, are improving. So, we might see more authentic conversations and less of just ads. It’s like Facebook wants to be a friendly place again, not just a space for selling things.

4. Locked Up Content: Gated Goodies

This year, you might notice more “gated” content. It’s like having a secret club where you can only enter if you do something special, like signing up or buying something. Brands will share exciting stuff, but you’ll have to do a little something to get it. It’s a way for brands to connect with you and give you special treats. 

5. Social Shopping Spree

Get ready to shop while you scroll! Social media platforms are turning into big shopping malls. You can buy things right there on the app. It’s super easy and quick. Brands will use this to make shopping fun with excellent posts and live events. So, you might buy things impulsively while scrolling through your feed.

6. Nano-Influencers: The Little Big Stars

Meet the “nano-influencers” – they’re like small but mighty stars on social media. They don’t have millions of fans, but their followers like them. Brands love these influencers because they’re real and relatable. So, get ready to see more everyday people promoting outstanding stuff using social media marketing.

7. Building Friendships: Brands Want to Be Buddies

Brands are going to try harder to be your friend in 2024. They want you to talk with them and share stuff. So, they’ll create unique places where you and other fans can chat, ask questions, and share things you love. It’s like turning customers into friends and making the brand experience more personal.

8. Talking About Being Good: Sustainability Chats

Brands will use social media this year to discuss being good to the planet and people. People care more about the environment, so brands also want to show they care. They’ll tell stories about doing good things, like using eco-friendly materials. It’s like showing off via social media marketing how they’re helping make the world a better place.

9. Brands Becoming Helpful Friends: Customer Service Centers

Now, social media isn’t just for chatting and posting pictures. Brands are turning it into a place to help you when you have a problem, and it is a part of social media marketing. They’ll use cool things like chatbots (competent computer helpers) to answer your questions quickly. It’s like having a helpful social media friend who’s always there when you need them.

The Necessity of a Digital Marketing Agency in Advanced Social Media Marketing

In the fast-evolving digital landscape, the role of social media in shaping brand identity and connecting with audiences is paramount; for businesses looking to make a significant impact and stay ahead in the competitive market, partnering with a Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata becomes not just a choice but a strategic necessity. Let’s delve into why your business needs the expertise of a digital marketing agency for advanced social media marketing.

1. Expertise in Social Media Marketing: Digital marketing agencies bring a wealth of expertise in social media marketing. With a team of professionals who understand the intricacies of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more, these agencies are well-versed in creating strategies tailored to each platform. Their knowledge ensures that your brand maintains a presence and thrives on these diverse social channels.

2. Tailored Strategies for Business Goals: A one-size-fits-all approach only works in the dynamic world of social media. A Digital Marketing Company can craft customized strategies aligned with your business goals. The agency can tailor social media campaigns to meet specific objectives, ensuring a more focused and practical approach, whether it’s increasing brand awareness, driving engagement, or boosting sales.

3. Leveraging Advanced Technologies: Social media and the technologies driving it are evolving. A digital marketing agency stays abreast of the latest trends and utilizes advanced tools and technologies to optimize social media campaigns. From AI-powered analytics to intelligent scheduling tools, these agencies leverage technology for precise targeting, efficient content creation, and data-driven decision-making.

4. Consistent Branding Across Platforms: Maintaining a consistent brand image across various social media platforms is crucial for building brand recognition. A digital marketing agency can ensure that your brand messaging, visuals, and tone remain cohesive across different channels. Consistent branding fosters trust and makes your brand recognizable, contributing to a more substantial online presence.

5. Strategic Content Creation: Content is king in social media, and crafting compelling and relevant content is an art. A Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata has content specialists who understand the nuances of different platforms and can create content that resonates with your target audience. Whether engaging videos, eye-catching visuals, or thought-provoking captions, the agency ensures your content stands out in the crowded social media landscape.

6. Analytics and Data-Driven Insights: Understanding the performance of your social media efforts is crucial for making informed decisions. Digital marketing agencies use analytics tools to track key metrics, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns. These insights help refine strategies, identify what works best, and optimize campaigns for maximum impact.

