Poor Bounce Rate? Your Website Must be Missing These Elements

The whole world is shouting the same mantra as, "We have a website that our user will like, stay  etc".  Unfortunately people do not understand that poor bounce rate is just because there are a few things missing in their websites. Any web designer or designing company would give you a design as per your request it. However, you need to choose what type of elements should be in your webpage. This article would help you to see what your page is missing which may actually help to build trust within the customers, so that you would have a high traffic and sales number.

It is not impossible to achieve the trust of your visitors. All you need is a few elements that would help to increase the sales in your website, beyond web design.

No red badges

Do you have a money back policy? Can the users return the product within a few days? Do you provide warranty? Yes, most of you do. What you do not do is to show the customers that you provide those. The best way is to add a golden or silver colored badge stating the information on your sales page and home page.

According to statistics, the golden colored badges are very attractive to the customers as they think that the color of the badge is a value indicator. You can use orange or white badges too, but avoid red badges.

Not a registered logo

We all know the importance of logo as branding. Add them at the end of the page, so that when they understand your business, you can show that you are not a gimmick. It is a way to show your experience and also to indicate that a lot of big players believe in you. The easiest way to build trust is to show your work history with your logos in it. Things must look very professional.

Let’s get back to the scope of this article. This topic is about the things you are missing that would help to build trust in your customers which would increase your traffic and sales. Well, trust is directly proportional to the sales revenue. Why do customers hesitate to trust you? It is because of the card fraud, identity fraud and other payment related issues. Add payment logos that would ease the concerns of customers. If you are accepting payments through PayPal, add the logo. If your site or payment method is approved by any organization, do not hesitate to add their logo as well.

Face Value

Face value is something that has proven to improve bounce rate and even sales. It is always better to show your real face on your site. Adding pictures of your team and you would add trust and also help to build a personalized recognition. People want to do business with you, and seeing whom they have hired adds in the value and increase chances of getting hired.

Adding testimonials, show how many people are following your page or you, show the number of likes you have in FaceBook and add every element that would show that a lot of people trust you. This would add a considerable effect to the traffic and the sales revenue.

I have just thought to give out 3 tips which must be common with all websites but unfortunately is not in practice. there are several more ways a site can build trust, generate interest and can improve the bounce rate of the site. However, regular analysis of links, visitors, user behaviours are something that should be again very common process to understand more about your web users and add elements accordingly.

I would appreciate if I could know about more ways that can help ensuring long time visitors stay on our website.

The Million Dollar Button in Your Website

Words are powerful, but the buttons are the king. Without content, there is no website. However, if your content is not helping your ‘call to action’ button, then it is better to discard them. The whole world is going behind the theme, ‘we have a something for some company and we want traffic’. But the question is, are you making all the efforts to sustain the traffic that is presently landing on your website and its pages? What if I say that your content is what is pushing your traffic away?

Call-to-action buttons

The Million Dollar Button

The ‘call to action’ button is worth a million dollar. In an online store website, whether you are adding the product to the cart or buying it, an action is required. Sometimes, your call to action can be making the people sign-up for some course or newsletter and so on.

The call to action need not be the same in all the pages of your website, but when you are getting your website design and developed it is important to mention the call to action buttons that are needed for each page and ask the web developer or the company you have hired to focus all the details towards making the button more attractive and worth its use.

Words that Makes you Swipe

Buttons do not speak for themselves. You need words to make your customers open their wallets. There is no set of magic words which can be added to the content to increase the customers’ urge to click the million dollar button.

You can use words like ‘free’, ‘discount’, ‘money back’, ‘guarantee’ and many others that would excite your users to take an action. There is no predefined formula. You need to find the words which would help the button. You can get the help of the marketing experts for this or can dig for this by performing research on the web. Recently Kevan Lee from Buffer has posted about 189 words that get your customer's attention every time.

How to Create the Million Dollar Button?

Do you know that registering for the site puts the customers away from purchasing? It is always better to have sign up buttons and product or buy buttons in different pages. You should know that people would easily be distracted by the content. Sometimes, the best content is no content at all.