7. Adapting to Algorithm Changes: Social media platforms frequently update their algorithms, impacting the visibility and reach of content. Keeping up with these changes and adapting strategies accordingly is a constant challenge. A digital marketing agency with industry knowledge and experience can navigate these algorithmic shifts seamlessly, ensuring your brand stays visible to the right audience.

8. Cost-Effective Advertising: Running targeted advertising campaigns on social media can be cost-effective strategically. Digital marketing agencies know how to optimize advertising budgets, ensuring your ads reach the most relevant audience. They can design and execute ad campaigns that maximize return on investment (ROI), making every advertising dollar count.

9. Local Expertise: For businesses in Kolkata, having a local digital marketing agency brings the advantage of understanding the regional market intricacies. A Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata can tap into local trends, cultural nuances, and consumer behaviors, tailoring social media strategies that resonate with the local audience.

Your Social Media Marketing Partner

In the fast-paced world of social media, having a reliable guide can make all the difference. Look no further than Keyline Digitech Pvt—Ltd – your go-to destination for unparalleled social media marketing assistance. Let’s delve into why Keyline Digitech Pvt. Ltd stands out as the best company for all your social media needs.


In the dynamic world of social media marketing, having a digital marketing agency by your side is not just advantageous; it’s a strategic imperative. Keyline Digitech Pvt. Ltd emerges as your trusted partner in navigating the social media journey. With a blend of expertise, innovation, and a customer-centric approach, they stand out as the best social media marketing assistance company. Stay ahead of the curve, connect with your audience effectively, and achieve social media success with the support of a trusted digital marketing partner.

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The Essentials You Need to Know When Deciding on a Social Media Marketing Agency in Kolkata

Social Media Marketing is one of the smartest ways to increase your customer base in today’s market. But do you know all the ways a Social Media Marketing Agency can help you? Read this article to find out what they can do for you and how they could be beneficial.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the process of promoting your website or blog on social networking sites. It helps in building brand awareness and also drives traffic to your site. The social media marketing agency in Kolkata can help you in this regard. The social media marketing agency will help you in creating social media profile for your business and also promote your content on various social networking platforms. They will also help you in managing the online reputation of your business.

Why Hire a Social Media Marketing Agency?

A social media agency can help you create and implement a successful social media marketing strategy. They can also help you track results and analytics, so you can see how your campaigns are performing. Additionally, a social media agency can provide valuable insights and recommendations based on their experience and knowledge of the latest trends.

How to Choose the Right Agency

When it comes to choosing a social media marketing agency in Kolkata, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First and foremost, you need to make sure that the agency has experience in managing social media accounts for businesses in your industry. This is important because they will be able to understand your business and its objectives better and come up with strategies that are more likely to be effective.

Another thing to consider is the size of the agency. If you have a small business, then it might not make sense to hire a large agency with a lot of employees. On the other hand, if you have a large business, then you might want to consider an agency that has more resources at its disposal.

Finally, you should also ask for references from the agency’s past clients. This will give you an idea of ​​how satisfied they were with the services they received. If the majority of the references are positive, then that is a good sign that the agency is worth considering.

Best SMM Services Company in Kolkata

Looking for a social media marketing service provider in Kolkata that can help you take your business to the next level? Look no further than Keyline Digitech! We are a full-service social media agency that can help you with everything from creating and managing your social media accounts to developing and executing effective social media marketing campaigns.

We understand the power of social media and how it can be used to reach and engage new customers. Our team of experienced social media professionals will work with you to create a customized strategy that meets your specific business goals. We’ll help you develop high-quality content, grow your online following, and increase your overall reach and engagement. contact us today to know we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and get started on developing a winning strategy for your business.

Email Marketing Agency in Kolkata

There are many email marketing agencies in Kolkata, but Keyline is the best. They offer a wide range of services and have a team of experienced professionals who can help you get the most out of your email marketing campaigns.

They offer a variety of email marketing services, including:

-Email design and development

-List management and segmentation

-Delivery and tracking

-Reporting and analysis

They also have a team of experts who can help you with strategy, copywriting, and creative direction. In addition, they offer a suite of tools to help you automate and optimize your email marketing campaigns.