Ask our experts’ and ‘submit your question’ are the same on a help page. But, ‘ask our expert’ shows that there is actually a person behind that button who would give an exact answer to the problem, instead of submitting the questions alone. It has been found that replacing ‘sign up’ button with ‘learn more’ button has increase the conversions by 20%. ‘Buy’ and ‘Buy now’ are not the same for the customers. ‘Buy now’ shows that there is urgency in getting the service or product.

Creating your ‘call to action’ button is not just about choosing the right spot and color. The content surrounding it and the words on the button can make a huge difference. It is not a magic button or magic word that would make your ‘call to action’ button worth a million dollars. It is about how you want to express your product or service to the customer. Instead of giving half a page length of text to say that you have a resource of high level expertise that would solve your problem, just add a button like, ‘Contact a human’. These three words would make a lot of difference than clustering your page with massive texts.


I wrote the above blog just to bring in notice to those businesses online who are not making use of such small efforts that can change the way they are getting leads and developing business.

I know there are more creative ways and actionable words that can be used apart from what I have mentioned. I would be obliged if you could share those in the comments below.

How Colors Impact Conversions (an INFOGRAPHIC)

Our mind reacts uniquely to every unique things that it sees. Human minds have different types of receptors in brain that responds in different way to different colours. Even during designing a website or sharing posts in social media colours play huge role and an expert human psychologist who understand the affect of colours can possibly say which post will get what kind of response in respect to the content it has against the colours used in it. Using the right colors with the product at right time to your target market can increase the conversion rate.

With this in my mind I just performed a search on Google to check out some information and landed on to KISSMETRICS blog's. They have prepared an infographic (pasted below) with awesome details listing how colors have affected conversions:

How Colors Affect Conversions
Source: How Colors Affect Conversions – Infographic


Colors rule our life. We tend to respond to some or the other color in the way our mind receives it. Using the right colors in your marketing experiments are assured to give surprising results.

Have you tried playing with colors in your marketing efforts? If yes, then how was the respond. I would love to learn more from you in comments below.

Top 25 Wordpress Plugins in 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

With the year 2014 so near to end I was just wondering if some of the best websites, templates, codes, plugins I could list in my blog. I am somewhat more fascinated with what has ruled the age that is going to end soon because it gives much more clear projection of the new age and an new era. Check out below in an infographic, the list of top WordPress plugins in 2014:

Top WordPress Plugins

Originally posted by Siteber.com.

Plugins of the WordPress are the real spice of the platform that actually helps users to enhance the look, functionality in their CMS. Using the above-mentioned 25 plugins any WordPress website can provide a better security and better user experience.

Do you know any other WordPress plugin that you think should have been listed here? If yes then please share in comments below.

7 Questions You Must ask Before Hiring a Web Development Company

In present time online business has become the direct second and indirect first option to prosper. People in many areas are already shunning the practice of visiting a brick and mortar shop. They perform most of the shopping for daily use or luxurious stuffs from the confines of their homes. Technology has changed the mindset of customers 3600. The companies must change their thought process likewise. The first step to transforming your company into a modern day powerhouse is to develop a feature packed and easy to use website. The person who would help you achieve such a goal is a web developer or a web development company. So, the choice of a web development company partnering you in a bid to create great online image is important. So, the first interaction between you and the sales representative of the web development is vital. Some business owners feel that price negotiation and some formal agreements are all that is important about this meeting. Far from it, the first meeting (whether it is physical or online meeting) is important to judge whether the web development company can deliver the quality you are looking for. The costs of web development are not getting any cheaper by the day so you have every right to be choosy about the service provider. Turn your initial meeting with the web development company into a thorough interview session. I have listed out around 7 questions you must ask before hiring a web development company. You can ask any question that you deem important.

What do you think about website’s usability?