If you are looking for a social media marketing agency in Kolkata, then you have come to the right place. We are a leading agency that specializes in helping businesses grow their online presence through effective social media marketing. We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who can help you develop and implement an effective social media marketing strategy that will help you reach your goals. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you take your business to the next level.

2 Tips On How To Create An Inclusive Content

As any good digital marketing agency in Kolkata will tell you, content is king when it comes to gaining a good search result ranking for yourself. No matter whether you are a business owner or a content creator unless you have unique, original, and informative content for the users who are searching for it, your page won’t get a good ranking. And one of the ways to do this is by making your content inclusive. But what exactly is inclusive content? It means you create content that can be accessed by anyone from any part of the world. This means having a universal design that will make the content:

·        Easy to access for people with disabilities

·        Easy to access for people with any kind of hardware, internet speed, or device

·        Can be understood by people even with low computer literacy or skills

·        Geographical location

·        Culture

·        Age

·        Language

And many more.

Why having inclusive content good for you? The best SEO company in Kolkata will tell you this kind of content helps business owners or content creators gain trust, have great communication with their intended audience, and network growth. Your website will have the best marketing strategy of all— word of mouth when you create inclusive content easy to understand by everyone.

Now let’s see how to build such inclusive content.

Language and content

Give a thorough reading of your existing content. Look at the pronouns and the information you are giving. Are you consciously or unconsciously giving information to only one group of people? For example, your images and your words generally tend to use “he” or “she” instead of gender-neutral terms. Once you have thoroughly evaluated your content, you can know where your bias stands and try to remove it to create inclusive content.

Language and words used are the biggest way you can improve your content’s inclusivity. Look at your content through a lens of inclusivity. Are you using words that show disrespect to one sex or do you objectify or group people by using one term to describe everyone? Everyone has their own identity; so, unless you appeal to them from their own level, they won’t feel your sincerity and the message you want to give out.

Ableism is a real thing, and we often show bias in this regard even when we don’t mean to. Hence, instead of using words like “blind person”, use terms like “person with blindness” because many disabilities don’t take away their identity; it is something they have and not who they are. Similarly, use gender-neutral words like “take the controls” instead of “man up” or “workforce” instead of “manpower”. Don’t refer to adult women as “girls” unless you are also referring to adult men as “boys”.

Using responsive designs

Accessible web design will go a long way in making your website and content inclusive. And it is also recommended in the W3C’s Content Accessibility Guidelines. Google also follows these guidelines when indexing and ranking a website. What does a responsively designed website mean? It means your website can be used on any device and by anyone. For example, some websites on their mobile version or in their app don’t allow lock orientation or zooming in. This limits it for people with disabilities especially those with low eyesight. What are some other ways to make your site responsive? They are:

·        Using link text to describe a link destination

·        Descriptive and meaningful alt text

·        Using semantic HTML tags describing the purpose of page elements

·        Using flexible font sizes with different kinds of views.

·        Labelling all fields and buttons

But don’t become complacent once you have created such a website; being inclusive is an ongoing process. As the best marketing company in Kolkata will tell you, once you make any kind of changes to your website, you have to make that the updates are still accessible for people with disability. Thankfully, there are many free accessible checkers available online which can help you keep track of your site’s accessibility.

Remember, the process of being inclusive shouldn’t be a one-time affair. If you have hired a good digital marketing agency in Kolkata, remember to talk about monitoring your content and your website all the time to be sure the features you implemented are there. Ask for suggestions and feedback from your users and visitors. Only that way, you can have a great inclusive website.

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5 Social Media Trends That Will Take The Next Stage In 2022

With online marketing becoming more and more prevalent, social media seems like it could be on the brink of taking over mobile commerce. It’s high time to prepare your business strategies with the top-ranked digital marketing agency in Kolkata for the next gear in social media marketing.

Social media is ever-changing, and the past years have brought many new technologies and practices in the field of digital marketing. These changes will bring some significant shifts down the line, with a few different tools taking center stage in 2022. Let’s look into those social media trends and how their presence in the industry will further change modern marketing techniques.