The question helps you differentiate the experienced web developers against the inexperienced ones. The take on website usability also portrays a message about the company’s focus area. Does the company keep the most important aspect in mind while developing the website i.e. the visitors? If a company is not able to answer this question satisfactorily then the company may build a website that they like and not one that you want. Always hire a web development company that gives utmost importance to user centric web development. Experienced companies would be glad that you asked them this question and they will readily share opinions or experiences about the topic.

Can you sight some projects that were based on attaining the user centric goals?

Always ask for reference websites that have user centric features in them. If you want to develop an event registration tool for your website, then ask the representative to show a website having the same feature. After seeing the website you can go ahead and ask the company representative about development details and challenges that came about while developing the feature. Compare the goals of the example project with your own website. It may happen that the company has not built any website with the similar features you are looking for. It may happen to even the most reputed company. But, then too, the company should be able to give a detailed project plan and the challenges that are present in the project. Always remember a basic concept, your intention is not to hire a company with a huge portfolio but one that can meet all your needs. A company that has built wide range of features and designs is the perfect match for your project.

Is there any limit to revisions?

Most of the communication between the company and you is going to happen online. Though everyone is very comfortable with online meetings and communication but there is always a lingering chance of misinterpretation. Often you mean a thing and the developer picks something different for a meaning. This can lead to loss of time and effort. Now, there are many web development companies which limit the number of revisions. It is a viable option for them. They do not want their employees to work for nothing. But on the other end you do not want to be delivered a website that is of no worth. So, make sure that there are enough scopes to revise the work and get a website that you need.

Can I meet your team?

This simple question will reveal whether the work will be done in house of outsourced. Never fall for the cheap prices or other lures of companies that outsource work. The chances of goof ups go many counts higher when there is a triple layer delivery process. The worst thing is that the such web development companies in their bid to keep high profits will outsource the work to a fresher web developer and you know how disastrous that can be.

Can I select my own team?

This is a question that will tell you about the depth of the organization. If the web development company has only a couple of web developers then they will say “No” straightaway. If they have a team of experienced web developers then they would be more than delighted to share information about their web developers. Some of the companies even assist their clients in selecting the right candidates for the job. Companies having only a couple of web developers will not be able to support your website in case there are absences.

How can I make future changes?

One thing that is consistent about technology is that it is ever changing. So, no matter how well thought your approach is to web development you are bound to make changes later on. What is hot this year will change the next year. There are different policies that web development companies have in this regard. Some of the companies will perform the changes by charging an hourly rate, while others will set up an easy to use content management system. CMS is a great way to update and change things without relying upon the web development company. But there are certain instances when, no matter how elaborate your CMS is, changes have to be carried out by the web development professionals.

How do you measure the goal centric results for a website?

The ultimate goal for any online business owner is to get lots of traffic that can use the website with ease. So, it is important that the web development company have some idea about how to measure the results. Though the conversation might sound too technical, but it is important to ask the question. The professional may utter words such as unique visits, bounce rates, page views, etc. If you are not aware of any jargon ask the representative to explain what it means.


Though there could be more questions that you can ask and should have been in the list, I believe that the above mentioned are very important and among the basics you should ask.

Do you think there could some more specific question that should be in the queue? If yes, then please share in comments below.

8 Smart Tricks for Successful Facebook Marketing

Though, the present generation is after Facebook and the Facebook freaks spend hours and hours of time on this wonderful social platform, only few of them know about the amazing targeting capabilities of Facebook that can facilitate them tailor their own message and target their desired audiences.

It will highly interest someone from the field of business and marketing to know that Social networking sites like Facebook can create magic for the business owners who want to bring their business on the right foot. Or speaking in other words, Facebook is simply a fabulous place for advertising and keeping yourself engaged with all your present and potential customers. Being on Facebook, as a business owner, you will get a social platform where you would have the power to share your ideas, feelings and to be more open and connected. With Facebook marketing, you can not only generate more leads for your website by bringing large number of visitors to your site, but you can promote and endorse your product across the globe within a few finger-counted instants. As such, more and more number of people will come to learn about your site by reading the posted profiles, articles and blogs and will finally sign up with it for mailing list.