Short Videos

The broadcast of videos over social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram exceeded 3 billion hours in the last year. These short-lasting videos are sharing statistics that allow the audience to connect with each other without requiring too much time from their end. It adds to the users’ online time and they want to keep them updated with what they have been up to. It is another way of building awareness that an organization cares about its target audience.

Omnichannel Presence

Social media is an unrestricted battleground for ideas in the modern age. The marketing sector will become very competitive in 2022, with platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook beefing up their integrations with higher engagements. Content and videos will further diversify to several social media platforms to reach a maximum audience. To stay afloat in this ever-changing context, brands must explore multiple channels on all types of platforms. The companies that keep the platform diversity strategy in their minds will be rewarded with higher conversion rates, brand loyalty, and long-term growth.

Social Commerce

Users are now getting sufficient quality & convenient services via virtual platforms. These virtual lifestyles include mobile and portable devices, progressing towards new technologies & a new approach to what people are experiencing. In 2022, digital marketers expect that two-thirds of commerce revenues will be generated by social media platforms. Advertisers will take their 79% of profits without increasing their number of clicks and one in three users will be a brand investor. Social commerce is predicted to create a digital economy by 2025. These trends will spoil traditional advertising budgets.

Customer Care

Social Media is always about two things- getting content out quickly and staying in contact with your audience. That’s why it’s important to set up a timely strategy because quick action can make a difference in social media success. The ultimate act of customer care strategy is to try and empathize with your audience. Be true to your values and products. It only takes 5 seconds to create an impression on people, so be authentic while you communicate. Always keep in mind that marketing is predicated on understanding the way people think, what they want, and empath.

ROI Strategy

Technology enables us to connect with anyone we want, wherever they are. As social media evolves with the times, so does our need for better ROI (Return On Investment), which translates social media networks into more personal and accessible. Internet-based platforms have grabbed the opportunity to turn a large amount of audience into customers. The next generation of social media trends will be focused on maximizing complete customer engagement & forming personal relationships with brands. All of these changes have been happening for the past years, and it helps generate more sales and revenues & improve ROI.


Social media is full of opportunities for businesses in the future, which is why it’s such an important tool for reaching your goal. The social media landscape has continued to grow, with new websites, platform launches, and new opportunities. So, if you’re on the verge of starting a new business this year, feel free to reach Keyline Creative Services, the best digital marketing company in Kolkata. Our team contributes to designing and managing a responsive website, implementing effective SEO strategies, executing social media campaigns, and increasing lead flow. Consider 2022 as the year for targeting the most profitable niche with a high Return On Investment (ROI) as per the wants and needs of your customers with us.

Social Media Marketing


In this digital era, not only the young generation but we can find many people aged 60 years and above, spend more time on social media platforms than on television. That’s why business owners shift their focus from television advertisement agencies to digital marketing agencies. If we look at the current scenario, people are relying more on online shopping in this COVID 19 situation. Physically visiting shops for buying suitable products, those days are already gone.

Why SMO is necessary?

Social Media Optimization is a process to promote your business organically on social networking sites, social media platforms, blogging sites, online video streaming platforms, etc. It will generate good traffic on the website. Social media is really helpful for digital marketing. If you are about to launch new products then all you need to do is create your business page on all social media platforms mainly on Facebook, Instagram. The customers will be satisfied if they get a quick response and 24*7 service availability. You will also get to know the customers and it will help your business too. You can launch the new products if you properly study the choices of your customers.

Top Secrets About SMO:

Creative Content

Content is the main key of SMO. The content should be written in simple texts. Use of digital photos is mandatory here. The color palette should be taken care of. It should not be too dark or too light in colour. The content has to be attractive at any cost. Use your brand logo everywhere, if possible. That will help to attract customers.

Useful Information

When you create your business page on any media platform, you should provide all the detailed pieces of information about your business, products, contact details (Phone number, Email ID, Website link, etc).

Easily Shareable

You should make your content in a way that people can share it easily among their friends and families via their chat boxes. It is called Viral Marketing. It should be easily accessible.

Maintain the Regularity

You have to post the content regularly on various social media platforms at the same hour. This will increase the chance of reaching more target audiences. Your contents will pop up on their phone screens several times.


The expenses are barely minimum if you compare it with television advertisement agencies. The bigger side is, you have to pay a minimal amount and the ROI (Return of Investment) is way more fruitful. It is important to get in touch with an established web design and web developing digital marketing agency that knows the work by heart. Keyline Creative Services is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Kolkata. We have gathered 19 years of experiences as a leading digital marketing company in Kolkata. We will help your business to hold a strong influence in the market.

Instagram- a digital marketing tool

How to Use Instagram As A Digital Marketing Media Tool

Business industries all over the world shift their focus to online marketplaces. Social media platforms are the best options to create a marketplace. Industrialists turn people into consumers who spend most of their time on these social media platforms. Social media marketing is a prime segment of digital marketing. There are lots of planning and management always running behind the scenes. All we can see is a slight pinch of it. We are using many social media networking sites to spend our leisure time. Instagram is one of the popular media platforms after Facebook. How can we use Instagram as a tool for the growth of our business? Instagram is the best platform to boom your start-up or sales executive company. It is the best approach for B2C (Business to Consumer) services.

There are some basic procedures to be followed:

1) Create a Business Account: You should create a business account on Instagram. The profile should be open to the public. Put all the necessary information, business details (What is your business about), put your business tagline, website links, contact number, Email ID, etc on the bio of your profile.

2) Proper Content Bucketing: Create informational posts about your products. Be it a selling post or ad post. Post contents on your feed on a regular basis. Your content has to be attractive to the customers. Always keep it in your mind. Discuss your plans with your social media marketing team.

3) Proper Social Media Planning: You need proper planning and management for handling the online marketplace on Instagram. You need to organize events from time to time, you need to design campaigns. If you are giving any discounts on your products during festivals or any other time, update it on your feed.

4) Engagement With Audience: Instagram is already a user friendly platform. Take the advantage of it and try to interact more with your customers. You will be able to understand the requirements of your customers more.

5) Be Active: Make live videos from your business hub, interact with your customers through live videos. Make attractive reel videos, post stories. You can also re-share the posts of your customers on your feed. Make it a really lively account.

Keyline Creative Services is here to guide you in the best possible way. We have a professional social media team. Our social media manager, social media graphic designers, social media campaign designers are there to help you to grow your business. We also provide web design and development services, logo design services, content marketing and web hosting services in Kolkata. If you are looking for the best digital marketing company in Kolkata then Keyline Creative Services is the answer for you.

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Do You Have a Facebook Business Page?

Are you struggling for new businesses? Social media is the new track to ride on! Every business nowadays is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked in for sure. If any business is not there on these social media platforms, then they are missing a huge business opportunity. Facebook business page is one of the most important tools to build a trustworthy communication flow in peoples’ minds. It can attract more people to become your customer.


If you have it, then that is really great, and if you don’t have it then create a Facebook page immediately after reading this blog. If you have a Facebook business page then look here in the blog that “Are you taking full advantage of the Facebook business page?”. Are you getting all the benefits of the Facebook business page?

Let’s peer into some of the benefits of having a Facebook business page.


The Facebook business page has been added to Facebook to boost your business. It is the platform where you can connect with your existing as well as new potential customers. Moreover, you can keep your customers up to date through your Facebook page. As a result, your customer will always be connected to you because you are continuously building trust for them


            Facebook provides different features so that you can engage with your customers. These features are entirely free for you. You can write a post, upload pictures, and videos so that your target audience can know more about your business. Moreover, if your clients or customers message you on your business page, then you can directly have a chat with them. You can reach billions of Facebook users at a time.


There are some free business tools that will support you in building up your business. You can create events, and even you can sell your products or services on your business page. Also, you can even hire employees and interns for your company by creating a job opportunity.


Before taking any step in business, it is important to know your customers. For knowing your customers, Facebook has given a feature of page insights. Through page insights, you can get to know the behavior of the customer. You can understand their liking and disliking. Also, you can check how often people visit your page and interact with your business posts.


            You do not have to pay anything to create your business page. Even boosting the post on Facebook does not cost much. Separately, If you want, you can take the support of digital marketers to boost your business page. Also, you can take the help of the designers to create your attractive business page. You can even tie-up with the content writers to write social media posts for you.