ALSO READ4 Ways Social Networking Sites Influence Your Web Rankings 

But, often small business owners are not able to take the full advantage of Facebook marketing due to their ignorance of the real art of promoting or endorsing their products or contents on Facebook. If you are also facing problems to strengthen your presence on Facebook and attracting customers, go through some of the social media tricks for an effective Facebook Marketing especially thought up for business owners who are looking to promote their websites on Facebook.

Here is your list of 8 tricks for successful Facebook marketing:

  1. LEARN MORE ABOUT FACEBOOK: The very basic thing for any business owner looking to do business through Facebook is to know about it first. Due to shortage of time and knowledge the small business owners most of the times lag behind in taking the full advantages of this wonderful advertising tool. So, in order to learn about Facebook you need to participate in it. Set up a Business Page first and then look out the activities of the competing brands on this site.
  2. UPDATE YOUR COVER PHOTO: If you want to get attention from the viewers, update your cover photo frequently. A cover photo is the main highlight of your profile and it has to be unique and attractive with the ability to draw the attention of visitors instantly. Hence, chose an attractive, apt and colorful cover photo to carry out an effective marketing. Whenever there is a special sale or some new product is launched, mark it with updating your cover photo to advertise the special sale.
  3. TRY COLORS, ANIMATIONS & IMAGES INSTEAD OF PLAIN TEXTS: The latest trend to promote any website on Facebook is by using loads of images, visuals, graphics, info graphics, videos and animation. These are the best and easiest means to gain popularity by driving visitors to the page. Photos and videos are generally more attractive then plain texts and as a result they get more Likes, Comments and Shares compared to textual posts. To attract people to your post make use of videos photos or you can also make use of animated images in order to draw some serious attention. Hence, be more open towards posting some interesting stuffs and try to be creative in your approach.
  4. INCLUDE FRIENDLY AND INFORMATIVE POSTS: The posts are the online voice of any business owner. Through posts a business owner should reveal his/her strong points and as such his/her Facebook Page will become a reflection of his/her strengths. As such, you should include friendly and informative posts and keep it visible to all so that the posts can draw visitor’s attention and they can post comments whenever they visit the page.
  5. REPLY TO THE COMMENTS: Business owners should always reply to the Comments on their posts since this kind of interaction increases their engagement and reach as visitors often share posts and replies to their friends. Moreover, it should always be kept in mind that the visitors on your Facebook Page are your potential customers. So, whatever positive or negative Comments you get from your visitors, you are not at all expected to get annoyed or give harsh replies. Remember, if you want to become successful in Facebook marketing, your client’s comments must be answered politely and on time.
  6. POST FREQUENTLY AND CONSISTENTLY: You must be consistent in posting contents on your Facebook Page. If you post your valuable contents only once or twice in a week, your contents might lose the fans attention and interest. On the contrary, daily posting of contents will keep up your fans attention and they will remain interested to see your contents in their feeds. Remember, the more you post the better would be your chances of being seen by your potential readers. Frequent postings help you get attention from others.
  7. INCLUDE TAGS IN YOUR POSTS: Including tags in your posts is a great way to broaden your exposure. Attaching a label to your post helps you in reaching your specifically identified viewers or any particular group of people who might be looking for this particular tag line that you have included in your posts. Posts without proper tags fail to get connected with its desired audience as they can’t draw visitor’s attention.
  8. CONCEAL VALUABLE CONTENTS: Don’t flaunt all your contents on your profile page openly. But keep some of your valuable contents hidden behind the Like option. Hiding some of your vital and valuable contents behind the ‘Like’ option is a great strategy of getting more Likes on a particular post by persuading the visitors to click the Like option and see what’s behind. But, in order to lure the customers to click on the ‘Like’ Option, make use of bold, colorful and graphical images along with catchy and interesting titles. It will instantly drive the viewer’s towards that content and would compel them to click on the ‘Like’ option.

For an example, IIHM Kolkata offers the "best hotel management college in Kolkata"

How To Start With?