Keylines is the renowned digital marketing agency in Kolkata. We have clients across the globe, and our services have benefited many companies.


Besides helping you in bringing more likes, customers, or clients on your business page, Facebook creates a brand for you. If your business page followers find you active and responsive, then they will definitely not leave you. They would like to do business with you.


Having a Facebook page is one of the best ways to increase organic traffic on your website. As a result, a high ranking on the search engine. To know how it can be possible kindly contact Keyline and we will help you in knowing “HOW”. We will be supporting you in increasing your website traffic. We are the top SEO company in Kolkata. Do Connect to us for any queries.

Another important point is if you do proper digital marketing of your Facebook page, it will definitely boost your business. You can connect to a digital marketing agency and get it done for you at a bigger platform.

After looking at so many benefits of having a Facebook page, you must be clear why you need to have a business page on Facebook. Secondly, if you already have, you must have cross-checked whether you are making full use of the Facebook business page or not.

5 Social Media Networks Beyond Facebook and Twitter

With engaged user bases and proprietary first-party data, social networks can be great traffic sources for marketers. Around 88% users use Facebook to advertise and around 30% in Twitter. But there are other social network platforms. Platforms such as Quora, Pinterest, Snapchat are used by fewer than 10% of marketers despite being popular with users. In fact, Reddit is the sixth most-visited global website, doesn’t break the top eight.

Advertisers don’t want to test other platforms when Facebook & Twitter deliver enough scale. But testing ads on multiple platforms is important to an efficient social media marketing strategy. Smaller, less competitive social platforms might offer lower advertising costs, and depending on your industry, more specialized platforms might allow you to target particular audiences in the right mindset to engage with your ads. By trying new platforms, you can find new audiences, explore new ad mediums, and maybe even find some success.

Here are five additional social networks that you should try advertising on, with advice on how to tackle them.


Pinterest is ideal for B2C brands with lifestyle products that can be clearly expressed in a picture. You can sell the products using imagery. Last year, Pinterest reported 250 million users and more than 175 billion pins. The platform also shared that Pinterest users find Pinterest ads 1.4 times more relevant than ads they see on other social media networks—which is reason enough to start advertising on the platform.

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest offers Promoted Pins, which are standard pins advertisers can promote in a user’s feed (the ads are simple, with an image, short text, and an off-site link). These ads blend in well and are not obtrusive to the Pinterest experience. When creating a Pinterest ad, use a vertical image at least 600 pixels wide, and remember that people use Pinterest to discover new ideas and projects. If you can create a visually-appealing ad that provides a promise of improvement to the user’s life, you’ll do well on Pinterest.


Snapchat is also a B2C platform for brands. If your B2C business has a younger demographic, you need to consider testing out Snapchat ads. Snapchat provides a great opportunity to connect with a younger audience (among those 18 to 24, 78% use Snapchat).

Snapchat Ads

Snapchat has multiple ad types, including their Sponsored Filters, which are branded filters people can overlay on their photos. Snapchat’s Story Ads live in the Discover tab amongst organic stories from celebrities and media sites. Here, you have just an image and 34 characters to entice people to click, which prompts them to watch at least three video Snaps you upload. Snapchat also offers Snap Ads, which are slightly-obtrusive ads that appear in between Snaps in someone’s Snap Story (these can be static or video).


Advertising in LinkedIn is mostly of B2B. If B2B is your audience then you should definitely be testing ads there. But B2C advertisers can still get success at LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is an extensive platform to target people with their professional credentials.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn has three main ad units, all native: Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, and Sponsored Job Results. The latter two will appeal mainly to sales and hiring teams, respectively, while Sponsored Content is used by marketers to reach people as they browse their LinkedIn feeds. LinkedIn ads look exactly like organic posts, even showing who of your contacts follows the sponsoring companies.

The ads themselves tend to promote content like an eBook or blog article, although on desktop you’ll also see commercial-quality auto-playing videos. Does this mean you shouldn’t try sending users to a product page? Not at all, but keep in mind users are likely to be in an analytical work mindset, versus a buying one, making LinkedIn more of a top-of-funnel traffic source versus direct response.


Advertising on Qoura might seem like a waste of time. But this Q&A platform has over 300 million unique visitors each month. With its wide variety of topics, Quora applicable to pretty much every marketer—all you have to do is find your audience and set up your ads.

Quora Ads

Quora’s self-serve portal has two major ad units: 1. Promoted Answers, where a specific answer gets promoted in a user’s home feed (but not within the question itself), and 2. Image/text ads that appear within answer results.With Quora you can hyper-target your audience. Beyond the pre-defined Topic and Interest Targeting options (there are literally thousands), as well as their recently-released keyword targeting, you can target specific questions. The interface even shows you the expected weekly views of each question. A successful Quora campaign will involve upfront research around relevant questions. Consider this missed opportunity: For the question of “What are the best running shoes?” there’s not a single footwear advertiser. It would not cost much for a brand like Adidas or New Balance to pay to appear in the first result.

Social Media Marketing Strategy In 2019

7 Ways to Upgrade Your Social Media Marketing Strategy In 2019

With more than 3 billion people using social media every day, it’s really important to stay ahead of the curve and social media strategy of your brand. Strategizing social media activities is not easy as the platform changes very quickly. There are a lot of new trends that affect how users engage on these platforms. Each of these changes has been catalyst for businesses to adjust their social media strategies and tactics. In order to stay competitive, you need to adjust your strategy. Here are seven tactics that your social media strategy needs in 2019.

  1. Target True Engagement

Cheating the system to encourage engagement has been a popular social tactic for some time. Brands simply put ‘tag a friend’ in the comment section to show as a conversation. But algorithms are getting smarter. You can’t get engagement through spammy ways to garner likes and shares.

With organic reach declining and more business are increasing their social ad spend, content needs to be truly interesting and engaging so that followers, wider audiences can’t get involved.

  1. Work With Micro Influencers

On the theme of true engagements, micro-influencers continue to win ground over their more celebrity-like counterparts. Micro-influencers often work on a gifting basis or charge lower fees than big names. Audiences of micro-influencers are more engaged. Micro-influencers are also niche specific than the social media stars. Some research has shown than profile with thousands followers, engagement rates on sites like Instagram start to rapidly decline. Collaborating with digital socialites who have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers comes at a fraction of the usual influencer cost, but with likelihood that genuine engagement will be much greater.

  1. Get Rid of Fake Followers

If you’re planning for a genuine engagement and influencer marketing, it is advisable to first get rid of fake social followers. Fake and spam accounts have been since the drawn of social media. You can find ‘influencer’ with million followers, but in reality isn’t quite what it seems.

So it is important to check engagement rates before connecting with an influencer is that audience size doesn’t equal views or activity. Fake profiles can make a profile popular but collaborating could be a waste of time and money.

  1. Make Sure Your Social Profile Shoppable

Shoppable social has already made waves from Pinterest’s buying pins to the Checkout on Instagram. The Shoppable socials have become is now clearer and shorter than ever. Pinterest has upgraded ad pins to ‘Product Pins’ a tool that takes shoppers straight to the checkout page for a selected item on a retailer’s site, while Instagram gives users a route from discovery to checkout without leaving the app. Invest in shoppable social adverts where it is relevant. Test out which platform & CTAs work for audience best.

  1. Include Dark Social In Your Strategy

Dark social refers to the kind of social networking that marketers can’t track – sharing information over WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger. Content you engage online forms part of your own online presence. Facebook Messenger app sees 1.3 billion users send 8 billion messages every month and the total once you include WhatsApp, WeChat, and Skype is around 5 billion active monthly users.

  1. Capitalize on FOMO With Live Video

You need to understand the mindset of millennials. This age group suffers from FOMO – fear of missing out. Consider this to inspire experiential marketing experiences and user-generated content campaigns. Live videos, super-shorts, time-sensitive competitions are just a few of the ways to instill FOMO on a waiting audience.  Fine-tune and implement a live-video strategy. Research what your audience wants.