If you continue to participate in Facebook and experiment with your business strategies, within a few days handling your business page and gaining profits from it will be a mere child-play for you. The toughest part of this job is its initiation. Once you start up successfully with the help of expert guidance, your marketing skills will keep on improving with every passing day.  For any assistance or to know more tricks and tips, you can approach any good Facebook marketing expert in your own city or town. In every city and town there are several Social Media marketing consultancy services having good Social Media marketing experts from whom you can seek expert assistance and guidance for setting and improving your Facebook marketing page thus boosting your online sales by 60%.

Well, Facebook is that social platform through which you can do anything for generating business. It is a great way to augment your marketing by creating a huge potential community among your followers. Simply follow the above mentioned smart Facebook Tricks and see the magic on your own. Check out latest WB GOVT JOB.


If you are a business who want to derive the maximum benefits from your Facebook page then you can contact Keylines. Our e-Marketing team can prepare a result-oriented plan of action and deliver the right ROI of your investment in a social marketing with facebook. Contact Keylines here.

Xtricks for Web Designers to Develop Front-End Web Page

Do you believe the web front page is the reflection of the entire website? I do and I think majority of the contemporary web designers will agree to this concept. Now, the big question is, if front-end webpage s the vital tool to share your sites story to its visitors, how to make it an eye-catcher and attention grabber simply at a quick glance?

But, unfortunately whenever you try to find out an answer to this query, you end up in listening to the latest trends of web page designing or the present high-end techniques come in front of your eyes instead of the high-end tools and technologies that you can practically employ to grab the attention of every viewer. But following current trends might not always serve your purpose in the true sense. Hence, think out-of-the-box and don’t run after high-end technologies to give an extravagant look to your web page.

If you are behind a sophisticated web page, here I am going to share some of the radical technologies that may serve as Xtricks for you to develop a front-end web page.

  • Microsoft FrontPage 2002: For any front web page designer, the best and effective technique to make their site fascinating is none other than Microsoft front page 2002. Due to its amazing features it is extensively in use by the designers whenever it comes to web front page designing. With its remarkable collection of themes in accompaniment of ‘only one of its kind’ images you can land in creating an exclusive landing page for your site. The wide array of subjects and themes accessible in Microsoft front page 2002 are complementary and applicable to the objectives and significance of almost all sites related to different types of business. Thus, this Xtrick makes the work of site page creators less toilsome up to a considerable extent. Genuinely talking, it is the ideal answer for web page designers while designing the front page of any small business house who can’t afford costly technologies to make their site distinctive and appealing.
  • Graphical Pictures: While designing your front-end web page you can now utilize pictures that are not at all back-dated and conventional.  Web designers should compose and create graphical pictures in such a way, to the point, that they portray the whole adage and objective of the page just at a single fleeting look of the viewer. Being a web architect, by making use of arresting and lively pictures you can immediately get the consideration of the viewers and interest them. When the website page gets loaded in the program the high-end pictures greet the guests and provide for them a pleasing and positive thought regarding the site. Through utilizing graphical high-end pictures, that are found to be immensely compelling in retaining the visitors interest on the site for a very long length of time,  you can showcase the nature and features of the particular business to the global mass only at a mere peek of your site.
  • Slider: In case your designed website has a story and message to share with the visitors, then the latest technological innovation of slider can be utilized to outline the front page exceptionally. Through this unique tool you can load small slides with short and interesting messages in the landing page. It will be really alluring and appealing for all the global visitors as you can place your slide contents either in very easy effortless English or in any other global languages. All the visitors have to do, is to scroll between the slides by clicking on them one after another to visualize their contents. Though, there is a slight dispute on its viability, this amazing Xtrick is extensively in use by the contemporary web designers to give an innovative touch to their web front page.
  • Bar Graphics Effect – While organizing a website you can make use of another effective technique namely bar graphics effect. For making your front page more interesting and engaging use bar graphics effect as it will organize all your front page components thus enhancing its appeal. The best advantage of using this latest technology is that it loads all the striking elements of the website in the front page first. As a result, it gives all the visitors a first-hand impression of the best contents available in the website. Making use of this technique, place your best web features in front tags and valuable contents in the front page. By this tool, you can also easily make your web page compatible with mobile applications where the users can see the entire web page from a single bar graphics application. As such, with this Xtrick your designed web page will reach the mass thus generating huge leads for the business concerned.
  • JavaScript: Bygone is those days of old and antique technologies. Now, you can add new dimensions in your web page designing by utilizing the latest technology of JavaScript. It is an alternate designing technology that can bring new facet to website page planning. Each and every web page designer is striving for JavaScript currently because of its exceptional functionalities. With the assistance of JavaScript, the code on customer's machine runs quickly and the interface gets loaded by the server in the client’s machine in a very short time, thus loading the entire page rapidly in the client’s browser without any hassles. An alternate vital trick of this tool is that it spares a considerable measure of band width. As the code needn’t to be on the server, the page gets loaded more rapidly thus saving a ton of important client's bandwidth. Hence, this Xtrick is most likely to be an insurgency in the field of site page outlining.
  • Ajak: Being a web designer if you are looking for a magical tool to revive your web page then your search ends here. Ajak is the most recent innovation for web planning quickly. Prior to Ajak, guests used to get disappointed as the website page get revived each time with each click in the same page. But, with this technology, all the web page visitors can now find each and every feature being in the same page without reviving the whole page again and again. As a result, this will be a great help for the visitors to interact with the website. The vast majority of the web front pages employ this great Xtrick to plan and stuff all the unique features in the landing page so that clients can advantageously look at all the elements in the front page without refreshing the whole page not even once.

If you want to implement these radical Xtricks while designing a front-end web page, you are in the right track. And in case you face any problem while utilizing these tricks or you are in need of expert advice and suggestion never hesitate to take suggestion of veteran web page designers placed in reputed web designing agencies in almost each and every city and state of India. Simply drop down to their place or buzz them whenever you need their assistance. Share your creative ideas and Xtricks with them and get their opinion and guidance in this regard to create something truly distinctive that has never been outlined before in a web front page.

Current trends always come and go, but radical technologies stick to their position forever. So, don’t simply focus on current trends, and deject the fundamental and simple technologies. Rather, make them your magical Xtricks to gain a cutting-edge over other contemporary front-end web page designers.


Veteran and skilled web designers know how to implement both fundamental and current technologies to create a unique web front page. If you want such expert’s guidance, visit keylines.net and get valuable ideas from them to design a matchless web landing page. 

5 Smoking Trends In Contemporary Web Design

When it comes to web designing you have to agree, it is all about smoking trends and smart approaches. In the fast paced world of web designing you can’t stick to old backdated trends for too long. If you want to carry on with the fast track of changing trends you need to depart with the old ones and grab the new ones in order to showcase your business as modern and up to date.

But with the highly fluctuating contemporary web design trends it is really hard to find out what to opt and what to leave. A wrong trend selection will not only lag you behind but throw you out of the competition. From the loads of coming and going web designing practices your choice must be something exclusive for a direct positive impact on your consumer’s expectations and decisions.

Continue with the article and by the end you will have an idea of the 5 smoking trends in contemporary web design you must apply to get an upper edge in the industry.

Responsive Web Design: Happy Hours for Mobile Browsing

In order to add a bit more personality and air of uniqueness to their site, designers have move on from the earlier form of responsive web design and gave it a twist. Bygone are those days of browsing computers and laptops to read and get your desired information. In the current smart phone era browsing a website on phones has become a lot easier for which all credit goes to the latest uniform responsive web designs. Whether you have a limited or enlarged website screen making it comprehensive and compatible with all latest tablets, fablets and smart phone gadgets, is the duty of responsive web design. It is now happy hours for mobile browsing and tablet and smart phone freaks no more need to go for untrendy desktops and laptops for browsing the web.