  1. Test Out Augmented Reality Ads

AR is making waves in customer experience already, used in apps that help customers try on sunglasses and makeup, or imagine what a paint color might look like on their living room wall. Facebook has already testing AR-ready advertising, which allows users to tap a product ad and try the item without leaving their newsfeed. Augmented reality has been hailed by some as the future of digital marketing. Beauty and fashion brands are naturally the early adopters with NYX, Sephora, and Michael Kors already testing out the new Facebook function. If your budget stretches as far as AR ads and apps, it’s the time to develop them.

Social media isn’t just a tool to increase brand awareness. It can increase in revenue, customer retention, and help to build an engaging customer experience. But every platform is so noisy, it can feel an impossible task, but with niche targeting and a trustworthy, relatable approach, it can be done. The core of a social media strategy isn’t the numbers. They are humans with a range of emotions and interests.   

Why SEO Is Important?

Why SEO Is Important?

Before understanding why SEO is important, or why search is important, you need to step back and understand why people search.

Why People Search?

In the early days, people used to search to find a list of documents that contained the words they typed in. But now things have changed. Today people search to find solutions, to accomplish tasks and to ‘do’ something else. You can search to book a flight or want to learn the latest song by a popular singer. When a person starts a search, they start a journey. In marketers’ language, it’s known as ‘consumer journey’. It captures the journey of a buyer from inception to completion. And most of the journey starts with search. Over the last decade, the consumer journey is playing a larger role in search.

Evolution of Search and Consumer Journey

The modern consumer journey no longer get represented by a funnel, but it more looks like a crazy straw partnered with various twists and turns representing various channels, mediums, and devices that users interact in today’s time. Search has evolved from simple words on the page to understand the intent of the users on each phase of the journey. Search is no longer about keywords. It has evolved from providing the right content to the right user at the right time to accomplish their task. For users, it’s all about verbs. And for search marketers, it’s all about their journey. Sticking to the crazy straw model, today’s consumer journey happens using multiple devices. You may search for the product on mobile devices and use work laptop to study about it and finally buys the product using a desktop at home. Search isn’t just limited to computers or smartphones. Users can search from a variety of devices that includes watches, smart glasses, Bluetooth speaker assistants, and even kitchen appliances. In today’s world, in which a fridge has a twitter account and search marketers need to know about how various devices relate to each other and play a part in the user’s search experience. In a hyper-connected world, SEO has become “real marketing.” The days of hacks, tricks, and attempt to reverse-engineer algorithms are gone.  Today’s SEO focuses on:

  • Understanding personas.
  • Data-driven insights.
  • Content strategy.
  • Technical problem-solving.

3 Main Aspects of Any Marketing Strategy or Campaign

Search touches mainly 3 areas, these are:

i) Attract

ii) Engage

iii)    Convert

However, search mainly focuses on the first phase “Attract”. It is no longer feasible to just have an awesome product. You should actively attract customers via multiple channels and outlets. Despite some contraries from clients or design agencies, every webpage is an SEO page.  If you’re using the webpage to attract visitors, engage visitors, or to convert them, there should be an important SEO component to that page.

SEO has come a long way from the days of Metadata. You also need to remember that today’s websites are more application than they are just a website. Web applications come with lots of fancy features that don’t always play nicely with search engines (hi again, angular and react.)

Good SEO

A good SEO today not only focuses on content but also helps:

  • To navigate through multiple versions of the same page
  • Solve issues related to tech that render content invisible to search engines
  • To ensure proper server settings
  • To integrate with social media, content, creative, user experience, paid search, or analytics
  • To find avenues to speed up your site

As a good SEO professional, you have to understand searcher as well as competitive landscape. It isn’t enough to understand the user’s task, as a search marketer you also need to understand what options the marketplace offers and how they fill the gaps.

Suppose the article is about the best hotel management college in Kolkata then surely you have to maintain the focus keyword density.

As an SEO professional, you’ve to wear multiple hats as they help connect development, information architecture, user experience, content strategy, marketing, social, and paid media teams. Search marketers around the globe, in an attempt to create that works for search engine and users.


Search matters because of users matters. The continuous evolvement of technology puts SEO to deal with new ways of searching, new devices to search on, and new types of searches (voice search) but one thing remains constant is why people search. The search isn’t going away.