Unlimited Scrolling: Displaying Entire Concept in One Platter

With new techniques of enhanced white space or enlarged screen along with updated responsive web designs we are now again going back to long scrolling sites stuffed with contents but in a more organized and easy to browse format. It is now somewhat like a single canvas with a dynamic page with thorough changing layouts. As it displays the entire concept in one platter, you can browse and enjoy websites in any device you want. Long scrolling pages are no more a hindrance in your navigation as they will get loaded easily in whatever gadget you want to load them. Well, if you are thinking about your visitors getting bored with all info in one page, let me tell you most of the users hardly realize how far they have scrolled down!

Fixed Title Bars: Going Back To The Permanent Headers

Quite a few years ago, it was a general practice of having websites with fixed title bars. Well, now it is again currently in trend but in a polished and attractive manner. What the visitors find disturbing during their navigation is the fluctuating headers. But all their problems are solved with the returning of fixed title bars. Designers have started to experiment with the earlier form of permanent title bars and have come up with a new trendy approach for the users to go to any desired page in just a single page. Keeping the entire header in place while browsing the page, is in fact a great idea to expose your maximum web page info to the visitors in a minimum time.

Videos Overtaking Texts: Watching is Better than Reading

Now with the increased popularity of videos and visual graphics the latest trends in web designing is taking a sharp hairpin turn giving space to videos in place of texts. It is always considered better to watch other than reading as it has a greater impact on the viewers. As such videos are the smoking in-things of web designing at present due to their better reach ability to the users where normal texts fail to break the ice. Furthermore, for your social media freak clients nothing is a better option than a video allowing them to share their favorite info and stuffs on popular social media sites. What’s more? By displaying client’s views, comments and likings the latest video trend offers you a better possibility to upgrade your webpage and its contents.

State-of-the-art Imagery: Breaking the Obsolete Concept

Images are something that never dies. Trends come and trends go but images never lose their impact, demand and effect. Their essence remains the same but the style and structure goes on changing and improving from time to time. As users want to see some cool effects and stuffs every time they visit a website, our smart web designers make this the hot favorite trend in recent web designing. Putting an old outdated photo in your website though very easy and time saving, is a terrible idea in reality. Rather, a little bit of manipulation of an old photo can turn it into a pretty cool stuff attracting innumerable crazy viewers. Lending blurred images, Instagram images, color overlays or any other photo effects is the best idea to create a state-of-the-art imagery for your web front page breaking the obsolete concept. With a great use of out-of-the box images in a modern way you can greatly manipulate cool new generation users to boost your web traffic.

Now, as you know the smoking trends in contemporary web designing, it is not surprising if you are looking for great web designers to bring significant change in your personal website. Yes, web designers are the right persons who can shoulder the responsibility of designing your website keeping all the latest trends in focus in order to update it to stand in the high competition. Well, getting a good designer for your web page is not a tough task as you can zero your search in any good web designing agency in your own city, town or state. Such agencies boasting of their skillful and veteran web designers will come up to your service anytime you buzz them via call or mail. And in case of any confusion you can either log on to their website or drop down to their place to get a better idea of their web designing portfolio. A mutual exchange of creative and current trends of web designing with each other will allow you and your designer to make your website a unique one of its kind till date.

Whether you opt for a big change or a small one, don’t shift from the main focus. Keep your website fresh, professional, clean and interesting. Only then your website with its trendy designs can impress your visitors and hold them for a long time.

Check out some contemporary web designs from our portfolio, click here.

4 Ways Social Networking Sites Influence Your Web Ranking

Do you share your blogs and websites on any social media platform?

If you do then it’s a great thing, but if you don’t then you must start with it instantly.

Why? Let me Give You a Real Idea!

Sharing your blogs and contents in all the prominent social networking sites is an excellent idea as it will boost your search engine optimization effort thereby generating huge web traffic for your site. At present with the large number of social media sites like face book, twitter etc, sharing your blogs and sites there can directly improve your SEO ranking and put you in the top list.

Well, as indicated by several individuals, it is speculated that Social media is going to be the fundamental resource of data and information in the near future and search engine optimization for your site won't be necessary anymore. But, if you conduct a study on the relationship between social networking and web search engines, you will find this prediction is something that is not true and stands a long way from the reality.

Actually this discussion is currently in light because a large number of individuals are nowadays extracting valuable information and data from online social networking sites. However, the matter of fact still remains that the greater part of the web scrollers still search for the search engines to get the necessary information they are looking for. And the main reason behind this fact is that social networking sites don’t come with any format or design to deliver the data in the same way that you we can find in Google or Yahoo search engines.

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Get an Idea How Social Sharing Works

At present all the big search engines like Google and Yahoo think seriously about the social media sites while indexing because of their fame and popularity. The given points will highlight how social networking sites are influencing your business in well known web search engines:

  1. Acceleration of Your Content Ranking in GoogleOnline social networking sites are the best means and way to upgrade your website ranking on the internet search engines. Web search engines tally the total number of times your content has been shared as this specifically suggests the authenticity and uniqueness of your website content. As such, focus on getting as much shares as you can to boost your ranking in Google or Yahoo search engines.Just imagine how it would be if you post your contents in the web regularly and it is shared a great many times in the web simply in an hour! Undoubtedly, at that point you are most likely to get a high positioning in the web search engine index. So, try to generate compelling contents with the goal so that you can attract a large number of individuals on the web to your web journals or sites and achieve your desired rank in web search engines simply within a few hours.
  2. Back Link Generation by Social MediaCreating back links or link building is a vital factor that contributes in boosting your web ranking in popular web search engines. Thus, in order to create immense number of back links a large number of automated tools have come to existence in the present business sector.LinkedIn, Face Book, Twitter, YouTube have currently become the vital platform where multiple contents are shared each and every second which in turn influences web search tools to decide your website ranking. The interesting thing is that in case you post your site or site contents in social media and the contents get shared many a times then it will come under the consideration of web search engines while listing your site. As such, post your finest contents  in the social networking sites as it won't  just rank you high in the web searcher but it will additionally build your business recognition and provide you and business a new identity, name and fame across the world market.
  3. Building of Your Personal Identity through Social Media FollowersIt is often seen that the result shown by the search engines are largely dependent on the number of followers and connections that you include in your social networking sites. Since, Google has incorporated with Google +, the links and connections that you share and build on the Google profile has become highly crucial for you to get yourself listed among the top ranked websites on Google.The more number of followers you will have, the highest ranking you will get. In case your site content successfully gathers a large number of followers and if it gets shared again and again, then in majority of the records in online networking, your positioning in web will go up simply within a few minutes. This is on account of the fact that web search engines comprehend the importance of the information in the content and rank it.Well, thus be very careful while choosing your connection and building your network on the social media sites as it can impact your Google or Yahoo rankings. If you aren’t careful from the very beginning then you might end up in losing your present connections as your low web ranking might give them a wrong impression about you and your business.
  4. Keyword Rich Profile in Social Media Get Good Web ListingAs you know SEO is greatly dependent on the density of keywords or special words in the content. As such if you post a content having relevant keywords related to the information on your profile or site then you can be pretty sure to get a good search engine listing.Now you must be wondering how it works? You will love to know that as soon as your content gains popularity it is shared millions of times by the users and in turn your content starts spreading throughout the particular social networking site. In the process the major keywords also get circulated which directly draw the attention of the people across the globe towards your profile and immediately connect them to your profile.While listing you in it, the search engines consider the keywords related to your profile. Thus, always concentrate on including the right key words related to your business in your social networking profile in order to get ranked among the high listed websites or contents in a popular web search engine.

Know Who Can Assist you with Social Media Marketing

Now, as you are clear about the ways in which social networking sites influence your web ranking, it is not a wonder if you want to try out with the same for listing your website in the top search engines.

You can try it for yourself but for more effective implementation of this SEO based technique you can take the help of SEO specialists and experts placed in SEO consultancy services in your town or city. Feel free to approach them and they will guide you with the latest SEO based techniques that will help in the development and circulation of your social media profile and its contents to boost your web ranking.



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